Losing the War on Terror

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you have it. There is no longer any doubt whether the Bush administration's
actions are having an impact on terrorist activity. They are having
a definite impact. They are increasing terror. Bottom line: No one
truck bombed the UN compound in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was in

have Jordanian Embassy bombings, oil and water pipeline explosions,
SAM missile potshots at airliners in Kenya and SAM missile salesmen
in the USA, attacks on peacekeepers in Afghanistan, suicide bombings
in Israel, Bali, and Saudi Arabia, a rejuvenated Taliban, a nuclear
North Korea, a nuclear Iran, Osama bin Laden on the loose, Saddam
Hussein on the loose, and the USA in 4th place on the
world terror hit list.

is Bush's response to all of this? Losing is winning. You see, the
more it looks like we are losing – bombs and explosions,
incinerated Humvees, dead soldiers and civilians, debt, deficit,
drugs, etc., the more we are actually winning. It's all very
simple to Dubya. Getting our asses kicked is a sign of progress.
It is a sign of "desperation" on the part of the "dead-enders".
On August 19th, referring to the attack on the UN complex
in Baghdad, Bush said:

sign of progress in Iraq adds to the desperation of the terrorists
and the remnants of Saddam’s brutal regime."

know the dead-enders. They are the "give me liberty or give
me death" crowd. They have this silly idea that if they keep
using irregular tactics against their occupiers, they might actually
defeat King George… uh, I mean… President George Bush.

and Blair lies to the contrary, it is now clear that US and British
intelligence services as well as any other intelligence services
they cared to ask knew that Al-Qaeda had little or no presence in
Iraq before the US invasion. Saddam Hussein made sure of that. He
didn't want any competition. The only Islamist group in Iraq at
all, Ansar-al-Islam, was confined to a small remote corner of northern
Iraq. Saddam Hussein could not get at them there because the area
was under the protection of the United States via its unsanctioned
"Northern No Fly Zone."

we see that the US invasion of Iraq is the best thing that ever
happened to Ansar-al-Islam. Paul Bremer, the US civilian administrator
in Iraq, said there was, "clear evidence of an Al-Qaeda-related
terrorist group, the Ansar al-Islam, reconstituting its capabilities
inside of Iraq since the war". The group is now operating all
over Iraq. It is suspected in the bombing of the Jordanian Embassy
in Baghdad on august 7th. The Al-Qaeda recruiters haven't
had it so good since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. A recently
released message to the Al-Qaeda troops exhorts them to go to Iraq
to kill Americans. But this is all good news to the Bush Administration.
It just shows how desperate all those terrorists are. "Bring
them on!" says George. I'll bet the UN personnel really appreciate

Afghanistan, the Taliban seem very desperate. In case no one noticed,
those dead-enders are making more comebacks than Freddy Krueger.
Last week witnessed the bloodiest week in Afghanistan since the
US invasion of that country, with over 100 dead due to bus bombings,
rocket attacks, clashes with Taliban militants, and between rival
militias in southern and southeastern Afghanistan.

George Bush telling us that the drug trade was a major source of
financing for terrorism? It is a sign of how desperate things are
in Afghanistan that the production of opium for heroin is up to
its highest levels ever. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld called
the production of opium in Afghanistan a “whale of a problem.” The
country now is the largest opium producer in the world – and to
think that the Taliban had essentially eliminated opium production
in Afghanistan. Now that is desperation! Given President
Bush's losing is winning philosophy; Afghanistan is a two-bagger
because there, we seem to be losing both the "War on Terror"
and the "War on Drugs." Opium production is up in Colombia
too. Representative Henry Hyde states that opium production in Colombia
has revived. It supplies, he stated, ”more than 60 percent of U.S.
heroin.” George Bush, of course, would say that all this just shows
how desperate the terrorists and opium producers are for money.

Bin Laden must be very desperate. He keeps sending out inspirational
messages to his mujahadeen. On August 18th he exhorted
the mujahadeen to go to Iraq to fight US forces. On the 19th
he claimed responsibility for the largest blackout in US history.
President Bush says we'll "smoke him out". Osama must
have an incredible tolerance for smoke. We have been "smoking"
for almost two years now. Producing all that smoke, no wonder the
Bush administration is opposed to the Global Warming Treaty. But
not only are we "smoking him out," we are "tightening
the noose" around Osama's neck. I wonder if there is a Guinness
Book of World Records entry for "world's largest noose"
or perhaps, "worlds slowest tightening noose."

must be ecstatic about the desperation shown by the terrorists on
the home front. According to the London-based World Markets Research
Center, the US is the 4th most likely nation to experience
a terrorist attack. Of 186 nations, we come in behind only Colombia,
Israel, and Pakistan. Remember the terror alert system? You know
the Crayola crayon color-coded system any child could understand?
Perhaps Dubya could explain to my eight year old son why the code
has never dropped below yellow if we are safer from terrorism than
we were a year ago. Little David keeps asking me that, but I can't
give him a convincing explanation. Perhaps you could do it, Dubya,
I mean you being the "education President" and all that?
Why I even recall that no national crisis would stop you from finishing
your lesson with elementary students.

this losing is winning philosophy President Bush describes explains
a lot to me. Not only does it explain the "War on Terror"
and the "War on Drugs, " but it helps me understand how
the massive budget deficit is good for our economy, how the massive
trade deficit is good for the future of our nation, how the "Patriot
Act" is good for my freedom, how refusal to sign the "Global
Warming Treaty" is good for the environment, how developing
new nuclear weapons helps stop nuclear proliferation, how government
secrecy regarding energy, 911, Iraq (mis)intelligence, etc.,
is good for democracy, how….well, you get the point. In fact, according
to this philosophy, George Bush must be the best president ever.
But, Helen Thomas already said that.

21, 2003

Wiggins [send him mail] is
a West Point (United States Military Academy) distinguished graduate
and an honors graduate of New York Medical College. He left the
Army as a Conscientious Objector resigning his commission as an
Army Captain on the Iraqi front lines during Operation Desert Storm.
He is currently an Emergency Physician.


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