This Advice Might Save Your Life: Don't Bring Ayn Rand to a Gun Fight

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believe it was Robert Heinlein who first said, “An armed society
is a polite society.” He meant armed as in packing heat. As in loaded
and trained. As in cocked and locked.

Heinlein did not mean, “A society armed with information, dialogue,
smarts, verbal-power-that-dispels-liberal notions, an Ayn Rand background,
a memory for past articles, or an intense knowledge
in Libertarian ideas.”

There’s a point where you must stop honing your argument about your
rights and learn how to defend your rights. And that point is always
far sooner than you or I think it is.

Time for Gunpowder Residue

Until you can defend your own self, your rights mean nothing. Sure,
I wish our government was a good one. I wish the liberals would
stop lying, I wish the conservatives would be conservative and not
liberals, I wish everybody there thought as Ron Paul thinks. But
they don’t and they won’t.

You should not take up arms against the government. That would be
the stupidest thing you could do — and it would be the last thing
you would do.

I am recommending that you learn to defend yourself and your family.
That means defend them from whatever threat is active. By this I
mean a physical threat. You will always lose the fight if somebody
attacks you physically and you respond by quoting Ayn Rand.

The first rule of a gunfight is: Always bring a gun. (That happens
to be a good rule to use in a knife fight too.)

The last line of defense you have is a gun. (In some cases, such
as mine, the last line of defense is the back-up gun you wear.)
Your wit is your first line of defense. Don’t depend on your wit
to save your life because in a real bodily threat it will not.


Readers will write me and (properly) disagree with what I’m about
to suggest. I understand their logic; I used to argue the same point.
I’ve changed my mind but if you choose to ignore the following advice,
I completely trust your judgment as long as you do everything else.

If you live in a concealed-carry state (and if you don’t, why not?),
I recommend you get a concealed carry license. Here is my reasoning:
I love my family more than I fear the government so I’d carry even
if not allowed. If I’m not allowed to have a concealed weapon, I’ll
still arm myself. But as long as I can carry legally I will do that.

Sure my name’s then on their roles. But I write for!
I wrote a book for I speak my mind so my name’s
already on their roles.

The concealed carry license is nothing but a bribe. 60 years ago,
when you wanted the Mafia to leave you alone, you’d pay them off
with “hush money.” The word “license” is code for “hush money” to
the United States Government. Pay them their hush money license
fee and they’ll leave you alone. For now at least. Right now, they
care more about the vig than anything else.

Getting stopped without one ensures lots of trouble for you. When
you didn’t pay the Gambinos and Gottis, they broke your legs. Pay
the Gambinos, i.e., get the license, and you’ll be better off for
the time being. The Gambinos always wanted more money in time. They
know you pay and they’ll squeeze you for more. Some day, the Feds
will not allow you to have a license. Then you must make the decision
to be legal or not. But until that time, your freedom (I use that
term loosely) is better assured if you’re legal.

Things First

I never knew how important training was… until I was properly

Before I could spell gun (I’m a recovering public school graduate),
I had some. I didn’t know how to shoot most of them, I didn’t know
how to load most of them, but I did know that the freedom to purchase
them was dwindling. My answer was to buy now and ask questions later.

I thought I was fine. But I had a fear of them basically. My wife
really had a fear of them and of me having them. I was afraid to
shoot any of them so I never did.

We decided to take a gun class. It lasted an entire afternoon. It
was a general introduction to pistols class. We finished the class
knowing so much more than we knew before! We shot our first shots
in that class. We built confidence. We learned safety rules. We
were ready to defend ourselves. We thought.

That was 5 years ago. Our weapons sat in storage (we wouldn’t keep
most of them where we live, that would be long-term foolish for
many reasons). Of the two we kept close by, we knew we could fire
them when and if needed.

We never shot them. We never practiced with them. Not one time since
that afternoon class. We could not quote one safety rule and we
could not remember one thing we learned in that afternoon class.
In a way, we were worse off than before because we were probably
cockier than we would have been before that afternoon session.

Early this year, I read a newsletter by Dr. Arthur Robinson, a man
I completely respect and admire, a man who perhaps furthers science
more than any other scientist in the United States because he refuses
all government money and the ties that go with it. Dr. Robinson
created the #2 or #3 best-selling homeschool curriculum in the country
(therefore the world).

In his monthly newsletter typically devoted to science but often
the world in general and social issues too, Dr. Robinson recommended
a 6-day gun class designed by and taught in the manner of Colonel
Jeff Cooper. Col. Cooper was the man responsible for changing our
military and law enforcement officials shooting style; instead of
shooting from the hip the way Matt Dillon shoots, Col. Cooper showed
that accuracy was far better achieved at a time cost of only about
1/8th of a second, by shooting straight out with your eye aligned
with your front sights aligned with your target. One shot well-placed
is infinitely better in a gun battle than 9 rounds that miss.

We did not want to spend the $1,000 each for the training which
also needed for us to stay in a lodge on the property (more expense)
to be there for everything.

Then, a month or so later, Dr. Gary North wrote a strong suggestion
that anybody who cherished freedom needed to take an immersion course,
5—6 days, taught in the style of Col. Cooper. I suppose we
could make more excuses, but when Dr. Robinson and Dr. North prescribe
the same medicine, it’s in our best interest to swallow the pills.

We signed up.

The class met its goal of being full immersion for 6-days. It began
with, “This is a gun,” and it always went all day and often into
the evenings. On the sixth day you learn to clear a house of bad
guys single-handedly sprinkled with good guys and hostages all throughout.
It’s intense and you are exhausted once it’s over.

The class would have been a bargain at $10,000. Each.

