Come Home, America

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Carlson has wisely observed that "The rise of the welfare state
can be written as the steady transfer of the ‘dependency' function
from the family to the state; from persons tied together by blood,
marriage or adoption to persons tied to public employees."

the case of modern America, the dissolution of family ties has been
accelerated by a culture in which stay-home mothers are becoming
increasingly rare. Indeed, I and other stay-home Moms find ourselves
looked upon as oddities — socially maladjusted at best, or even
socially irresponsible for having "too many" children
and not enough gaudy consumer goods.

Dr. Carlson has pointed out, in the welfare state children are considered
economic liabilities, rather than the most important source of genuine
wealth; they are burdens, rather than treasures. America's Fed credit-driven
consumer culture exacerbates this tendency by leaving households
laden with debt, thereby driving mothers out of the home and leaving
children in the hands of state-licensed strangers.

society at large from the tyranny of the welfare state is a necessary
but formidable task that will require concerted effort by millions
of principled people. But individual households can measurably reduce
the welfare state's impact by freeing themselves from the shackles
of the modern consumer culture.

means, first of all, that mothers must come home — preferably to
teach their own children in a television-free environment.

believe that if women cherished their freedoms and their treasures
— their children and husbands — they could find a way to quit their
jobs, despite the financial hardships that may ensue. The most reliable
Source of wisdom teaches us that where our treasure is, there our
heart will be also; He also admonishes us to focus on imperishable
treasures, rather than those that will rust, fade, or become obsolete.

year's must-have luxury good, which can be yours for adding a few
more dollars to the credit card balance, will be cluttering a shelf
at a thrift store within a decade. The memory of a child's first
words, first steps, hugs, kisses — even his messes — will last forever.
Which is the better investment?

as it might seem to many decent people, it seems clear to me that
women working outside the home is the root of many of the most urgent
social problems in our country, and those problems will continue
to multiply until women come home where they belong.

is not to say that they should be "forced" back against
their will. There are some women who honestly have to work out of
simple economic necessity, thanks to our evil tax and inflation
system. Others, however, drive to work — in expensive late-model
cars – from large, extravagant homes bursting with opulent
toys. People are certainly free to spend time and money as they
see fit, but they should have a sober understanding of the costs
incurred — both economic and social.

should realize that our society has been restructured by people
who follow Simone de Beauvoir's prescription: “No woman should be
authorized to stay home to raise her children. Society should be
totally different. Women should not have that choice precisely because
if there is such a choice, too many women would make that one.”
The social and economic pressures of our modern consumer culture
do at least as much as the tax burden created by the welfare/warfare
state to force women out of the home.

sister recently told me of a conversation with a friend who told
her that she'd love to quit her job, come home, and home school
her kids but that her husband wants her to keep working so they
can get her student loans paid off. In the meantime, however, that
couple is missing out on their kids' irreplaceable childhood years
— and those kids are being raised by the State.

this experience and multiply it by scores of millions and we have
yet another generation of kids who know little or nothing about
God, the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, and moral truths. Like
their parents, those children will eventually be sent off to college,
where they will continue to be indoctrinated in the same collectivist
worldview, acquire their own student loan and credit card debts,
and begin the cycle again — mothers working outside the home, leaving
children to be raised by the State…. This assumes, of course, that
our society hasn't already collapsed under the unsustainable weight
of public and private debt, and the Leviathan State, by the time
those kids are old enough for college. In either case, the inevitable
outcome is a society from which freedom has been extinguished, populated
by stupid, listless people.

said that the poor will be with us always, and the same is true
— at least for most of us – of financial burdens and challenges.
To the woman who was reluctant to quit her job, my sister gave some
great advice: "You'll always have bills to pay but you won't
always have your children."

understand that our Creator hard-wired the sexes to carry out certain
functions: Men are providers and protectors, and women are designed
to be caretakers. At some point in her life, nearly every woman
will realize that she was designed to be a keeper of the home. Sometimes
— too often, in fact — that realization comes too late. And often
it comes only after the would-be "have it all" working
Mom has surrendered her most precious treasure into the hands of
rented strangers, making alienated strangers of her own flesh and

really interested in saving our country should tirelessly struggle
against decades of feminist indoctrination by teaching their daughters
to stay home and raise children.

who sensibly decide to quit their jobs and come home should make
other critical changes right away. The most important deals with
the evil appliance that usually occupies the most prominent place
in the living room.

the cathode-ray tube demon can make for a very rewarding family
outing. My husband Will suggests that each family should take the
TV out to the local shooting range; upon arrival, each family member
should emulate Elvis's most lucid act by pumping several rounds
into the vile thing. Alas, we simply pitched our Idiot Box into
the trash, which wasn't nearly as satisfying.

next step toward household liberation is to take your kids out of
the State's mind laundry, buy some books on homeschooling or find
some at the library, and begin to educate them (rather than allowing
them to be marinated in hatred for God, family, and freedom).

Isaiah, God warned of a time when "People will oppress each
other — man against man, neighbor against neighbor…. Youths oppress
my people, women rule over them.” (Isaiah 3:5,12, NIV). The collectivist
State is based on the principle of using government to enrich one's
self at the expense of others. And working mothers in such a society
become, at best, economic competitors with their husbands and, at
worst, controllers of the purse strings — a role they are simply
not designed to play.

worst of all, absentee mothers leave their children in the hands
of the State — the same state that devours the household wealth
in taxes; the same State that steals our wealth through inflation;
the same State that provokes enmity toward our nation around the
globe; the same State that will ultimately feed those children into
the maw of the war machine.

home, America. Shoot your TV sets and bring the troops, the children,
and the mothers home — and our country will be on the road to recovery.

for homeschool families

10, 2004

Grigg [send her mail] is a
homeschooling mother of four in Appleton, Wisconsin.


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