A Lever Here, a Punch There, Maybe a Chad or Two

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I fail to believe that the “Get Out and Vote” campaigns are sincere or stem from any desire to encourage patriotism — although the supporters of those ads hope that we will see them that way; that we will look only at the veneer and ignore the underlying material.

I believe that the ads are directed specifically towards the Entitlements crowd, coaxing ever more citizens to vote for the party more likely to offer them a turn at a government teat. “Come one! Come all! Vote to raise taxes so that you, too, can share the wealth without it costing you a dime!” I view these ads as the clever work of shysters; as blatant invitations to further loot the working people of America.

Actually, I suspect that the "Wizards of Oz" prefer that we not vote.

I can just hear them at their round table meetings…”When the percentage of voters drop to x%, then we will make our move.” I sense that they cannot wait for the day when they can announce to the country…”Since participation in the voting process has fallen to such a low level, and since the process of polling is so expensive, elections will be suspended and appointed representatives and appointed councils will take over management of the nation.”

It only stands to reason. Power mongers are never going to openly and conscientiously consider the reasons that citizens are refusing to vote. Shysters will never release their hold on the country, admitting, “Oh, Dear! So few Americans are now voting. They must be sending us the message that we are doing something wrong; that big government is not what they want. We need to mend our ways immediately and return to constitutional, lawful leadership of America. Maybe we should just leave so that the country will crash and the protestors can build the America that should have been.” Believe me. We’ll get the councils. The Cause of the boycotting nonvoters will be lost within the "sounds of silence"; their abstentions will play right into the hands of those puppeteers behind the curtain who really pull the strings that manipulate the nation, and the world.

New York City recently disbanded all elected community school boards and are replacing them with councils. The U.S. Justice Department approved the decision! This is nothing but a step away from elected local leadership and towards appointed councils. We know the type of people who get named to such Soviet-style councils! They are always the weak, the unknowing, the unthinking, the followers, the status seekers. Such people are most easily manipulated into collectively "deciding" to collectively organize a socialistic nation, using the ideas "suggested" by trained facilitators assigned to lead the groups. Maine is considering a massive step in consolidation that would eliminate more than 100 local school boards. These are but two examples of current plans to abscond with the rights of local people to manage their property, their lives and the lives of their children.

Appointed councils will basically reflect the make-up of most school improvement committees. The young, the inexperienced, the incapable, the untenured, and the groupies are named to the committees. The teachers who are experienced, knowledgeable, capable of offering suggestions that would truly improve schools — are excluded from the committees. The same will hold true for councils that will replace local, state and federal government.

If I don’t vote, I will be ignored, as the Sons of Liberty predict. I can stay home, righteously count all of my reasons for non-participation, and pretend that I am actually making my point with the crooks in government. I can believe that non-participation will carry the message that we believe that we are being led by an illegitimate, illegal, dishonest, group of thieves. I will be ignored.

However, I choose not to be ignored. I choose to be counted in the percentage of those who continue to go to the polls. I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils as I have too often done in the past. So…I will make my presence known and have a bit of fun while still making my point; still conveying my contempt for the current ruling class. I will vote as wisely as I can at the local level. I will vote for third party candidates who have truly convinced me that they are honorable and that their platform has merit. I will vote "NO" on any request to tax and spend. I will vote "NO" on any issue that is contrary to my expectations, hopes and dreams for the America that I want my child to inherit.

After that, the fun begins. I will pull a couple levers in third party “A”; a few in third party “B”; some in third party “C”. If write-ins are allowed, I will become especially creative — Thomas Jefferson, Big Bird, A Monkey’s Uncle. If I were in a state where I could punch my responses, I would create a geometric work-of-art. I would vote a pattern, occasionally pressing lightly so hanging chads could give my ballot an interesting three-dimensional effect.

Since our voting system is becoming so corrupt and so easily "hacked" and manipulated — why should we take it seriously? Show up; be counted; stave off the day when we will be collectively herded and directed by Delphi techniques and appointed councils; have some fun! Remember…the first step towards solving a problem is to find some humor in it.

Linda Schrock Taylor [send her mail] lives in Michigan. She is a free-lance writer and the owner of “The Learning Clinic,” where real reading, and real math, are taught effectively and efficiently.

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