Bush vs. Hussein

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My article "Can
You Imagine?: Hussein Was Right & Bush Was Wrong
" pointed
out that Saddam Hussein’s assertions about Iraq’s weapons programs
turned out to be correct, while George Bush’s assertions have turned
out to be all wrong. That prompted a few emails. Here are some of
the dissenters:

said, "It’s a sorry state of affairs in America when you can
trust the words of Saddam Hussein more than those of your own President."

Surely you are not that naive…?

Just ask yourself: How many lies has Hussein told in the past four
years? I’m not aware of any, but perhaps you could fill me in.

think about the many
lies that George Bush has been caught in

it nave to distrust someone who has lied to you over and over and
over and over?

. . and over.

it may be true that information about Iraq getting nuclear information
and material from America may have been removed from the report,
it is understandable. It doesn’t alter the fact that Hussein had
plans and was involved including partial bankrolling the 9/11 terrorists.

there were any hard evidence that Hussein was involved in bankrolling
the 9/11 terrorists, we would have heard about it from George Bush
a hundred times by now – because it would have been the only thing
he could offer to justify invading Iraq and killing tens of thousands
of innocent people, with no discernible gain to offset the bloodbath.

the weapons were destroyed by the Iraqis under the supervision of
the UN? That is a bunch of crap and you know it. If that had been
true, the leftist news media would have run that in oversize headlines
until everyone would have been throwing up their guts.

the "leftist news media" were too busy repeating all the
accusations against Iraq made by the Bush Administration, and too
busy promoting "Operation Iraqi Freedom." And so they
didn’t have time to mention anything that might throw some light
on the Iraqi situation.

example, how many times have you read in a newspaper or seen on
TV or heard on talk radio about the
U.S. sanctions that killed at least 500,000 Iraqi men, women, and
? Or been told that as many as
100,000 Iraqi men, women, and children
may have been killed
so far in the "liberation"? Or seen reported
the tortures inflicted by the U.S. authorities
in prisons beyond
Abu Ghraib?

the most, these items get reported once and then go down the memory
hole. If you blink, you’re liable to miss them.

afraid the "leftist news media" hasn’t had much interest
in letting you know what was going on in Iraq.

heard an Iraqi say last year that Hussein’s chemical-making facilities
were in the middle of a milk processing plant.

heard someone say last year that you’d robbed a bank. Of course,
he didn’t offer any hard evidence – much like your Iraqi friend.

have jolly well been found. They were neither experimental
nor representative of working prototypes. They were part of
production runs. Either Saddam was hoarding them and got rid of
most or, as now seems more probable, Iraq was a transshipment point
and washing machine that laundered the dealings. May I suggest
that if you want to do an intelligence report that you hire a junior
enlisted man to do it for you?   They do have superior
knowledge of the pertinent data.

there were any real evidence of any of the things you’re saying,
why has George
Bush said there were no WMDs in Iraq
? Why isn’t he telling us
four times a day that he was right about Iraq having WMDs? And if
the WMDs have "jolly well" been found, why don’t you tell
us where they are – instead of offering various conjectures?

20, 2005

Harry Browne [send
him mail
], the author of Why
Government Doesn’t Work

and many other books, was the Libertarian presidential candidate
in 1996 and 2000. See his website.

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