A Simple Lesson In Morality 101

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There is an
old adage…”do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

If we were
to LIVE by that simple concept, our world would be such a better
place, but NO, there always has to be someone who has to decide
what is better for you. Unfortunately, the double standard always
seems to apply that what is good for you isn’t always good for me.

Take for instance
this simple understanding of basic morality…

If there were
no controlling external force, known more commonly as “government,"
if I, as an individual, living here on God’s green earth, did a
particular act WITHOUT damaging someone else’s life, liberty or
property, would my act be lawful to do? If my answer is YES, then
it is OK to do the particular act, even in the face of man made

In another
words, MURDER is wrong as an individual and you cannot candy coat
it and throw a government badge on the perpetrator and say, well
now it is okay. Murder is MURDER. It is WRONG because it obviously

The exception
to the rule is of course self-defense, which is not murder. If Iraq
had attacked the people that lived in the United States, then we
would have the right to DEFEND ourselves. The proper understanding
of DEFENSE is as follows: It is the use of ENOUGH FORCE to stop
the aggressor. Are the natives of Iraq DEFENDING themselves or are
they “terrorists”?

If someone
attacks me on the street to steal my wallet, and I react with enough
force to stop him and maybe disable him, do I then have the right
to kill him? NO, not if I have used enough force to stop the aggressor.
Now if in the process of using the force, he is killed, I am within
my rights, as long as my life or limb had been threatened by his
deadly force. But if I break his leg and disarm him and he is no
longer able to be an aggressor, I cannot pick his gun up and shoot
him with it, or pull one out of my own and do so.

The simple
test of the use of people in the GOVERNMENT to use force on our
behalf has to pass the muster of whether or not we as individuals
could use the same force. I cannot use force to rob my neighbor
of his wages, so obviously I cannot delegate force to someone in
the government to do so either. I cannot use force to steal my neighbor’s
house, so I cannot delegate force to an agent of the government
to do so either.

The simple
commands left to Moses at Mount Sinai and apparently that to some
degree are written on the hearts of those in the Christian Western
nations, are somehow falling by the wayside as we begin to allow
the murder of innocents in “our” name via war, abortion, Waco incidents,
Ruby Ridge incidents, Donald Scott incidents, ad infinitum.

So, students
think of these simple moral concepts…

Do not steal

Do not murder

Do not bear
false witness

These are the
three major precepts that deal with self-government between breathing
human beings, and so should be respected by fictitious entities
called governments, be they the “State of Arkansas” or the “United

Think of how
ALL THREE have been violated by men and women in the government,
claiming to do so in “our” name, just in the recent war against

False witness
was committed to bring the forces of the military because of alleged
“weapons of mass destruction.”

In another
words the innocent were deemed guilty of a pretend infraction (thought
crime if you will) of having something they didn’t even have that
was supposed to be a threat to “us." This makes as much sense as
arresting all men, and shooting the resistors of such an arrest
attempt, for RAPE because they have the capacity for rape.

It is obvious
to ANYONE with a mind for justice, that dropping bombs and missiles
on unarmed civilians and blowing them into little pieces is an act

And then of
course the many BILLIONS of “dollars” stolen at gun point from each
and every one of us to build the weapons and send the soldiers into
this quagmire, violates DO NOT STEAL.



24, 2004

Reynolds [send him mail]
is a web site developer residing with his wife and four boys in
the place most folks call Arkansas.

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