A Christmas List for the Individualist Camp

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of subjective valuation, and with all respect to Mr.
, here is an attempt at a list of our own.

  1. Beyond
    Good & Evil
    for XBox,
    and Windows.
    I know books should come before video games, but Christmas is
    for the kids, right? BG&E follows the adventures of Jade,
    a young woman from the planet Hyllis, who becomes involved in
    a rebel movement to expose a conspiracy within Hyllis’ government
    tied to attacks on the planet by a mysterious alien force. It
    is an action/adventure game in the same vein as the Legend
    of Zelda
    series, but with a much deeper (and timely) story
    involving corruption, politics, and the ultimate power of a free
    press. Recommended for Teens and above.
  2. Harvest
    Moon: Friends of Mineral Town
    for Game Boy Advance. What
    is essentially a farm simulation becomes a great lesson in economics
    as you utilize you're know-how of efficiency, decision-making,
    and time-preference to bring a profit to your farm. There are
    only so many hours in the day to work between sunrise and sundown,
    so effective use of time is crucial. Whether you're planting and
    tending to the crops, or ignoring crops to focus on your farm
    animals – it all comes down to making decisions on how to
    use your time effectively. The game is open-ended, and even contains
    the possibility for romance as you try to woo one of the many
    belles' in town. Recommended for Everyone. Be sure to keep your
    eyes out for Harvest
    Moon: A Wonderful Life
    , coming to the GameCube in January
  3. Speaking
    of Liberty
    by Llewellyn Rockwell. Burt Blumert gives
    us a little insight into the book: "This is Rockwell at his
    best. The Rockwell who muffles ‘loud-mouthed’ statist, talk-show
    hosts. The Rockwell who turns commie environmentalists green.
    The Rockwell who is quick and funny — and deadly — when tossed
    into the lion's den. The Rockwell who brings a steel-edged consistency
    to the defense of liberty. Speaking of Liberty IS pure
  4. The
    Myth of National Defense
    edited by Hans-Herman Hoppe.
    Eleven chapters by top libertarian scholars on the market provision
    of security. Includes essays by Luigi Marco Bassani & Carlo
    Lottieri, Walter Block, Jörg Guido Hülsmann, Erik von
    Kuehnelt-Leddihn, and Joseph R. Stromberg.
  5. Man,
    Economy, and State
    , Scholar's Edition by Murray Rothbard.
    Read it.
  6. The
    Illusion of Victory: America in World War I
    by Thomas
    Fleming. This book is too important to miss.
  7. Red
    Ryder BB Gun
    . As Benton Enomoto says: "Shooting a
    Daisy teaches you discipline. And discipline makes you a champion."
  8. Kapowwe
    M-60 Toy Machine Gun
    . It is getting harder and harder to find
    toy machine guns. But, take a look at Realistic
    Toy Guns
    , "your friendly neighborhood toy gun dealer,"
    for a variety of Uzi's, M-16's, AR-15's, MP5-A4's, AK-47's, and
    even grenade launchers.
  9. Toyota
    to reduce your dependency on oil. I (Justin) know
    I would get immense pleasure and satisfaction knowing I would
    not have to make as many trips to the gas station.
  10. Where
    is the Love
    by The Black Eyed Peas. Wow,
    a hip hop song with a good message. KRS One is not alone in the
    world after all.
  11. A new
    , special thanks to Jeffrey
    Tucker's Austrian Eye for the Civilized Guy
  12. Peace
    on earth and amnesty from taxation
    . Maybe we should start
  13. Donate
    to LRC to keep it going all year round.
  14. Synthetic
    for the lady in your life, and to help bring down
    the De Beers monopoly while you're at it. Available from Apollo
    or Gemesis.
  15. You
    Can't Take It With You
    , directed by Frank Capra.
    A true classic based on the 1937 Pulitzer Prize winning play by
    Moss Hart and George Kaufman. Capra reportedly described the play
    as one “whose witchery was so entrancing, wild horses couldn’t
    have dragged [him] away from the final curtain.” Lionel Barrymore
    addresses God at the dinner prayer as “sir” and speaks eloquently
    on why it is great to be alive. Moreover, an anti-tax message,
    hilarious antics, and showcasing the unrivaled talents of Jean
  16. Gold
    from Bert Blumert's Camino
  17. City
    of God
    . A rarity in today's world, a really good
    movie. Obviously, it didn't come out of Hollywood. Co-directed
    by Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund, it is a stunning
    portrayal of the violence and desolation in the "favelas"
    outside Rio.
  18. Signed,
    first edition of
    by Ludwig von Mises.
  19. Red wine
    for your health. Maybe a Burgundy, a Bordeaux, or a St. Emilion;
    but perhaps you'd be wise to stick to wines from a harsher climate,
    packed with more reservatrol.
  20. An island,
    not too far from civilization, to embark on a pure market experiment
    and show the world how it is done.

Festivus, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Merry Kwanzaa, and a Happy
New Year!

1, 2003

Ptak [send him mail]
is a student studying economics and English literature. Justin Ptak
[send him mail]
is the Managing Editor of Aubrey
Herbert's Economic Education


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