Political Primate

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all that nonsense about the voters making up their own minds this
election day. The great success of the Age of Reason has caused
every winner to explain his victory as: “Because I'm the right man
for the job!”

truth is, the human neocortex comes in a distant third to the other
parts of the brain, i.e., the “seat of the emotions” limbic system
and the deeper reptilian brain. Here, it's all about hormonal perceptions,
particularly, perceived levels of testosterone in candidates for
the alpha position.

civilized enough to elect our alphas these days, but we haven't
lost the language of combat. Military service is a requirement for
a presidential candidate to be taken seriously. They're not reliving
Vietnam, they're describing their personal ability to dominate.
These politicians “battle” for us. They “fight for” our rights (with
missiles of hot air). These “dedicated men will never back
down.” They wear “power ties” and even female politicians wear “power
suits.” Hyperbole? Perhaps if only a few of the lackey press use
this terminology, but when it's so ubiquitous, one wonders why.

with the expectation, nay, the demand that “leaders” own the lion's
share of testosterone, the electorate is not only unsurprised by
bad sexual behavior, but see it as happy validation that their pet
politician is the true alpha. It's why both men and women
excused Clinton and love Arnold.

it really just clever campaign strategy that won the governorship
for Jesse “The Body” Ventura — the only 3rd-party candidate
to do so? I think not.

suggest that the next time we libertarians run a presidential candidate,
we drop the intellectual talk about what the Constitution means,
and go for the gusto.

run Clint Eastwood. Nobody has more testosterone than good old Dirty

4, 2004

Van Cleave [send
her mail
] is a pharmacist and a science fiction writer for Analog
Science Fiction & Fact and Artemis Magazine. See her

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