Summer Reading List

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are letting out, or have already let out for the summer across the
nation and I was recalling the practice of teachers who would send
their classes on their merry way into the lazy, crazy days of summer
with a "Suggested," or "Required Reading List"
for students to use as a study guide so they could get ahead on
their important readings and would therefore become better prepared
for their next year of school. As a child, I viewed this practice
as a reminder that even though you may think you are on summer break,
you are not free of schoolwork. At first, I was intimidated by these
lists and actually found (with the help of dear old Mom and Dad)
a few of the suggested pieces to read. I then carefully stored them
under my bed, out of sight (and out of mind) until the next school
year started. One year I found an excellent use for the reading
list. I went wild strawberry picking on my way home from the last
day of school in hopes that my mother would make biscuits for strawberry
shortcake, which she did. To protect my Roy Rogers lunch pail from
berry stains, I lined it with the reading list. Wouldn't want to
get berry stains on Roy or Trigger. When the school year did begin
and we met up with our classmates we found that only the smart kids
actually did the reading. Did you just notice that flash of light,

am proposing a reading list for adults. This list is especially
important for voters and for people who take a serious view of our
government and the actions our military has been ordered to take
since 9-11. The list is long and is not in a particular order. I
prepared this list because I have been challenged to explain my
heightened concern for American politics and to defend my positions
on The Iraq War, terrorism, President Bush, and on many other issues
related to these important current events. I realized that my opinion
was not formed in an instant, but rather over a lengthy period of
time where I started questioning everything and started reading
everything I could find on pertinent topics. I realized also, that
mainstream news media outlets are not a good source for objective
information. For anyone who is willing to question the status quo,
or who has not formed an opinion on our sorry saga, read the suggested
articles and form your own opinion from that experience. This might
be the best antidote for the rabid Republicans who vote the party
line because they always have in the past or because their spouse
or their daddy told them to. It is your vote. You

highly recommend the first ten titles as absolute must reads:

the speed readers who just fly through text like a rocket, I suggest
you go to your favorite search engine and enter the following key
words to start new searches: Bush Lied; Rumsfeld Lied, Powell Lied,
Rice Lied…well, you can see the common thread here. Enjoy your reading
project and have a happy, safe summer! The quiz for this assignment
will be in November, so do your best.

16, 2004

Woolley [send him mail]
is a disabled Vietnam veteran living in Miami, Florida. He served
with the 9th Infantry Division in The Mekong Delta in
a Ranger unit doing reconnaissance 1968–69 where he received
a gunshot wound to the head leaving one side severely paralyzed.
He is a father of four grown children and grandfather of seven,
including a set of triplets.

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