Letter to Ken Mehlman Campaign Manager Bush - Cheney '04

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Dear Mr. Mehlman,

Today I received another stuffed mailing, again asking for support and donations for Bush’s 2004 campaign. Cute little file card gimmick, but I prefer not to play. I did fill out the questionnaire, but … typical English teacher, I answered too completely and in red ink. I will just write in response to your letter.

You explained that you are working to put together a ‘game plan,’ but Ken, I have no reason to believe that we are speaking the same language. In 2000, I thought that your game plan was to heal and free America after the dastardly deeds of the Clintons…then your team ended up sending innocent Americans into unnecessary wars; to die and to kill innocents abroad. I am especially angry that National Guard Members have been sent to real WAR! — instead of playing ‘weekend warrior’ games, as led to believe. I feel very strongly that a “Bait and Switch” has been pulled on the American people.

If for this reason, alone, you can surely understand why I will not vote again for Bush as team captain. I do not like your team’s war or tailgate parties. It always seems that we have to provide all the snacks and beverages; do the set-up and clean-up; provide the charcoal; serve as the main course — and still be the rug upon which you all wipe your feet! Go play in some other stadium!

I was also shocked to see you use the word ‘grassroots.’ It has been my observation that all grass, and all roots, have now been ordered to grow only along the paths earlier blazed by the consolidation of schools — paths leading away from familial, neighborhood, local, ‘grass root,’ decision making…paths designed to channel all power — both law making and behind-closed-door decision making — towards a consolidated central federal government — in direct defiance and violation of the United States Constitution. Let me repeat that: IN DIRECT DEFIANCE AND VIOLATION OF THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION.

Ken, I am positive that I heard President Bush swear — in public, right hand on Bible, the whole nine yards — to ‘uphold’ the Constitution. So what gives? Do you expect me, or anyone else in my household, to vote a second time for a person who refused to be true to his vows the first time?! How foolish do you figure that typical Americans are? WELL, THINK AGAIN.

This movie keeps playing in my mind: In it I see Bush standing at the Inauguration, fingers of his left hand crossed behind his back, and hidden up his sleeve, as he ‘swears’ to uphold the Constitution… (cut to next scene) …Bush in the privacy of the Oval Office, holds a duplicate constitution high above his head, then announces, “There…I have ‘upheld’ it! …Ok, We’re done with that! Let’s get on with the show — ‘Homeland In-Security’ against the very people we will pretend to protect; invasion of nations not remotely a threat; soldiers stationed in 130 countries; brute animal chest-pounding; colored money!…” Lights go down as wild laughter echoes through the White House.

For this you want me to send donations? Give votes? Sorry! I don’t like Bush’s war games and I don’t like his duplicity! I am fed-up; am finished with him; as well as with his team.

Your letter asked me to note, “any changes [I] would like [you] to make” on my little file card. I request that you delete my file and all information it holds; certainly my membership number. Please mark it all ‘null and void.’

I also request that you take me out of your game plan, and direct your team to stop phoning for money, and stop sending the junk mail. Each time someone calls for a donation, I give the same answer…”I will donate after President Bush: brings ALL military and embassy personnel back within the borders of the United States; severs all ‘entangling alliances;’ gets us completely out of the WMF and the UN; ends all foreign aid; dismantles the FED; destroys every Federal Reserve Bank so that not one stone is left standing. Each caller has assured me that they would faithfully pass my messages on ‘to the powers that be.’ More promises broken, it appears, for the requests for dough keep arriving at my home.

I do not like or trust your vocabulary and terms. I do not want a ‘nationwide network.’ I want a small neighborhood council to handle our simple neighborhood needs. I want tiny, autonomous, parent-supported neighborhood schools. I want all federal fingers out of our pockets and out of our lives. Does your ‘team’ even understand, or even try to understand, that you are there to serve us; we are not here to serve you? Take your entangling webs and networks and ‘eyes and ears’ away and let America again be free. Move aside! You are blocking my view of, not to even mention my right to, FREEDOM!

You do state, “Mrs. Taylor, your help on this project could not be more vital to our efforts to nominate and reelect President Bush.” That statement at least gives me some reason for optimism. Hopefully, by me refusing the help that you seek, I might play a part in breaking a vital link in those chains that bind. Well, I can at least dream.

I must take exception to your claim on page two — “…the country is very competitive politically.” I believe that the main division between Americans has come into play because of the State’s double-partied game plan of turning one American against the other. “Divide and Conquer.” The State encourages the non-producing half of the citizenry to believe that they are entitled to the income earned by the producing half of the citizenry. The State plays their ‘class warfare’ card; their ‘entitlements’ card; their ‘race/discrimination’ card — all to gain more power from a distracted, divided population. Neighbor-against-neighbor. Starnesville, revisited. Such ‘political games’ and ‘game plans’ are nothing that I choose to support, in any way, whatsoever.

You say, “Just as President Bush has transformed great challenges into opportunities…” and I wonder…(Opportunities to destroy other countries then steal my tax money to rebuild towns that I never wanted destroyed?) “George W. Bush is leading our nation with clarity and a focus on our future.” (Towards This Perfect Day, as described by Ira Levin?) “The President has brought honor and integrity back to Washington…” (By destroying countries too small and too weak to even put on a production of The Mouse That Roared?) See, I just don’t think that we speak the same language, Ken, or view things from the same perspective.

You close your letter by saying “Your participation is crucial…” and I definitely hope that is true because…you aren’t getting my participation. You aren’t getting my questionnaire. You aren’t getting my file card. You aren’t getting my money. And Bush certainly is not getting my vote!

Thank you, and I will look forward to not receiving any more junk mail or phone calls from your ‘party.’ Actually, I hope your ‘war party’ is over, real soon.

Linda Schrock Taylor

Linda Schrock Taylor [send her mail] lives in Michigan. She is a free-lance writer and the owner of “The Learning Clinic,” where real reading, and real math, are taught effectively and efficiently.

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