Why the Christian Right is Wrong

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a disclaimer; I am myself a practicing Christian believer so I'm
not attacking from the left, right or center. I'm rebuking sadly
in Christian love.

anticipation of the criticism I will receive for not including the
so-called "Christian" Left in this piece I can say only
that most Christian leftists have long ago abandoned normative Christian
practices. There is therefore, no common ground from which I can
say anything to them — they make it up as they go along and answer
to a political, rather than a Biblical calling and so I must leave
them to their own devices.

George Bush and his Republican yes men find their largest and most
gullible group of constituents among the Christian Right — a loosely
defined amalgamation of churches and denominations that typically
includes most fundamentalist Christians, particularly in the South.

say "gullible" because few other groups are so easily
led by slogans, so regularly ignore substance, and receive so little
in return. I say "fundamentalist" in the strictest sense
meaning those who believe that scripture is God's Word and useful
for teaching, correcting and instructing. Note that "fundamentalist"
is not a pejorative!

I believe much as they do why then am I critical of Christians who
support the War on Drugs and the Invasion of Iraq? Who often support
government schools and line up for government monies to use in "Christian"
causes. There is a simple and compelling answer to that.

US government as it now exists is a government of scofflaws and
Christians are required to uphold the actual law of the land
— not merely nod their heads in passive acceptance of what to all
intents and purposes is anarchy. The US constitution, imperfect
document that it is, remains the law governing our Republic just
as scripture governs our theology.

Christians support extra-constitutional actions by government, even
for what they rationalize as "good reasons," they themselves
become outlaws, taking it upon themselves to write law rather than
obey it.

not the left used the same tactics and worked around rather than
with the constitution to justify their attacks on Christ and decency?
When you opened that door, and got away from strict rule of law,
did you not think the other side would use the same tactic?

quick review of the Constitution to which our Republic is bound
gives us no hint of any allocation of power to the central government
under which it can create massive police agencies and prosecute
a war against selected drugs. It is simply not possible under law
for this to happen at the national level.

the Christian Right routinely barks happily when President or Senator
Pavlov rings that particular bell. So it is all right to violate
the law for the greater good as we see it? Show me in scripture
or in the constitution where that is so!

government is given a pass for not doing one of its few prescribed
missions, which is to defend our borders. Government ignores the
law and Christians, who are admonished by scripture to be good citizens,
refuse to hold them accountable. As a result we see our culture
in decline. But that's okay — after all, President Bush thinks Christ
was a great philosopher so we dare not question him.

Christian Right has routinely supported the Republican Party because
of its avowed support of a pro-life agenda. How many dead babies
does it take to get through to you folks? If the Republicans cared
about that it would be done. It has not been done.

you honestly believe there is a constitutional right to kill unborn
babies that is frustrating attempts to stop this holocaust? Perhaps
it is just easier to shrug and hope that the Republicans will one
day keep a promise or two. Examine yourselves and consider if you
are making a sound judgment.

Christians should support government welfare programs that funnel
money into Christian coffers for "good works" is frankly,
an outright abomination. Christians are co-opted into illegal conduct
and do it joyfully, claiming it is for the greater good. Yet how
good is it to have government thugs using the sword of the state
to extort money from your fellow citizens to use as you wish?
I wonder where the constitution gives them the legal right to do

have widely supported the war of aggression against Iraq, which
was waged without a declaration of war, and was waged against a
country that "might" be a threat to us at some time. Under
that rubric we could justify invading Bolivia or Australia. Many
Christians say this is fine since Sadaam Hussein is a wicked man
and so what if it had nothing to do with national defense or those
elusive WMDs.

Hussein was and is answerable to God Almighty and the Iraqi people,
but he is most definitely not answerable to the United States
of America. Unless of course we were suddenly to admit our culpability
in creating him and announce that we were shooting our own dog.

body of writings left for us by the founders of this nation declares
vehemently that aggressive war and large standing armies are not
in our interests and are not part of the intent of this Republic.
We are to be defended by a militia of male citizens yet the Christian
Right joins with the usurper government in declaring this an "extremist"
position. Thus we see Christians lobbying for more military intervention
in the world as if somehow there was not enough war and violence

has been little or no discussion of the long held tradition of the
Just War — Christian spokesmen seem to support any war that comes

lobby government to support the nation state of Israel with taxpayer
monies. Once again you use the sword of state to extort other people's
money for your causes. Consider the results and use better judgment.
Actions have consequences and when you support a particular action
you are responsible for the consequences!

