Time To Go Shopping

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the happy talk about the current state of the U.S. economy from
establishment spinmeisters. Many people in retailing will admit
that business is anywhere from sluggish to in the toilet. Why not
spread some cash around and do your part to boost the economy? Here’s
how to do some consumer spending – and also help yourself –
in October.


If you’re a gun owner (as are many LewRockwell.com readers), this
is the time to stock up on your favorite calibers. You say you’ve
got a dozen metal military surplus ammo boxes full of .38 Special,
.45 ACP, .308 and other popular rounds? A few trips to the local
range will deplete those supplies. Think in terms of stocking up
for the long haul.

So why spend the money on bullets instead of beans, beer or Buicks?
Despite popular perception, there is a real urgency on this issue.

Both of the name-brand presidential candidates – George W.
Bush (Fascist) and John Kerry (Socialist – I’m a stickler for
accuracy) – support the recently expired assault weapons ban.
When it comes to the Second Amendment, Kerry would be on the left
side of the spectrum even in his home state of Massachusetts, which
features some of the most draconian gun regulations in the nation.

What about Bush? His loyal followers would paint him as a friend
of gun rights, but let’s stick with reality here.

Bush let his stooges in the House and Senate kill the AWB so he
wouldn’t be forced to take a stand on a controversial issue. Name
one federal gun law that W has personally eliminated. Remember that
he was on the same side as Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Sarah Brady when
it came to continuing the ban on certain semi-automatic weapons
and large capacity magazines.

So why buy ammo now? I’ve got plenty of time, you say.

Maybe not. The election is just three weeks away, and a Kerry victory
would lead to massive buying about four seconds after the results
were announced. It’s kind of hard to purchase rounds that are out
of stock – possibly forever. Don’t look for wholesale government
gun confiscation, as there are too many weapons in circulation to
take that route. Ban ammo or tax it at 1000 percent (as proposed
by the late senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan), and those guns become
all but useless.

A Bush victory would mean the same tune with a slower beat. I don’t
expect W to declare executive orders banning ammo sales once the
second term is in the bag, but there are other ways to achieve the
same goal.

You can count on an increase in globalism and State Department intervention
in the affairs of other nations under Bush or Kerry in 2005 and
beyond. That means more U.S. soldiers overseas, and won’t they need
lots of ammo? Call it a variation of World War II-style rationing,
as civilians are forbidden to buy ammo over the counter until the
alleged “emergency” ends.

Don’t say “it can’t happen here." There have been occasional shortages
of ammo and primers since 1992, when gun owners stocked up in anticipation
of bans and rising prices. What would prevent the feds from buying
up every round made in the country, especially if they had the convenient
excuse of multiple foreign wars?

More terrorist-style attacks or large-scale shootings (Insert “crazed
gunman," “militia” or other network TV adjectives here) will send
the gun grabbers and their bootlicks in the mainstream media shrieking
for various bans and confiscations. Sadly, many gun owners will
smugly say “It’ll blow over. The Republicans control the House and

Remember this: The Republicans ALWAYS compromise and cave in when
gun rights issues reach a crucial point. It’s as sure a thing as
death and taxes. The midwife of the Brady Bill is none other than
Bob Dole. If you ever have a chance to bet on GOP insiders shafting
gun owners, take every cent you can get your hands on and run to

If money is tight and you need to choose between another gun or
ammo, the choice is obvious. Get your ammo now while prices are
still low and the market is calm. Don’t expect bulk .22 LR rounds
to be just 2 cents apiece forever.

12, 2004

Doyle [send him mail]
has worked as a newspaper reporter, magazine staff writer and freelancer
since 1983. He won’t allow his children to attend government schools.

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