Liberal Bias

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all know that there’s tremendous liberal bias in the media. We know
it because conservatives keep telling us so.

guess that liberal bias is the reason no reporter or well-known
journalist ever challenges George Bush’s assertions or promises.
(After all, anyone who spends taxpayer money as liberally as George
Bush does must be a – well, a liberal.)

Friedman, in his entertaining blog,
provides a typical example of the free passes that Mr. Bush gets
all the time. In a recent press conference, Gorgeous George was
asked about an Amnesty International report that described the Guantanamo
prison as the "gulag of our times." In his reply he committed
two offenses against the English language.

he said, "We’ve investigated every single complaint against
the detainees." That makes one wonder when they’ll start investigating
the complaints made by the detainees.

in his typical talk-down-to-the audience manner, he said the prisoners
"had been trained in some instances to disassemble – that means
not tell the truth," a definition that probably has Noah Webster
spinning in his grave. 

goes on to show
how the various media quoted Mr. Bush, trying
desperately not to make him look bad in the process.

on bias

recently heard on a Fox TV News roundtable program the oft-quoted
(by conservatives) statistic that 68% of reporters voted for Kerry
in the last election, while only 25% voted for Bush. This factoid
was cited as proof that the media have a liberal bias.

Every time I hear that statistic, I wish someone would ask whether
the 25% of reporters who voted for Bush slant their news stories
toward the Republicans. If the answer is "no," what difference
does it make if 68% voted Democratic?

Or is it only Democratic reporters who are devious?

what’s the answer?

the media are liberally biased, why have reporters and journalists
been so kind to George Bush? Why did no one challenge his assertions
on the Iraqi war? Why aren’t any of the left-wing reporters telling
us about the recent revelation that the RAF and the U.S. Air Force

escalated their bombing attacks on Iraq in 2002
, in hopes of
provoking Saddam Hussein into an incident that would provide a good
excuse to go to war against Iraq?

The answer is that the media in general are neither pro-liberal
nor pro-conservative. They are pro-big-government. If you’ll look
closely, the media almost always side with the government – whether
that government is represented by Bill Clinton, George Bush, or
anyone else, whether the government is trying to impose new intrusions
into health care or trying to regulate our morals.

6, 2005

Harry Browne [send
him mail
], the author of Why
Government Doesn’t Work

and many other books, was the Libertarian presidential candidate
in 1996 and 2000. See his website.

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