Motes In Baghdad, Beams In D.C.

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seest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye," Our Lord
said, "and seest not the beam that is in thy own eye?"

question for the United States, given the latest report from our
national capital, courtesy of the Washington Times.

munchkins in Emerald City are passing out bonuses faster than Slick
Willie passed out pardons, and we're not talking about nickels and
dimes. The regime has scattered nearly a million smackeroos among
deserving statist bureaucrats.

the city is still a mess, proving the old adage that if you want
more of something, subsidize it.


corruption is so flagrant you marvel at the sheer audacity.

summer, the paper reports, D.C. bureaucrats passed out a cool $740
big ones to "executives," even as the city cried poverty
and hit up Congress for more money. Since 2001, the city has dished
out, in payments averaging $3,000, about $4 million. The top cop,
who pulls in a piddling $175,000 a year, wangled two bonuses since
2001 totaling $21,000. In May, he landed a five-year extension on
his contract with a $25,000 raise.

the chief isn't Washington's only deserving gumshoe. Another employee
landed a $9,383 bonus in 2002 on a salary of $128,619. Yet a third
finagled a $9,987 bonus, same salary. Another "executive,"
this one with the "Labor Relations" department, laughably
enough, yanked in $6,997 on a salary of $150,000 annually. The former
health department chief hauled in $33,600 over 2001–2002.

even other city bureaucracies were astounded. "No, we don't
do that here," a Baltimore city bureaucrat told the Times.
"We can't give out tax dollars as gifts."

right. Actually, every tax dollar anyone receives is a gift because
they didn't earn it. Or, we might call it booty because it was taken
by force.

In Iraq

more amusing than D.C.'s monkeyshines is this: The federal politicians
and bureaucrats who can't manage a city government barely a 1,000
yards away from the U.S. Capitol, propose remanufacturing a government
in a city 6,200 miles away. They couldn't control that crack-smoking
psychopath, Marion Barry, the former mayor, but they propose controlling
not just Baghdad but all Iraq.

moral of the story is that we have plenty of problems to solve here
without going overseas. Let's start with illegal immigrants and
the war against American culture and English. After that, we can
tackle the federal welfare Leviathan. Freeloaders faking disability
and other entitlement "claims," and even worse, bureaucrats,
loot them every day.

can we forget pornographic art subsidized by taxes, federal Indian
reservations mired in obscene squalor, purposeless bureaucracies
such as the Energy and Education departments that waste billions
of tax dollars, and so on and so forth, ad infinitum.

Coming Collapse

again, much of this waste and abuse, and many of these problems,
are connected to military and foreign policy; i.e., the welfare
state walks hand-in-hand with the warfare state. Empires always
erect semi-fascistic and corrupt police states at home.

taxpayers suffer an annual rampage of federal looting to subsidize
not only our foreign legion but also our imperial bureaucracy, including
this new Department of Homeland Security. Thus, they suffer this
long train of bonuses distributed without the slightest wince at
the brazen corruption.

tells us the collapse is coming. But we won't see it unless we look
here for beams instead of abroad for motes.

24, 2003

columnist R. Cort Kirkwood [send
him mail
] is managing editor of the Daily News-Record
in Harrisonburg, Va.

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