A Meek Man Is a Noble Man

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"Meek" is a word that has not received a lot of positive attention in our society. It is generally seen as being submissive or spineless or weak. Another version of the word defines it as enduring injury with patience and without resentment, or as gentle.

I am here to tell you that I like the word "meek." I say meek men are very attractive and endearing. They hold a quiet power within themselves that resonates to the outside. They stay calm during a storm and don’t panic when the waters get rough. Meek men are prepared for anything that comes their way to protect the ones they care about the most.

Regretfully my gender looks at men in a different way. Some women are very attracted to the outward power of a man. If he doesn’t have a certain status he is not considered as a possible mate. Sometimes women are also attracted to bullies. The more obnoxious the man, the more she is drawn to his barbaric traits. It is a sad statement about my gender. Outward power is deceitful and lures the prideful into unrecognized slavery.

I find meek men far more interesting. One of the reasons they may not be recognized as good leaders is because we have forgotten the decent traits of such a man. He is not loud or boisterous like his opposites. He tends to use his skills and brilliance in a quiet way that draws loyalty from those around him, but overlooked by the ones who are not looking beyond the obvious.

I know a few things about a meek man. He is really of Noble birth but disguised, a son of a King, who was robbed of his inheritance by a secular ruler who thrives on the apathy and shallowness of the masses. Although without a kingdom, he continues to live with the heart and tradition of a Prince.

As such he will learn a craft. Most European Kings learned a trade or a craft as part of their education. They did this anonymously, in disguise. This tradition is ancient. It is a sign of humility to be among his people and learn about their trades. They labor side by side with folks of their kingdom. No labor, however humble, is dishonoring to such a man.

A man of Noble birth sometimes goes beyond his borders to learn of other cultures and their enterprises. Meek men under disguise are travelers that go beyond the borders to explore new lands and make new grounds. This can be of mind, heart and spirit. He will not fear the faraway lands, but gathers knowledge and wisdom from his travels.

A meek man will also love and honor his mother. He will treat her kindly and be concerned about her well-being in her older years. If she is widowed, he will make sure that a friend watches over her during his absence. He will always honor his Father and pay his due respect in the Sanctuary. The audience with his Father is private. His Father teaches and instructs him and keeps him encouraged to remain meek and humble on his path until his time comes.

There are more things I know that meek men do that bullies don’t. They enjoy a good glass of wine. Even better, they will make and bring the best wine to a wedding feast if the wedding party ran out of wine. They don’t shy away of going to a wedding, but celebrate the bond of marriage joyfully. There’s lots of dancing at weddings. A Prince in disguise will rise to the occasion to dance with his people.

He is also a great host who does not shy away from inviting people that are in the dishonorable tax collecting business. He can look into their hearts and see if there is not better use for their service than to bleed people of their hard-earned money. A meek man is not hindered by society’s labels. He would much rather get to know people first so he can talk to them as a friend to a friend. He can see potential and turn it around for the better by gentle persuasion.

A meek man is not afraid of bringing truth to light when he runs into corruption. He recognizes the bluff of bullies and cowards and with his splendid logic speaks words of convictions in the hearts of liars. He has the authority of truth in his words that can withstand any assault from an opponent. A strike on the cheek cannot make him twitch. It just shows the obnoxious bully that he is the one who lacks courage and spine.

Many temptations are thrown in his path, but he fights with higher knowledge and remembers the words of his Father. He is steadfast in character and remembers the value of his life is worthy only to those he loves and cares about — his people. He will not jeopardize his inheritance and slander it by listening to the voice of a trickster.

A humble man of Noble birth loves children and adores their presence. He cherishes their lives and makes time to listen to them. He rebukes everyone who mistreats them and he sees them as blessings of mankind. He warns everyone not to harm the little ones.

He will also treasure a woman’s heart and not misuse her. He will respect her and honor her. A woman will gladly set aside her work to sit by his feet and listen to him. His voice will be gentle but firm. A woman admires the brilliant mind in such a man, especially when it is connected to his heart. A meek man will have a sense of humor that he can share with a woman in a way that will not insult her honor. A woman willingly anoints this man with expensive perfume on his head. He can reveal his crown to her, and share the glory of his mind. This man can reveal his heart to her lovingly by his righteous and honorable actions.

