Iraq of Ages

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[News item: internet bloggers have identified President Bush as a Christ Figure in the cult of war worship, seek suitable new hymn.]

Baghdad Rag

[Strutted and Sung with the Carrier Deck Mixed Memorial Tabernacle Choir]

"Give Mother Teresa a little push…
Gotta make room for Mr. Bush
She was canonized, but the Pope was wrong
It should’ve been George Bush all along
(gotta Push Push Push Push
Canonize Bush Bush Bush Bush)

Get Rid of that guy from Valley Forge
You jerks you’ve put up the wrong George!
Mount Rushmore, hey, make room for Bush,
We’ll give George Washington a push …
(gotta Push Push Push Push
We’re puttin’ up Bush Bush Bush Bush)

You Christians, be on good behavior
George Bush is gonna be your savior
He’ll save us all from bad Islam
Like LBJ in Viet Nam
He’s not afraid to drop the bomb
On terrorists — oops! Sorry, mom!
(gotta Push Push Push Push
We’re bombin’ with Bush Bush Bush Bush)

Now Christians, say it good and loud
Here comes Bush up on a cloud
Stay on your knees ’til the election
And then you’ll see the resurrection
(gotta Push Push Push Push
We’re raisin’ up Bush Bush Bush Bush)

OK Christians, still want more?
He’ll stop all pestilence and war
For a while, of course, we’ll have tough sleddin’
But after that, hey — Armageddon!
The word of God is on his lips
And what’s the word? "Apocalypse"!
(gotta Push Push Push Push
Apocalypse Bush Bush Bush Bush)

Iraq of Ages, cleft for thee …. While we bomb you on TV!

(fade to black)

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