Indians Should Know Better

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be a good soldier/warrior, one must be properly indoctrinated to
the support of the State. The State goes about this indoctrination
by presenting films and telling stories of great sacrifices by military
personnel who have gone before and "given their all, so that
others may be free."

Movies and holidays are centered on this great sacrifice. Those
who have served the State well are seen as heroes and have many
awards and decorations. These
decorations and medals have become easier and easier to achieve

as the State needs more and more incentive to seduce recruits into
slavery and blind obedience.

for freedom” is the key Orwellian phrase of the State as it regards
its conscripts. It would be extremely difficult to entice them to
submit to the slavery of the State and die in some foreign country
for corporate bottom lines, or the untold riches it brings to those
who "had
other priorities than military service in the ’60s
” or
were AWOL from the National Guard.
Seen any Halliburton executives
or politicians down at the recruitment office lately?

subservience to the State by most people is somewhat understandable.
Haven't millions of us fallen for this subterfuge throughout our
nation’s history? Yet, considering their treatment at the hands
of the State, I continue to be amazed at the degree of patriotism
shown by the indigenous peoples of this country. Having lived among/near
the peoples of several tribes over the past 14 years, I can assure
you there is a much higher level of patriotism in the American Indian
than any other race in this country today.

amazes me, even more now than in years past, for I see this war
in Iraq to be hauntingly similar to the war perpetrated against
the Indians in this country throughout the later half of the nineteenth
century, and their continued treatment by government, even today.

we believe the State, the Iraq war is being fought because of acts
of violence perpetrated against this country by Muslim extremists,
one among many of their other lies. The war against the Indian was
fought because those "savages" were perpetrating acts
of violence against the white man/settlers – on land that did not
belong to the State or the settlers, but to the Indian himself.

the world today, anyone who does not agree with the American State's
ideas of global domination is a terrorist. George
W. Bush has said as much

the last half of the 19th century, anyone who did not
agree with the American State's domination of this country was either
a rebel or a savage. The State went about eliminating both, the
rebel and the savage, with wars of decimation.

motivate soldiers to fight – and the citizens to support this fight
with the blood and lives of their children – the "enemy"
must be demonized as some sub-human species.

if you will the words of Henry Clay, the great lover of American
centralized government, “The Indians’ disappearance from the human
family will be no great loss to the world. I do not think them,
as a race, worth preserving.”

there were the words of the State servant, General John Pope “It
is my purpose to utterly exterminate the Sioux. They are to be treated
as maniacs or wild beasts, and by no means as people with whom treaties
or compromise can be made.”

William T. Sherman would outline his purpose in the war against
the South, “extermination, not of soldiers alone, that is the least
of the trouble, but the people” of the South. Does any of this State-sponsored
rhetoric sound familiar to what we are hearing from our "leaders"
today as they reference our enemies in Iraq and other "Evil

all the lies of the State have been sorted through, it becomes plain
to any who would use their intellect – as opposed to their emotion – that
this war is being fought in Iraq to secure the resources of that
country for the oil industry, and to extend
the American empire
, just as the war in Afghanistan is being
conducted to insure the construction of a pipeline to handle oil
out of that area for Unocal.

cursory look at our own history will show that the war against the
American Indian was fought for similar reasons – to secure their land
and resources for the railroad – the military industrial complex of
that era. An in-depth analysis will also show the connections of
all the railroad executives with the political element of that day,
just as a similar examination today reveals the myriad connections
of the oil industry with our present administration, and the huge
monetary donations made by members of the oil cartel to members
of Congress. Can
anyone say Enron?

Dee Brown of Bury
My Heart At Wounded Knee
fame, chronicled the political
corruption that was so widespread between the railroads and the
politicians in his work,
Hear that Lonesome Whistle Blow.
An editorial there
reads as follows,

into this dramatic narrative are the origins of present-day
governmental corruption, the first ties between powerful corporations
and politicians who u2018enjoyed the frequent showers of money that
fell upon them from railroad stock manipulators, and gave away
America.' How the people of that time responded to a sense of
disillusionment remarkably similar to our own adds a contemporary
dimension to this story."

glaring similarity is the use of the word "sovereign,"
by the State in both examples. President Bush and many in his administration
have emphasized repeatedly that we
are in Iraq to institute a sovereign government
Any American Indian should flee in horror at the mention of this
word. Does the State not call all reservations, “sovereign nations”?
Just ask any Indian how sovereign his/her nation is.

the sovereign nation of the American Indian, land cannot be owned – but
taxes must be paid, not to the sovereign nation – but to the American
State. These sovereign nations may have their own police – to investigate
misdemeanors – but the American State's police – the FBI, must investigate
any felony. Obviously, the State does not believe the Indian intelligent
enough to investigate "serious" crime! Like Anglos, the
Indian has seen the vindictiveness and corruption of this agency.

State also does not see the Indian as intelligent enough to govern
the education system involving his/her own children. As with similar
activities on the reservation, the teaching of the children is under
the direction of the BIA. One of my close Navajo friends has told
me most Indians see this acronym as representing, not the Bureau
of Indian Affairs, but "Bossing Indians Around."

State at one time even declared the Indian incapable of rearing
their own children and placed many in boarding schools where their
hair was cut short and they could not speak their own language or
discuss their own culture. This, my friends, is State-sponsored
‘sovereignty'! Perhaps one can see why the people of Iraq and other
countries fight to the death to prevent us imposing our government
on them.

Indian nations may have, with the permission of the omnipotent State,
casinos on their land, but must pay taxes and most probably bribes
to the granting authority. More serious is the travesty that is
the willful theft of the resources
and money from these noble people
. The thefts of the Indian
Trust Fund have been estimated by many to be in the billions.

indeed, if the people of Iraq are familiar with our nations history,
they will continue the fight to make sure they are not designated
a "sovereign nation" by the government of this country.
With sovereignty like this, who needs slavery?

humbling irony of the entire situation is this: these noble people
keep sending their youth off to fight in the military of the State,
irregardless of all that has been done to them by the lying, cheating
leadership of this country. I wonder aloud: WHY? Do they not see
the similarities in this war for oil and empire to the war that
took away their land, their resources, and their freedom, and replaced
it with a "sovereign" nation?

5, 2005

Gaddy [send him mail], an
Army veteran of Vietnam, Grenada, and Beirut, lives in the Four
Corners area of the American Southwest.

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