A Disconnect: 'Don't Outsource American Jobs — Tax Americans Instead'

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so amusing to watch liberals and conservatives cry over outsourcing.

bemoan that they don’t want American jobs to go overseas. Nuts to
those foreigners! Liberals are always the first to show their xenophobia
even though they act as though they love other races and cultures.

in case there are any public school English teachers reading this
right now, I need to explain that “xenophobia” means a fear or contempt
for anything or anyone foreign.)

conservatives talk about how they don’t like outsourcing but they
have a more difficult time stating why. They are so funny. They
wouldn’t know a free market if it bit them on the backside. They
talk about jobs and such but their other eye stays focused on corporations
which they know are strapped by government regulations and taxes
already. This is the problem with compromise. Over time, compromise
erodes your knowledge of right and wrong. The classic liberals who
then became known as conservatives had little trouble confusing
truth with falsehoods. Today’s conservatives have compromised themselves
into continually jumping to confusions.


want to get back to today’s liberals and their moronic fear of outsourcing.
Many writers on LewRockwell.com have already proved the clear case
for outsourcing far better than I can. It’s in my family’s best
interest that the things I buy my family are as inexpensive as possible.
Michael Moore doesn’t want our families living inexpensively. What
does he care? He’s wealthy. He would rather see inefficient corporations
than efficient family incomes.

what is more revealing about the left is their desire to pour billions
of dollars into every foreign country in the world (except the countries
the Republicans want to pour billions into) (making both guilty
of mortgaging your grandchildren’s futures).

we go back 3 years ago to when outsourcing was only a glint in the
media’s vocabulary. The Left wanted the American taxpayer — meaning
the productive American worker — to give billions and billions to
countries overseas. Bosnia, Haiti, you name it. Who wants American
companies to forgive billions in international debt? The left. (The
left includes George W. Bush who wants American companies to do
the same with Iraqi debt.)

left wants you, the taxpayer, to give billions to people who:

  1. You don’t
    know and
  2. Who generally
    hate you.

difficult to say which side — left or right — loves the United Nations
more. That is if you watch what they do and not what they say. Which
country funnels the most to the UN? Yep, you do.

struggle to make ends meet while your government takes your money
and gives it away. And when you add up a few hundred billion here
and a few hundred billion there over the years, pretty soon you’re
talking about some real money.

Does This Have to Do with Outsourcing?

getting to my conclusion. Some of you have already realized what
it will be. The left who hate American workers with a passion (even
more so than conservatives do, we must admit if we’re honest) say,
by their actions, the following: If we don’t outsource, we must
send billions in foreign aid overseas.

they want billions in foreign aid sent overseas even if we outsource.
But they’re not as vocal about it out of a fear of being exposed.
Oops, I’m exposing them anyway.

to the left a free market that sends a job overseas is evil. A socialistic
police state that robs your family of your income and sends the
money overseas, after keeping their vig, is a good thing. Free market
bad… socialistic theft is good.

don’t hear the left moaning that foreign aid needs to be reduced
now that we outsource jobs overseas. They still love foreign aid.
Their gripe is the competition from a worldwide free market that
is also helping to build up other nations. Liberals cannot get a
piece of the pie when nations are helped through jobs by the free
market. Liberals can only get a piece of the pie when they steal
welfare from you and give it to those overseas. And if the left
had their way, no American job would be outsourced, your family
members would therefore pay more for everything they buy, other
nations would not be as prosperous and couldn’t buy as many of our
exports, and we’d have to once again increase international welfare.
Which means the cut for the middlemen gets larger.

only reason stealing is a crime in America is because the government
hates competition.

27, 2004

Perry [send him mail]
may have been born with one leg and a total of three fingers, but
don’t call him disabled! He prefers the term “handicapped” because
the ADA advocates hate that term. You might wonder how that applies
to him because Perry is the most prolific computer book author in
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He recently fulfilled his long-standing promise to expose the Americans
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