Sean Hannity Is a Great American

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Hannity is a great American!" proclaims a deep-voiced, male
voice-over on 640 AM
for Sean Hannity's daily radio program. Actually, the man
doing the voice-over shouldn't announce it with so much gusto. Instead
he should speak the sentence in the form of a question: "Sean
Hannity is a great American?" Unfortunately, that will never
happen, at least not on WHLO, where almost the entire program schedule
is completely comprised of staunch George "Stalin" Bush
supporters. In fact, WHLO should change their call letters to WGOP.

your morning off with Quinn & Rose, Bush supporters from Pittsburgh.
They are followed by Laura Ingraham, another Bush apologist. Enjoy
your lunch with the grand spin doctor himself, Rush Limbaugh. Rush
is then followed by his protégé, Hannity, for your
drive home. Please, try and eat your dinner with the mangy, rabid
dog, Michael Savage, who comes on the air with more hate and propaganda.
Finally, though, real radio programming starts at 10:00 p.m. with
the Rollye James Show and then Coast to Coast AM.

can anyone say that, "Sean Hannity is a great American!"?
What has he done that is so great? Did he speak out against the
Patriot Acts? Did he denounce the war of aggression against Iraq?
The answer is a resounding no! In fact, not only did he toe the
line with regards to the Patriot Act and the war in Iraq, he's beating
on the war drums for the military to take on Iran. Are these the
virtues that embody a great American? Hardly!

I think of great Americans I think of people such as Thomas Jefferson,
Andrew Jackson, Ludwig von Mises, Henry Hazlitt, Murray Rothbard
and Lew Rockwell. These men are great Americans, greats among so
many others. Sean Hannity is a terrible American! In fact, Sean
Hannity is an American traitor. Not necessarily a traitor to the
United States, but rather a traitor to the very ideas and principles
he supposedly supports.

order for Hannity to be a great American he would have to come on
the air, on both his radio and television programs, and denounce
everything that Genghis Bush represents. The opening of both programs
would start something akin to this: "George Bush claims he
embraces capitalism, freedom and liberty. Let's look at his record
folks. The federal deficit has never been larger, he signed into
law more subsidies for farmers, he's suspended habeas corpus by
declaring people enemy combatants and leaving them in legal limbo,
he continues to turn America into a police state with both of the
oxymoronically named Patriot Acts, and lest we forget the war against
Iraq. That my friends, is not a person who embodies the ideals of
capitalism, freedom and liberty. Furthermore, President Bush says
he is a man of unwavering Christian faith; however, I don't see
the murder of tens of thousands of Iraqis, Americans and people
of other nationalities involved in the Iraqi debacle as Christian

actuality, Hannity and his other Bush apologist, talking-head colleagues
are spoon-fed their information by Bush and his Legion of Doom cabinet
members. They are Ministers of Propaganda, much like Joseph Gerbils.
(I must give credit where credit is due; the last sentence comes
from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.) Hannity perverts the true meanings
of the words capitalism, freedom and liberty in order for them to
fit into Bush's actions of socialism, incarceration and a perpetual
police state. Another perversion is Hannity's theme song for his
radio program. The song attempts to connect the resurrection of
Jesus Christ with the war in Iraq. I am not one of the 12 apostles,
so I do not know first hand, yet I'm quite certain that Jesus Christ
would not advocate mass murder in any way, no matter how one tries
to explain the reasoning.

Sean Hannity does is an apology for Bush's actions. Suppose that
next Tuesday Bush announces an economic stimulus plan where the
entire population has to fork over 95% of their earnings to the
federal government in order to jump-start the economy. Hannity would
be on the air proclaiming that Bush is the greatest economic visionary
in the history of man. People would question the logic of Bush's
decision, saying "It's outrageous to pay 95% of your income
to the federal government." Hannity's retort would be that
Bush is only beating the liberals at their own game: "Your
money is safer with George Bush and the GOP, as opposed to letting
the liberals have it. George Bush will spend it wisely; just imagine
what the Democrats would do with your money. All of you out there
have to recognize that the people against this economic stimulus
plan are liberals plotting against the president to make him look
bad. My friends don't be duped by the liberal bias machine."

will immediately accuse you as either a liberal, or a traitor to
the United States of America for speaking out against Bush. All
of this is a smokescreen to hide that George Bush and his goons
are complete hypocrites. How can Hannity claim that protectionist
trade policies represent capitalism? How can he claim that being
incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay forever without a trial represents
freedom? How can he claim the Patriot Acts I and II and national
identification cards are consistent with the principles of liberty?

answer to all three questions is that Hannity cannot claim any of
these actions are consistent with the principles of capitalism,
freedom and liberty. They are the exact opposite! Hannity's only
desire is to see the size and scope of the government increase,
as long as a Republican is responsible, of course. Thus, Sean Hannity
is not a great American, he is a great Soviet!

2, 2005

Servodio [send him mail]
is an alumnus of Mises University (2003) and has finished up his
MA in economics at The University of Akron and is currently seeking
employment in the field.

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