Americans are using the same tactics to lobby for support of the
Arabs. The net result — your result – is a proliferation
of American weapons in an already volatile region, with both sides
shooting American bullets. Isn't that akin to pouring gasoline on
a fire? Is this really God pleasing?

regularly ignore the law of land in exchange for crumbs from the
master's table. While our borders are being overrun and our heritage
of freedom destroyed, Christians are shouting their approval for
a defense of marriage amendment.

ridiculous that is when you consider the implications. The Christian
Right; co-conspirators with government scofflaws in the overthrow
of the constitution, want a constitutional amendment to protect
marriage. You cannot have it both ways. What good is an amendment
to a document that you have yourselves helped to render superfluous?

about the last time Christians lobbied for constitutional change
— remember the people gunned down in the streets after the moralistic
attempt at prohibition and the wide acceptance of bootlegging that
resulted. Ask yourself, was banning alcohol actually such a good

we are once again seeing gun fights in our streets as a result of
the latest attempt at prohibition should make you ask yourselves
some tough questions but it does not. You simply demand more and
more of the same failing programs and pat yourselves proudly on
the backs as the body count mounts and the prisons overflow. As
if somehow pontificating for morality had actual worth and rejecting
sober judgment had some merit.

legal remedies be handled at the state level? That is after all,
how this country was set up. In the days when there were fewer laws
there were also fewer crimes. Is there not a message in that?

far as drugs and alcohol go — why not take responsibility for your
own families, create your own Christian schools and set an example
that would be the envy of unbelievers and leave the sword of state
in its sheath. That sword, once drawn, can and does swing both ways.
You should have figured that out last Christmas.

wicked, Marxist teacher's unions find all too much support from
the Christian Right who believe government schools are a good thing
simply because it feels good to believe that. Is willful stupidity
a sin? I think so. It could be that this is a way of pretending
that Christians have not failed their children by failing to build
and support Christian schools. Let Sam do it. Just don't complain
when your children come home mouthing government platitudes about
tolerance and diversity.

the government schools a hotbed of illegal drug activity? Which
you say you are so worried about? Why on earth would you send your
children to such a place? Just askin'.

if not most Christians recognize that the Republicans are not much
better than the Democrats but vote for them under the reasoning
that they are voting for the imagined "lesser of two evils."
I say to you that evil is like virginity. There is no degree of
evil, it is simply evil and for a Christian to support evil under
any circumstances is a sin. Given the latent power of the Christian
Right this seems to me to be even more heinous since that power
could be used to press for lawful government.

those of you who think voting against George Bush is the same as
voting for a democrat I can only ask you, would you have voted for
Adolph Hitler? There were many in Germany who did not like Hitler
one bit but were desperately (and justifiably) afraid of the communists
and voted for him as a "lesser of two evils." What they
got was evil. It was the only thing they could get with that

are men out there who stand for the rule of law. Not many, but they
are there. There are enough Christians in this country to give those
men a voice. That we are not doing so is a disgrace.

call upon the Christian Right to stop playing to your own self-righteousness
and actually do the right thing. Nowhere is more faux patriotism
to be found and less of the real thing, which is so badly needed
in this time of crisis for our country. You have the power to turn
this country around and return us to rule of law, to decency and

say to you that your claim to the moral high ground is a false one
as long as you support any political leader who violates his oath
to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States. We are
not the subjects of some king — we are part of a Republic that demands
of us responsible and committed citizenship. The Republic is in
our hands and we have ill-used it.

us to fulfill the Great Commission we must be always consistent
and do that which is pleasing to God for it is with His power, not
our own that lives are changed. It is God's will as set forth in
Holy Scripture that we follow rule of law and in this country that
law is codified in the constitution.

can Christians justify their role in overturning that constitution?

a secular court we are reminded that ignorance is no excuse under
the law. How much sterner is the court from which there is no appeal?
If we in ignorance of the constitution allow scofflaws to rule over
us and cheer them on in the name of morality we are no better than
hypocrites and we will have scant credibility since God will not
strengthen us in our error.

your Bible daily. But for goodness sake read the Constitution of
the United States once in a while and make your political decisions
based upon what is lawful rather than what feels good.

February 13,

Mr. Peirce [send
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] fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian
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