Fear of Flying

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was a time when a lady, being told someone was going to run his
hands over her body, would have retorted, “Only if I’m dead,” and
slapped the speaker’s face. Likewise, a man, seeing his wife about
to be molested before boarding a plane, would have punched the twerp
offering her such insult. Had the twerp been foolish enough to suggest
the man unbuckle his belt, he not only would have punched him, he’d
have called him a pansy, too. Neither man nor wife would have believed
the twerp’s claims that he was pawing them for their own good, that
it was solely to keep them safe. “Safe from what?” the man would
have shouted, shaking his bruised fist in the pervert’s bloodied
face. “Buddy, it’s creeps like you we need protection from.”

those times have vanished as thoroughly as our freedoms and the
World Trade Center. The only emotion most Americans can summon while
they stand in horrendous lines waiting to be groped by Transportation
Security Administration (TSA) screeners is annoyance. Their concern
seems to be speeding things along so they can be groped sooner.
They assume, and are neither affronted by nor indignant at the assumption,
that when one buys a plane ticket, one gives the government a pass
to make passes. Eternal vigilance is what the Feds use on us rather
than what liberty costs, so Americans can’t be bothered to access
the TSA’s website. If they did, they would be amused more than offended
by its similarity to Hustler Magazine (emphasis added):
“Additional screening occurs when an individual sets off the alarm
on the metal detector, or if he or she is selected for
the additional screening…[which] includes a hand-wand inspection
in conjunction with a pat-down inspection that includes the
torso…Areas of the body that have body piercings, thick
hair, hats, and other items may require a pat-down inspection…this
inspection may include sensitive areas of the body.” No

the dumbed-down minds produced by public schooling, it’s too much
to hope for any understanding of the tyranny inherent in the TSA,
let alone outrage at it. But a free grope? Surely that should enrage
even Sean and Sharon Sheeple.

it doesn’t. And when the TSA whispered a few weeks ago that it is
carrying things a step further, that it is testing “backscatter”
X-ray machines at Orlando International Airport and, pending the
results of that test, will install these gizmos nationwide, Sean
and Sharon were too busy with Memorial Day plans to notice.

machines bring Superman’s X-ray vision out of the comic book into
reality. Walking through one of them effectively strips a person:
the technology peers through outerwear to the body beneath. We are
so far gone that the Our Masters are considering building booths
around the machines so that only TSA voyeurs, ah, screeners are
treated to the peep show rather than the entire airport. Considering.

always, the excuse offered by the depraved minds at the TSA is terrorism.
Isn’t it astonishing that this lie never wears thin? No matter what
abuses are visited on Sean and Sharon, they tolerate it so long
as Our Masters squeak about security.

registered a Google Alert for “Transportation Security Administration”
several months ago and have also conducted “Yahoo” searches for
“backscatter + airports,” so I have a fairly comprehensive view
of the stories the media runs on this topic. You might think that
forcing an entire nation to strip, whether grandparents, nuns, expectant
mothers, adolescents, clergy, or honeymooning couples, would merit
discussion at the very least. Some attendant horror, perhaps even
an attempt to treat this as a sick joke with calls for restraint
and reconsideration, would be nice as well. But aside from a matter-of-fact
report in USA Today, a mildly disapproving one in the New
York Times, and a few articles in technical magazines on the
ways and means, this newest assault on passengers has gone unremarked.
The media doesn't care because Sean and Sharon don't care. That
a self-proclaimed Christian regime is pulling off a stunt beyond
the dreams of the most daring pornographer, that it will require
millions of genuine Christians, Orthodox Jews, and devout Muslims
to exhibit themselves before government agents, apparently bothers
only the odd prude here and there.

haven't flown since shortly after 9/11, when a thug employed by
the airlines ordered me to stand spread-eagled while he wanded places
no lady wants emphasized in public. Perhaps other folks who object
to being violated are also boycotting airports. That makes the remaining
passengers a self-selected group. They may figure flashing is merely
part of the flying experience, a small price to pay for “safety.”
On my more charitable days, I excuse Sean and Sharon with this reasoning.
Then I remember that they yawned over Waco, too.

apathy at backscatter X-rays will encourage the government to further
degeneracy. Look for body cavities to be checked next – digitally.
The only question is, will Our Masters consider providing a curtain?

28, 2005

Akers [send her mail] writes
primarily about the American Revolution.

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