After 6 days, as opposed to one afternoon, you have the proper safety
procedures ingrained into your mind. You have the proper stance,
sight picture, and shooting methods ingrained into your mind. You
have gone through up to 1,000 rounds in those 6 days. You know your
weapon, how to carry it, how to clean it, and how to use it.

The only thing you don’t have is muscle memory. Your job once such
a class is over is to practice, daily (“dry practice” unloaded)
and 2—3 times a week with ammo at your range. 5 to 15 minutes
daily is all you need. The goal is to train your body, your “muscle
memory,” to react when required; in a situation that warrants such
action your mind will not be focused on proper procedures to hit
your target. As long as you have properly practiced, your muscle
memory takes over when needed to do the job you trained for.

Everything Needed — NOW

Once properly trained as I’ve just described, then and only then
will you be ready to carry. Time is not on your side. You must get
a weapon, you must take the training, you must get the license if
you decide that’s right for you (it took 81 days for the government
to send us ours!), and you must train your muscle memory once you’ve
gone through proper training of your mind.

Thunder Ranch and
Gunsite teach the proper Col.
Cooper methods. If you’ve heard bad rumors about Gunsite, they used
to be true but things have changed. Col. Cooper approves of the
new owners. Similar training exists elsewhere. For a complete list,
you need to purchase immediately Boston’s
Gun Bible
. Don’t get Boston’s book first, read it, and then
work on the remaining items (get a weapon, sign up for training,
apply for concealed license…); instead, get Boston’s book WHILE
you work on the other issues. As I said earlier, time is against
you. Boston’s Gun Bible answers every question a wanna-be
gunfighter needs answering and it should be next to your other books
of importance, read and re-read, then re-read again.

Ask yourself this question: Is the world getting safer or more dangerous?
Are public school graduates today less or more selfish and greedy
and skill-less than ever before? Are illegal immigrants filling
more or less jail space than ever before?

Your answers will help convince you that time is against you every
minute you wait.

If your spouse is hesitant, let me tell you about my beautiful bride
of 15 years. She’s small. She didn’t want to take the gun course.
She trusted Dr. Robinson’s advice but didn’t like it. She saw the
recommended gun for the class (semi-automatic .45, 1911 style) and
it was too big for her to hold.

Yet, she knew she needed to carry given the world we live in. At
the end of the first day of class, she was wearing and shooting
her full-size Colt .45 semi-automatic and cool as ice. By the end
of the 6th day, she took first place in 3 of the 4 shooting competitions
in the class of men and women, both older and younger than we were.

I am more careful about ensuring my lady’s happiness now that I’ve
seen her shoot.

of Weapon?

Books are filled with which is best. The more concealable your gun
is the less powerful it will be. Your gun will never be small enough
to conceal and big enough when you need to use it. Guns were made
to be comforting, not to be comfortable.

What caliber will stop a crackhead on meth trying to kill your wife?
A .22 will if the shot is well-placed. Good luck. I need more stopping

A .40-caliber is today’s bare minimum self-defense round. Most in
the know shoot .45 as their primary self-defense semi-automatic
weapon. The .45 is slightly too small for me. I like a .50. That’s
why I carry the best (only?) .50-caliber semi-auto on the planet,
a Guncrafter Industries
.50. These are handmade by craftsmen who believe a semi-automatic,
when made and used correctly, offer 100% reliability. Yes, 100%.
If you want first-class service, ask for Alex (the owner who is
readily available for any customer) and tell him I sent you. I get
absolutely nothing from the recommendation except the pleasure in
knowing I just sent you for the very best self-defense weapon on
the planet. This .50 caliber fits in a .45 holster, is the same
approximate weight, and adds no discernable recoil over a .45 —
unless you’re the target.

and Guns

Boston’s Gun Bible recommends that you gun-proof your child and
not child-proof your gun. Once you get your proper training, teach
your children the same. The NRA offers an Eddie Eagle program you
can follow to develop your child’s safe respect and accuracy with
a gun as he or she gets older. Yes, the NRA has problems with compromise
but you’ll still benefit from many of their programs.

The Klinton Administration’s Surgeon General, Jocelyn Elders, said
that toy guns are dangerous. I tend to agree. They teach children
bad habits that can kill them (or someone else) later. You need
to respect her advice and keep the toy guns out of their hands!

Buy your children real guns instead. Teach them how to handle their
weapons safely and accurately. They will know from the beginning
that guns are not toys but are weapons to be respected and mastered.

or Action

I come full circle back to the premise. You need to train your mind
to grasp the concept of freedom and the importance of self-defense.
There’s a time and place for honing your debate skills. Very early
in life is the best time. Once done, you need more than debate skills.
You can only hone those skills on the firing range. Then you deserve
to be called a freedom lover.

only did Heinlein say that an armed society is a polite society,
he also made it clear that you can have freedom or you can have
peace but you’ll never have both. Which is more important to you?
It’s very peaceful reading another book by Rothbard on your front
lawn. And I recommend that you do so. Right after you clean your
weapon from your practice drills.

What are you doing to ensure your family’s future safety? Are you
reading Atlas
a ninth time? Or are you loading .45s or .50s into
your gun’s magazine?

20, 2004

Perry [send him mail]
may have been born with one leg and a total of three fingers, but
don’t call him disabled! He prefers the term “handicapped” because
the ADA advocates hate that term. You might wonder how that applies
to him because Perry is the most prolific computer book author in
the world and just finished his 75th computer book published internationally.
He recently fulfilled his long-standing promise to expose the Americans
with Disabilities Act by writing the book Disabling
America: The Unintended Consequences of the Government’s Protection
of the Handicapped

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