Thank Goodness That President Bush Trusts the People

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are so lucky to have a Republican as president. I hope that those
of us who believe in freedom, small government, and personal responsibility
will help reelect President Bush, whose recent fundraising e-mail
lets us know he believes in "trusting people over government,"
and whose recent
at the Washington Convention Center presents the "clear
choice" voters face in November.

choice is indeed clear. Either we elect President Bush, or America
regresses back to the days of Bill Clinton. Bush's speech highlights
the very significant ways in which he and the Democrats hold "two
visions of government: a government that encourages ownership and
opportunity and responsibility, or a government that takes your
money and makes your choices."

how very true! If a socialist Democrat had won in November, the
federal government would have surely expanded all sorts of unconstitutional
Nanny State programs that compromise the delicate balance of the
free market. They would have probably greatly
increased farm subsidies
, and put new
restrictions on campaign donations
. Those liberal Democrats
would have sent billions of dollars in foreign aid to corrupt regimes
in Africa
and the Middle
, and pumped
up funding for the National Endowment for the Arts
. The Department
of Education may have grown
by seventy percent
by now, with programs designed to appeal
to emotion rather than reason, carrying such patronizing names as
Child Left Behind
" or some other name that only a condescending
Democrat could contrive.

Gore would probably be on the record for never having vetoed a single
spending increase, encouraging
Congress to pass whatever their big-spending hearts desire

God for the Republicans and George W. Bush, who explains:

issue after issue, the American people have a clear choice…. [Democrats]
seem to be against every idea that gives Americans more authority,
and more choices, and more control over their own lives."

a doubt! A Democrat in the White House would have enervated the
ability of the average American to make all sorts of personal choices
in his or her life. Al Gore would have supported the reinstitution
of the Assault Weapons Ban, stripping Americans of the right to
self-defense, to
the delight of anti-gun crusaders such as Senators Feinstein and
. He might have forced
Americans to pay higher prices for steel
, all to benefit special
interests — even though doing so would have crippled the economy
and alienated foreigners. He might have aggrandized the War on Drugs
to the absurd point of locking
up "paraphernalia" manufacturers
and shutting
down medical marijuana clinics in states that legalized the controversial
drug for medicinal purposes
— all in disregard of states' rights.
Also, in contempt for limits on federal power and the choices of
individuals and families, he might have worked to socially
engineer families
according to his vision, or even to create
a national
definition of what "marriage" is

would have been no federal intervention that Al Gore would have

God for the Republicans and George W. Bush, who assures us:

trust the people, not Washington politicians, to make the best decisions
for their own money, their own health, their own retirement, and
their own lives.” 

to that! We can't trust a Democrat with our money! Al Gore would
have probably racked up a seven
trillion dollar debt
, increased
the budget to $2.4 trillion or so, and given us a deficit of five
hundred billion dollars

who wants lousy collectivist Democrats sticking the government's
nose into our health care and retirement? Al Gore and a Democratic
legislature would have probably signed on to a gargantuan prescription
drug subsidy for the elderly, costing hundreds
of billions
or even trillions
of dollars
, bankrupting our future, driving up treatment costs,
and exploiting seniors in a game of vote pandering.

a Democrat to accelerate government spending to rates
unseen since the Great Society

God for the Republicans and George W. Bush, who is unafraid to confront
white-collar criminals:

passed the strongest corporate reforms since Franklin Roosevelt,
and made it clear we will not tolerate dishonesty in the boardrooms
of America."

a little strange that Bush would favorably invoke the name of FDR
president, who, unlike Bush, always openly advocated big
— but he's got a good point here, too. Al Gore would
let the actual corporate crooks off the hook, because of their political
ties to him. He would hand out no-bid
, stage perfunctory hearings for his offending corporate
friends, and then have his Justice Department go after high-profile
celebrity personalities for pretended
, like "insider
," just to appear "tough" on corporate

God for the Republicans and George W. Bush, for the honesty and
integrity they have brought back to the U.S. government, and for
their understanding of the terrorist threat against America:

is a choice between an America that leads the world with strength
and confidence, or an America that is uncertain in the face of danger."

perfectly he puts it! A Democrat in office would probably mislead
and confuse the American people about where the threats are coming
from in the world. He would probably wage war on a defenseless country
without fault for 9/11
, waste
hundreds of billions of tax dollars cleaning up the mess
, and
yet drag
his feet
on apprehending the principal maniacs who actually
engineered that massacre on American soil – all the while creating
an atmosphere of uncertainty in a fog of nationalized
airport security
; clumsy
bureaucratic expansion
; unreasonable
searches and seizures and unlawful detentions
; and confusing,
meaningless terror alerts

God the world has George W. Bush, who wants to spread his vision
of freedom throughout America and all over the globe:

have a war to win, and the world is counting on us to lead the cause
of freedom. We have a duty to spread compassion and opportunity
to every part of America."

God the world has George W. Bush. Al Gore would have continued politics
as usual in Washington, increasing government spending and meddling
in our lives, all the while patronizing us by telling us it was
for our own good.

W. Bush has indeed kept government limited as president, keeping
the socialists at bay and never succumbing to the temptations and
political expediency of ever-increasing government. I have no doubts
in my mind that the rosy
situation in Iraq
is just as accurately described by the Bush
Administration as is the picture he paints of the personal liberty
and responsibility he has so vigilantly guarded here at home.

forbid that John Kerry win in November. As Bush points out, all
the Democrats have to offer is "that same old Washington mind-set
— they'll give the orders, and you'll pay the bills." But,
as Bush says, "I've got news for them: America has gone beyond
that way of thinking, and we're not going back."

that, Democrats! Bush and the Republicans are leading the nation
and world toward a free, peaceful future in which independent and
responsible individuals control their own lives.

assuming they win in November, there's nothing
you, or any of us, can do to stop them.

12, 2004

Gregory [send him mail]
is a writer and musician who lives in Berkeley, California. He earned
his bachelor's degree in history at UC Berkeley, where he was president
of the Cal Libertarians. He is an intern at the Independent Institute
and has written for Rational Review, the Libertarian
Enterprise, and See
his webpage for more
articles and personal information.


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