Vice-President Emerges From Hiding, Urges Americans To Keep Fighting

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WASHINGTON — Videotaped footage of President George W. Bush’s top deputy warning of dire consequences for Americans is probably authentic, a Central Information Agency official said Monday.

The assessment was based on a technical analysis of the videotape, which was first aired over the weekend, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The CIA can’t be certain but believes the person on the videotape is Vice-President Dick Cheney, the No. 2 official in George W. Bush’s GOP-Neoconservative network, the official said.

The English-language recording, obtained by the American satellite station CNN, showed a pale and tired looking Cheney who promised that future operations will provide the faithful with vast opportunities for war profiteering. "When faced with hard choices, we choose to make war, not peace," Cheney said, chopping the air with his hand for emphasis.

"Instead of losing hundreds or thousands of lives, we choose to lose tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands," Cheney said. No matter the cost in American or foreign lives, Cheney announced that the movement, "whether in the TV studios, on the lecterns, in print ads and on the op-ed pages, or in your wallets and on your backs, in your computers and in your houses, we will never surrender."

Warning that "our ultimate nightmare could bring devastation to our Party on a scale we have never experienced," Cheney threatened retaliation and advised his followers to never relent in denouncing opponents as anti-patriotic, traitors and limp-wristed wimps. Speaking on behalf of God, Cheney warned those Americans who would collaborate with the opponents of the War Party. "Let it be clear, that all those who demean, criticize, comment on or otherwise pay attention to our plans and activities will find no mercy with the Merciful, Almighty God and his instrument, Better-Than-The-Original-Moses, the Hand of God, George W. Bush."

The video footage was considered likely to inspire the willing coalition faithful.

"This tape will be a morale boost for (Dispensationalist and Neoconservative) fighters," said Luke Warm, Pennsylvania Democratic Party State Chairman. "It shows that one of their leaders is still alive."

Cheney’s whereabouts are not known. He is believed to be in hiding in the mountainous border region between West Virginia and Maryland, beyond the reach of the American Taxpayer.

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