States To Avoid

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the suffocating nanny state continues to grow at the local and national
levels, some places are even more socialistic than what passes for
normal in 21st century America.

it comes to these havens for people controllers and Karl Marx wannabes,
the idea of “working within the system” to change things for the
better is delusional. The ONLY solution for freedom lovers is to
get out and stay out of all seven of these hideous People’s Republics.

did I come up with the worst places in America? What methodology
was used? Never mind government economic numbers, Chamber of Commerce
puffery and other completely unreliable data. Per capita spending
on government schools and the number of Taco Bells in certain areas
wasn’t considered. Climate didn’t enter into the rankings, as that
can be a subjective choice heavily skewed by personal preferences.

one factor was used to pick the socialistic seven. Before you accuse
me of laziness, rest assured that this single indicator provides
utterly reliable and time-tested proof of a state government’s attitude
towards freedom and taxation.

the common denominator? Just check the state and local gun laws.
Without exception, places where emotional, “don’t confuse me with
the facts” shrieks of gun grabbers are the background music of daily
life also overflow with nosy bureaucrats and ever-growing taxation
and regulation.

Amendment laws and undisguised hatred of individual liberty in other
areas of life are a natural and predictable combination. If the
local commissars despise your AK-47 and Glock pistol, don’t expect
them to keep their greedy paws off your earnings or the right to
do what you see fit on your acreage.

alphabetical order, here are America’s worst places to live.

No list of anti-Second Amendment places would be complete without
this cancer on the body of liberty. Under state law, every gun sale
(even between two private parties) is supposed to be performed through
and recorded by a licensed dealer, and a 10-day waiting period for
gun purchases is required. That rule backfired on hypocritical gun
grabbers who came to their senses during the L.A. riots of 1992.

who has the misfortune of moving to California must register their
handguns with the Department of Justice. State-designated “assault
weapons” such as the AR-15 and its spinoffs, all AK-47s, the FN
(Fabrique Nationale) .308s and a number of other semi-automatic
rifles must be registered with the state. Even those who own inexpensive
SKS rifles with a detachable magazine are expected to tell the bureau(c)rats
about their weapon.

though he made a fortune in shoot ‘em up movies, Republican governor
Arnold Schwarzenegger is solidly in the gun grabbber camp. That
passes for consistency in the Hollywood mindset.

of Columbia/Washington, D.C.: Predictably, the epicenter of the
worship of statism has the worst gun laws in America. All handgun
ownership is banned, and those who own rifles or shotguns must register
with the city.

plan on using your Ruger 10/22 or Remington 870 for home defense
in D.C. if a burglar or crackhead is in the bedroom. All guns must
be stored and disassembled or fitted with a trigger lock. Those
who must work in D.C. can always live in Virginia.

This tropical haven for collectivists can make Montana winters look
good by comparison. Those who move to Hawaii are required to register
every gun they own with the state within 72 hours of arrival. Permits
must be obtained for handgun (seldom issued) and long gun purchases.
I’ll stick with the mainland.

Illinois: The state’s perpetually corrupt and bloated government
is obsessed with tracking and restricting law-abiding gun owners.

would be difficult to find a more outspoken opponent of the Second
Amendment than Chicago mayor Richard Daley. Handguns are already
banned in Chicago (tell that to the many gangbangers who use them),
and all other guns are supposed to be registered at City Hall, but
that isn’t enough to satisfy Daley’s lust for power.

more than one occasion, Daley has stated his desire to see all guns
banned. His taxpayer-financed hallucinations include an unsuccessful
attempt to create a 100-mile “gun free” zone around Chicago. Where
does Daley think he has the right to impose his Stalinist vision
on other towns, not to mention residents of Wisconsin and Indiana?

one to refrain from butting in where he has no business or jurisdiction,
the mayor also failed in a lawsuit against suburban gun shops. Daley
has Mussolini’s bluster with 60 fewer IQ points than Il Duce, and
he can count on a loyal toady in governor Rod Blagojevich.

aren’t much better outside of Chicago. All Illinois gun owners are
required to obtain a Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID) from
the state, and the card must be presented to purchase even a single
round of ammo. All gun purchases are supposed to be registered with
the state.

phobia is firmly rooted in a number of effete suburbs. Local ordinances
ban all gun ownership in Skokie, while handguns are banned in Evanston,
Highland Park, Morton Grove, Oak Park, Wilmette and Winnetka. Got
a job in Chicago? Commute from northwest Indiana.

The locals keep re-electing Ted Kennedy. Need I say more?

Residents must register with the state and obtain permission from
Massa(chusetts) to purchase even a simple single-shot long gun.
So-called “assault weapons” are banned, and going through the bureaucratic
paperwork and fingerprinting to obtain a firearm identification
card doesn’t automatically lead to handgun shopping.

basic FID is limited to “only a non-large capacity rifle or shotgun
and feeding devices and ammunition therefor.” Cards are issued by
police chiefs. Class A licenses are required for handgun ownership,
and random restrictions may be placed on the government permission

complex procedure is set out for the purchase of rifles, shotguns,
handguns, their related feeding devices, large capacity firearms
and large capacity feeding devices,” according to the National Rifle
Association. “Care must be taken to have the correct card or license
for a particular purchase. It is unlawful to sell, or transfer any
firearm, firearm feeding device or ammunition to person without
the proper card, license or permit.”

solution for freedom lovers is obvious: Move to New Hampshire.

Jersey: Here’s another place that mandates gun owner registration.
Only holders of a Firearms Purchasers Identification Card (FID)
may legally own a weapon. A permit to purchase “in quadruplicate”
must be acquired for each handgun purchase. Handguns must be trigger-locked
or disabled in some other way to prevent quick access.

Jerseyans sometimes complain about the state’s reputation as a less
than desirable place to live, but few places offer such an unappealing
combination of high cost of living, excessive taxes, traffic jams
and hatred of individual liberty. Pennsylvania is a nearby alternative
for gun owners.

New York: Meet the granddaddy of gun/people control. The infamous
Sullivan Act of 1911 was the first major anti-gun legislation in
America. Sullivan was passed to keep all but well-connected New
York City residents from legally owning handguns.

Big Apple residents were required to register their rifles and shotguns
with the city in 1967. Not surprisingly, politicians promised to
never raise the $3 per gun fee. It’s now $55 per gun to put your
name on the city’s database/hit list.

All residents of the state must get a permit if they want to own
a handgun. The process can take up to six months. Orwell’s Big Brother
would feel right at home in Albany or Manhattan.

mention: Residents of Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Michigan and
Minnesota are required to get permits for handguns, but rifle and
shotgun laws follow the national guidelines. Wisconsin’s gun laws
are average by current standards, but (as a 10-year cheesehead)
I have to put the state on the list because of its confiscatory
tax structure and gluttonous state and local government.

10, 2005

Doyle [send him mail]
has worked as a newspaper reporter, magazine staff writer and freelancer
since 1983. He won’t allow his children to attend government schools.

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