The Consolation Party

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We’re planning on having a party celebrating “destiny” here in Tokyo on Friday, November 5th, 2004. If you are in the neighborhood, you are invited. It will be $35 per person for an all you can drink and eat — That does include alcohol beverages. Don’t worry about getting so drunk that you can’t walk (I plan to), there are taxis readily available within minutes.

The party is being planned on the 5th because we reckon that, if all goes "well," we will know by then who the next president of Imperial America will be. But that’s a big “if.” In what has become a huge, unorganized, inept banana republic, one never knows what could happen on election day — Unless, of course, one happens to be black and living in Florida. In such a case, it might even be a safe bet that one might as well stay home on November 2. There’s a chance that you may not be allowed to vote even if you have every right to do so. Like I said, it’s a huge banana republic. And for all Americans, it doesn’t matter who wins this next presidential election: You are going to lose!

I, like everyone else, have my own unusual “quirkies.” For some reason, since I was a little kid, I have never been able to cheer for a Japanese men’s team in any Olympic sport. I have no problem with Japanese women’s teams winning. Just the Japanese men’s team: I have always wanted them to lose.

Interestingly, all of my other 1/2-Japanese friends all say the same thing: they want the Japanese men’s teams to lose too. I wonder if that is because our mothers were Japanese and our fathers are usually Westerners? Could this have come about through some sort of conditioning we received through the mass media as children? I wonder if what the public schooling taught us about World War II plays any part in this seeming contradiction?

Could it be that we were taught that Japanese men, and the men only, were responsible for the war? And the women and children were just innocent bystanders? This seems pretty plausible to me. But how do we reconcile this type of thinking with the truth about the war: That FDR schemed to bring about Pearl Harbor and if the Japanese women and children were innocent bystanders, then what justification do we have for dropping an atomic bomb on them?

I suppose the rationale will be, “The bomb helped end the war sooner.” I would retort, in this argument that, “How does killing innocent bystanders help to bring about the end of the war?”

But this article is not about the war. It’s about a party celebrating destiny…

I will invite an American friend named Ron to the party. Ron is about 57 years old. His wife is Japanese and his children, of course, are half. He is very mild-mannered and soft-spoken; a very successful businessman, and is a quite intelligent person.

Ron speaks better Japanese than any foreigner I have ever met. Not only can he read all of the necessary Kanji, but he can write them by hand. I cannot do that. I need a computer to write, or at least a Kanji dictionary.

Ron was the first American that I have ever met in my life who had the guts to come out and say something that I have become to believe is true; he had the heart to say that he really did hate what America has become: Ron despises Imperial America with a passion.

I remember having him as a guest on a late-night talk show and, with fire in his eyes, he said something about the invasion of Iraq along the lines of:

“I really do want as many Americans killed in these foreign adventures as possible…. That’s the only way we’re ever going to have any hope of putting a stop to these crimes committed by Imperial America.”

I was shocked. I had never heard anything like this before. Sadly, the more I think about it, and the more I read from the foolish American public, the more I have come to believe that this notion is most probably true.

Also invited will be Sulejman; he will be asked to come along with his Japanese wife to the party. Sulejman and his wife are hard-core anti-war protestors. They help organize demonstrations and are leaders in trying to teach the few people who will listen — Americans included — about the truth of what America has become: The jackboot of the new millennium.

Sulejman is from Bosnia. I understand that he wasn’t so devoted to fighting against American imperialism until NATO started bombing the former Yugoslavia. Sulejman’s two brothers and his grandparents all died in the bombing. Does Sulejman have a reason for his anger? Yes. I suppose he does. Some family members who died in the bombings were Christian and some were Muslim. They all lived together in the same house. To hear Sulejman describe his anger:

“Those criminals wanted to stop the killing so they bombed us and killed us? What sort of insane rationale is that?”

There will also be several others invited to the party who, like myself, lost important radio or TV shows because we refused to stop protesting the war during our programs. It doesn’t matter that what has happened has proven us correct; people are still bitter. I know I am. And what really leaves a disagreeable taste in our mouths is the attitude of the average flag-waving ignorant Imperialist American who will still justify the killings of tens of thousands of innocents as “spreading freedom,” or whatever excuse is being touted this week by the parrots of Imperial America.

Do not think that I mean to say that I want innocent Americans to die. I don’t. But when the average Imperial American condones foreign aggression, then are there no more innocent Americans?

I do look forward to the utter and complete collapse of the American empire and can’t wait until that happens. Foolish Imperial Americans will take offense to this remark — but the sooner this happens, the better for everyone — Including Americans.

And if it is necessary for this collapse to come about that American young men and women are to be sent overseas for Imperial American adventures — spending your tax dollars and spilling your neighbor’s children’s blood — Then so be it.

I say, “Your neighbor’s children’s blood,” because it seems to me that a common characteristic of the Imperialist American war-monger is that they, themselves, have no family directly involved in the fighting. These are the people who are the ones I detest the most; they all “talk a big game.” Yet while there is no-one stopping them from going down to the recruitment office and signing their kids or grandchildren up for military duty — They don’t do it. Audacious hypocrites!

People like this should be ashamed to call themselves “American.” Or, on second thought, maybe that is what it means to be “American” anymore: Be all you can be — A spineless amoeba.

As with my formerly mentioned friend, Ron, I have too become ashamed to call myself American anymore. If a Japanese asks me where I am from, I tell them, “Dai-Amerika Teikoku.” Which translates into “Big American Empire.” This is a play on words as, during the heyday of the Japanese empire, Japan was called “Big Japanese Empire.” If I say this, Japanese people will understand what I mean and I don’t have to go into any sort of apologizes for what my dim-witted brethren back home are condoning. The Japanese know all too well the horrific consequences of empire-building.

My friends and I will all get together and regardless of the outcome of the election, there will be cause for drink and celebration. The only part that would make the party even better is if George W. Bush and entourage were impeached and sent to war crimes trials for mass murder. But that’s not going to happen as the denizens of Imperial America, or their “elected representatives,” don’t seem to want to exercise their constitutional rights.

Fair enough. So we will have an “election.” Let’s hope the Chinese do send delegations to monitor the election process and to rubber-stamp its outcome. For Imperial Americans are too ill-equipped and ill-informed to handle something like this on their own.

Even though I hope George W. Bush loses, not because I like the Democrats, but because George is a war-criminal and profiteer; my friends and I will hold up our glasses and make a toast to the winner of the election.

Because it will not matter who “wins” this election — In this case, as has been the case of all declining empires through out the history of man-kind, Imperial America will vainly lash out and create the foreign wars it needs to remove the fundamental problems of the country from the eye of its blinded citizens.

We just might make this party an annual thing. Why not? The purpose for our celebration is coming closer and closer every year. So raise your glass and make a "toast"; after all, destiny will not be denied.

Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers [send him mail] was born and raised in the USA and moved to Japan in 1984. He has worked as an independent writer, producer, and personality in the mass media for nearly 30 years.

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