Disobey the 'Law'

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kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas"
H.L. Mencken wrote, "is always the kind of man whose ideas
are idiotic."

he's probably a tyrant.

Hitler, the teetotaling, anti-smoking, animal-loving vegetarian
comes to mind, and so do the busybodies who, like Der Fhrer, would
enact all manner of health legislation to stop us from smoking,
drinking, and doing anything else remotely construed as fun or pleasurable.

Puritan is bad enough. But a political Puritan with an "agenda"
is an absolute menace.

Peanuts and Coffin Nails

in California, reports WorldNetDaily, one family has an entire school
under its thumb.

kid is allergic to peanuts, and even touching the remains of a Lance
Toastchee on the monkeybars, his parents allege, could kill him.

wanted to ban peanuts from the school, but the school authorities,
the kind who so courageously dispense birth control pills to minors
without parental consent, instead enacted a "peanut reduction

WND: "Kindergarten classrooms and a special playground area
have been designated u2018peanut- and tree nut-free zones.' Students
and visitors are required to wash their hands. Backpacks and lunch
boxes are searched and peanut products are confiscated."

food allergies inspire Gestapo tactics in a public school? Well,
yeah, when the parents can whip out the unconstitutional Americans
With Disabilities Act, which prohibits "discrimination"
against people with "disabilities."

the Nut Police.

the country, New York banned smoking in bars, which permitted the
anti-cigarette fanatics to boot smokers onto the street. Now you
can't have a smoke with your Jack Daniels, which in New York is
probably about $7 a shot by now. Naturally, tobacco-loving Empire
staters are fuming.

a state attorney recently quoted defending this law is named Quackenbush.
Whether he looks like Groucho Marx I do not know, but he is defending
a federal claim from tavern keepers, who say the law has dropped
business 50 percent.

knows how much business the bars lost, but other than the health
Nazis, that axis of evil liberals who would shove their views down
the throats of everyone from Anchorage to Annapolis, no one ever
expected or wanted government to ban smoking on private property.

wonder where these zealots get off telling everyone else what to
do. But then we remember Mencken's definition of Puritanism: "The
haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy."


to fight them? Dis the law. Forget the lawsuits; just tell the health
kooks and their political henchmen to shove off.

authorities must learn that arcane, unconstitutional, and stupid
federal laws will not be obeyed, although this peanut lunacy is
another reason to ban public education, for no one agrees how the
public money should be spent. As well, the authorities must learn
that private property rights mean something in this country. You
don't like smoking in my bar? Beat it.

ill-conceived laws neither deserve nor require respect and obedience,
and typically they do not serve the public good. Cigarette and peanut
bans are prima facie unjust; neither prohibition provides a public
good in the traditional sense. They do provide a tyrant's smug satisfaction
from knowing his tyranny has triumphed.

disobedience is in order, and not just to restore liberty. It will
send idiotic Puritans into a frothing rage.

13, 2003

columnist R. Cort Kirkwood [send
him mail
] is managing editor of the Daily News-Record
in Harrisonburg, Va.

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