A Constitutional Showdown

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The Alabama
10 Commandments issue ought to teach America and its churches,
once and for all, just how constitutionally lost and
morally reprobate the United States Government is. It is
time for a showdown.

What the
people of Alabama want to do about a religious monument in their
supreme court building is their business. The federal judge has
no jurisdiction in the matter and should have been ignored, but
state leadership caved in to do his bidding. Even talk show conservatives
and big time preachers have said that Judge Moore made a good
point in the beginning but it is time he obeyed the "law
of the land." This is nonsense. It illustrates how federally
brainwashed people have become.

Let me tell
you what I would love to see come of this matter, or in the Houston
Bible case, or somewhere. The state notifies the federal
court that it has no jurisdiction and that the state is exercising
its right of interposition. The federal court responds by sending
US Marshals to enforce compliance and make arrests. The Governor
directs the State Police to intervene and prevent the
Marshals from carrying out their orders. The President calls
out the National Guard, but the guard commander refuses to obey his unlawful
order. Neighbouring state guards join ranks and refuse to comply.
The President considers sending federal troops, causing state
guard units to go on alert. Things get scary. Polls show problems
for the White House. The President balks.

a crisis in government, over the Bible no less, would make
sensational press. Southerners would be called hicks and rebels,
but large numbers of religious people around the country would
sympathise with them. America's eyes might be opened to the
government's train of abuses and constitutional offences.
They would see what an oppressive bully the federal government really
is and understand the Founders' fear of consolidated power. Pastors
would preach about the immorality of Washington and how it has
fallen from any grace it once had.

It is at
this time that all churches worth their salt should withdraw support
of the United States Government. They should declare in unison
that it is utterly secular and without moral legitimacy and authority.
They should discontinue religious participation at federally sponsored
events. They should recall chaplains from government service and
demand removal of all religious symbols on federal property. They
should ask their congregations to cease pledging allegiance to
the government and condemn the hypocrisy of using "under
God" in its Pledge and using Bibles to swear in federal officials.
America should be celebrated at the local and state levels
only. America, the land and the people and their traditions, should
be separated symbolically in every way possible from the United
States Government. I would love to see this.

I would never want a state to initiate violence or be dishonourable
in any way, I believe it is right to ask our leaders to protect
the state and its citizens from constitutional encroachments
as they are supposed to – but they are either too federally servile
or too cowardly to do it. On the other hand, today’s Americans would
probably not follow brave state leaders to a constitutional showdown
anyway. They are enslaved by their own gullibility.
They are accustomed to the heavy hand of their federal masters
and ignorantly accept their authority as constitutional or
divine. They will complain for a while, then adapt to the new
chains placed around their necks. What a pity. The Alabama case
is such a wonderful opportunity to set things right. But there
will be others.

1, 2003

Smith, DC, EdD, [send him
] teaches anatomy & physiology at Southwest Tennessee
Community College in Memphis. He and his wife homeschool their three

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