A woman will be moved in the presence of such a man. She may be so overwhelmed that sitting in his presence will bring tears of joys and sorrow. He won’t be offended or disturbed by her tears. The tears wash away the dirt from his feet that have traveled far. She gently wipes them off with her long hair, which he sees as the glory of her womanhood. He will bless her and speak good things of her for the world to remember. A woman’s name spoken by the lips of such a man means he treasures her life. Her name is safe in his mouth because she is precious to him.

A meek man is also a healer. He is concerned for all people who hurt and hunger. He gives them instructions on how they can find their salvation. He points to a time when their sorrows will turn into joys, and how they can find it within themselves. He does not pity the poor, but encourages them to fight their battle bravely.

A humble Prince is responsible in his duty. He has a few trusted friends who he prepares to join him in his mission. He knows just how much to reveal at the right time, preparing everyone according to their readiness. All he asks is loyalty through love. It’s the bond that keeps friends together in times of greatest trouble.

He knows that his time on the earth is only temporary. He passes his knowledge and wisdom on to others so that they can carry it and pass it on to others. He reminds them all to remain small and continually honor and respect his Father. He is the rightful King of the land. He reminds them to continue following the ancient laws. He brings life to the laws so that they can be executed with mercy and grace. He is a good judge who knows that free men must know forgiveness, and extend it to their brother.

His speech is full of grace and knowledge. He does not insult the ones who know less than he does, but gently nudges everyone into thinking for himself. He builds others up by showing them their talents and gifts. He tells his followers to invest wisely with the things given to them so that they can multiply many times over. He instructs each man to make use of his own investment and not to bury the capital or misuse it.

When it comes to fulfilling his duty, he is honest about his fears to his friends. He is not afraid to suffer and can relate to pain and suffering. He knows how to grieve the loss of his prophets that came before him. He is not ashamed to grieve the loss of the innocent that died in the hands of the ungodly. He knows about mourning and crying and can empathize with those who suffer.

A meek man prays to his Father for the strength to make it through the worst time of his life. He makes a promise that was spoken at the beginning of time, and his friends who live, will know.

A King sits on his white stallion to defend the land of his people. He fights the fight bravely amongst his soldiers with sword and shield. He fights and defends the honor of the land of his ancestors to his death. The son of the King, who was stripped of his frock by the ungodly who set up idol worship in his Father’s Sanctuary, only has his feet to carry him. He has no land or brave soldiers which the pageant state has claimed illegitimately.

He knows he must die to reclaim his kingdom through the means of his true followers. He dies the death of a common criminal, condemned by the bullies of a secular system. A meek man can walk the path of death with passion and endurance. He knows the promise of his Father that peace prevails in the final hour. His strength and will are greater than that of a commoner. He remembers his heritage and walks nobly into his death. He chooses to lay his life down for the sake of his people.

These are the basic characters of a meek man. There is power in a meek man. He controls it in the face of pressure from the world. His power does not control him. He won’t use it against others like bullies do. He uses his brilliant mind and his power, with his gentle spirit to direct it, as needed when the time is right. A meek man does not murder but brings life that produces good things. He is not under the influence of others, and takes his requests prayerfully to someone bigger than himself.

Yes, a meek man is a true hero. He attracts crowds and teaches with great patience and words of truth. Who has seen such a man these days? A meek man protects and guards his people from all enemies in his kingdom. The enemy has no heart or mind; it’s a thing so secular it brings a bad stench to the heavens. A meek and humble man won’t bring corruption to his kingdom nor lie to his people. He is a Noble man with a trade under his belt who lives side by side with his people. And when the time comes, he will govern the land once more. People all over the earth will then be free men and women, as those who are adopted into a Noble house, who serve the Son of a true King.

Sabine Barnhart [send her mail] moved to the US in 1980 and lives in Fort Worth, TX with her three children. For the past 15 years she has been working for an international service company.

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