Clergy Talks While Tyrants Walk

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Disappearing Everywhere While US Clergy Can Only Beg Feds To Reconsider

a recent article, “What
Kind of People Have We Become?
” by George Hunsinger, 225 religious
leaders appealed to recently confirmed U. S. Attorney General Alberto
Gonzales for him to renounce torture of political prisoners. Can
you imagine that, in the United States of America in the 21st century,
citizens have to beg a member of the government elite to
stop torturing suspects? This would have been unthinkable even a
decade ago, but is our Kakfkaesque reality today.

these 225 religious leaders and most of their congregations won’t
admit is that this problem is systemic, not just limited to Abu
Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay. The U. S. government has two jet aircraft
in Washington, DC, a Gulfstream 5, registration (tail) number N379P
and an anonymous-looking Boeing 737, registration number N313P,
that are used to take suspects to countries where torture is allowed
by their inhuman laws. These aircraft have been seen at various
U. S. military bases worldwide.

unmarked white 737 departs from Washington D.C. and has flown to
49 destinations outside America, including the Guantanamo Bay prison
camp in Cuba and to Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Morocco, Afghanistan, Libya
and Uzbekistan, according
to the London Times

the use of torture is widespread by the U. S. government and human
rights are being violated on a grand scale as evidenced by scores
of covert flights of these two DC aircraft to third world countries
devoid of civilized standards.

is unknown is how many people are being quietly arrested by our
new Secret Police, Homeland Security, under the unconstitutional
USA PATRIOT Act. We know that one poor Parsippany, New Jersey man,
David Banach, shined a laser-pen at a jet aircraft and "lied
about it to federal agents" so is being charged under the PATRIOT
Act and thus facing 25 YEARS in prison. He is in no sense a "terrorist"
and even though the government promised that only "terrorists"
would be prosecuted under the PATRIOT Act, you can see that they
not only lied to the American public but have invented endless federal
u2018laws' not authorized by the U.S. Constitution. The Secret Police
are drunk with power and comport themselves as avenging angels against
everyday people because there are no real terrorists to play with.
In over three years there has been not one "terrorst act"
in the USA, yet the government has spent billions and vastly increased
its power to override human rights and dignity by inventing its
greatest expansion ever in forming its Homeland Security secret
police. Since its inception this new behemoth, like the Stasi in
East Germany, has held endless meetings to get Americans to inform
on each other.

why would 225 clergymen be so nave to beg liars who have no regard
for the U.S. Constitution or the Geneva Convention to stop their
abuse of human rights? They are as out of touch with reality as
the U.S government is out of touch with the Constitution, morals
and honesty. They prosecute Martha Stewart and David Banach for
"lying to federal agents" but lie to us each and every
day. For over a century we Yankees have regarded politicians' promises
to be the lies that they always are. Government lies to us morning,
noon and night, but if one of us poor schmucks lies to them,
we go to prison.


government employee, sycophant and media hack that supports federal
tyranny should not receive letters begging them to change their
ways, but pink slips. It's clear that Congress no longer represents
the working families of America but only those that give them bribes.
They have descended to whoredom, so why do we beg them to act morally?

can any real American buy the idea that inalienable rights were
extended by God only to us Americans? Yet we sit calmly by while
senator after senator says just that in daily sound bytes. The Geneva
Convention is "outmoded" and doesn’t apply to non-Americans,
if we believe the likes of Alberto Gonzales. Non-citizens don’t
qualify for Constitutional protections because we say so. This is
because only the Constitution gives us our rights, not God, Whom
we have kicked out of public life. Since politicians wrote the Constitution,
only politicians may decide who, when and where any rights apply
at all.

a shame that the 225 clergymen can only ineffectively raise a begging
bowl to Big Brother rather than a middle finger. No wonder the churches
are empty in this country; clergymen used to have the courage to
ignite their congregations to action. Today they are too afraid
to lose their tax-exempt status. The love of money is, indeed, the
root of all evil; there is no "separation of church and state"
in that regard.

men, repeat, ALL mankind is endowed by our Creator with inalienable
rights which are not conferred by governments, by documents, but
by God alone. Why have so many of us forgotten that?

one, no government, can take rights away, like the US government
has ignored the human rights of "enemy combatants" in
an undeclared war in countries we have no legal right to invade.

claim to want to institute a "democracy" in Iraq, but
ourselves no longer engage in democratic behavior. For example,
by what right did we invade a foreign nation and kidnap and imprison
its president, Manuel Noriega?

what right did we invade Iraq recently? Our government lied
to us, that Saddam Hussein was threatening us with "weapons
of mass destruction." We eventually found that there were no
such weapons, so why are we still in Iraq?

lost several friends in Viet Nam. What did they die for? Is now
wholly-communist Viet Nam better off today for their deaths? Are
we better off or more secure in the US because over 40,000
teenagers died there?

are we, repeat, WE, better off for every kid Marine or soldier that
dies now daily in Iraq? Just HOW? Not one so-called "journalist"
has the guts to ask that one in public. All they can do is gloss
their chapped lips from kissing government derriere in love-fests
called "press briefings." They are more disgusting than
the creepy politicians. The Fourth Estate is indeed the last empty
lot on the left.

churches are no better than the gutless press. They are more into
politics than spirituality. Like politicians they live well at the
expense others, which is what all good socialists do.

excuse me if most of us tired and disgusted workers don’t pay you
churches and temples any more mind than the Democrats or Republicans.
Until you galvanize your flocks to recall or impeach all those who
participate in torture and increasing federal power over every aspect
of our lives and removing all references to our Creator in public,
you are dead in our eyes and in God's eyes. Let's see you write
a self-validating, feel-good letter about that….

of America, stop talking and start WALKING.

12, 2005

Duggan [send him mail]
lives in Fort Apache (Hamilton, New Jersey, site of the anthrax
mailings) with his family.

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