Just Call 911

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or about 16 December A.D. 2003, a citizen of Worcester, Massachusetts
went into a local home improvement store and shot two people. Reason?
Alleged the shooter had a heated dispute with one of the store's
plumbing subcontractors. The other victim? A bystander, a store

chief of Lowell, Massachusetts police complained that women who
were coming to his office to obtain permits to carry pepper
spray were "arming themselves to the teeth" while he stands
there with a Sig Sauer semi-automatic 9 mm handgun strapped to his

entire logic of civilian disarmament, as reflected by the tyrannical
police chief of Lowell, is that the citizenry not have the means
to defend themselves against either criminals or agents of governmental
tyranny. I am quite sure people such as the chief (police) dictator
of Lowell find such events as the aforementioned incident to be
deeply satisfying, as the desire is for the citizenry to be reduced
to helplessness. Virtually all government u2018training' programs dealing
with crime or terrorism given to non-law-enforcement personnel emphasize
that the citizen should do nothing to defend himself but try to
be observant to provide the law enforcement with useful details
when – and if – they show up after the event. Government
wants citizens to be passive, non-participatory serfs to be fleeced
and ordered about for the benefit of the insider cliques whom the
government serves. The attitudes of the upper leadership of law
enforcement are simply a more brazen variant of this general government

above accurately exposes the basis for the arrogant, elitist attitude
of the police in general. If the rank-and-file police (if they had
any sense) were to recognize where their interest rests, then they
would support and cooperate with armed citizens and not harass them.
But then power does indeed corrupt.

is time for the citizens of every level of government, particularly
local government, to take that back their communities, not only
from the urban street thugs and the hordes of illegal aliens that
are being invited in by the tacit approval of the politicians, but
also from jack-booted legion of police who abuse, with impunity,
constitutional rights. This latter class of criminals presumes a
self-accorded authority to harass and intimidate at will and threaten
ordinary citizens. It is this group which we must be most vigilant
about because they pretend that their badges immunize them from
responsible behavior. It is this group in particular that must be
restored to the position of being servants and respectful protectors
of constitutional rights. For many instances, currently they are
little more than organized bands of thugs doing the bidding of a
petty tyrannical politician to enslave and control the people period.
Often they are aided and abetted by an equally corrupt judiciary
advocating the social agendas of diversity, multiculturalism, and
"civil rights," at the expense of constitutional liberty.

that a call to 911 is an open agreement to become a willing victim
of this tyranny. It is well past the time when the law-abiding tax-paying
citizens of a community submit docilely to the tyranny of swaggering
goons who wear badges, black face masks, and body armor. Federal
police, including the FBI and the ATF, are a part of this.

now remains the duty of the legislators to put the police back in
the place where they belong in a free society.

17, 2004

J. Miller [send him mail]
is a retired architect in Cincinnati.


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