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Sunday, Fox TV News re-ran a one-hour documentary called "Iran:
The Nuclear Threat."

From start to finish, it assumes (without presenting any evidence)
that Iran is building nuclear weapons and is a horrendous threat
to the peace of the world. The only dissenting views shown are there
merely to demonstrate how stupid or devious some people are (people
such as a UN weapons inspector and an Iranian spokesman).

Watching it, the sense of dj vu is overwhelming. It’s almost
exactly like the buildup to the attack on Iraq: call the inspectors
woolly-headed, call the deniers liars, call the dissenters cowards.
Assert the case but offer no evidence to support it. Iran’s links
to Al-Qaeda are undeniable (and Iran "might have" been
involved in 9/11). You can’t believe anything the Iranian leaders
say. The Iranian people must be liberated. "Europe doesn’t
get it." George Bush says, "Iran cannot have a bomb"
("Saddam Hussein must disarm or we’ll disarm him").

The show glorifies the preemptive attack made by Israel in bombing
an Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981 (Iraq denied that the reactor was
used for bomb-making, but doubting Israel’s assertions is like doubting
that George Bush is a good Christian), and cheers on the idea that
either Israel or the U.S. will attack the Iranian nuclear facilities.
One expert said there’s a 50% to 70% chance the U.S. will attack
Iran – pointing out that it can be done with air strikes, so
no U.S. troops need to be diverted from Iraq.

many times have we heard it said that "Democracies don't make
war"? But in the past 3 years the "democratic" U.S.
has made war against two countries and is gearing up for a third.

Americans wonder why someone would want to attack us.

I know all about this show because I saw it last Sunday – stumbling
onto it by chance, and then sitting with my jaw in a permanently
dropped position. I was surprised to see that it’s being aired again
tomorrow evening (Sunday, May 8th) at 9pm Eastern time.

If you don’t want to sit through it, you can get a sense of it by
reading a
Fox article

Don’t forget the Fox TV News slogan: "We report; you decide
our way."

11, 2005

Harry Browne [send
him mail
], the author of Why
Government Doesn’t Work

and many other books, was the Libertarian presidential candidate
in 1996 and 2000. See his website.

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