What Response to Wickedness in High Places?

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had written a piece a while back wherein I hopped on the Impeach
Bush bandwagon, but I became discouraged about its pertinence when
I read that GWB was out on the fund-raising trail raking in easy
millions toward the 2004 election. I thought to myself, impeachment
of this fellow is an idea that's going nowhere. I still think so.
But then again I wonder. . . .

notice that the headline on a July 11 lead story in the Dallas Morning
News reports that Powell says critics are "reaching" in
their attacks on Bush. This feeble response to the recent heavy
criticism of GWB warrants the lead down here in Bush Country? And
Scheer in an LA Times story on LRC also on July 11
, locates
the smoking gun of the Iraq war in Cheney's office. It seems Cheney
did not tell GWB what he (Cheney) already knew before the State
of the Union speech, namely, that the "evidence" of an
Iraqi attempt to purchase enriched uranium in Niger in Africa was
forged, and rather crudely at that.

in mid-June when I Googled "Impeach Bush," I got 42,600
hits. Today I just got more than 56,000. There's a lot of impeaching
sentiment out there. The line about Iraq's seeking to buy African
uranium in Bush's most recent State-of-the Union speech is focusing
criticism currently. That's what Powell was responding to. But where
will the criticism take us?

predict not very far. Nothing takes us very far. There's that damnable
thing of the cut-off between the Beltway and the people, between
the White House and the truth, between the media and any residual
sense of the commonweal. We are living now in a total cultural and
political slum, with no effective communication between slumlords
and slum dwellers.

features of the slum:

  • Lying politicians,
    but then that is not new.

  • Raw political and military
    power – lawless power – used to destroy a nation that was no threat
    to us. Our military is now assigned a task that according to
    Gen. Franks could go on four years. (Why not 60 or so? That's
    what it has taken in Germany, Japan, Korea, etc., so far.)

  • An economy
    sinking steadily deeper in the tank on what appears a permanent
    basis, thanks largely to federal interventions and federal phony
    money games that are always the wrong thing.

  • The Blob
    in D.C. swelling and heaving and emitting gross gasses while
    sucking into itself more and more of the substance of the citizenry;
    nearly everyone (excepting maybe those 56,000 websites and some
    others, like LRC) dead asleep to the fact that It Is Happening

  • Home-delivered
    newspapers that bring the paperboys and the citizens of all
    ages up to date on the latest permissions on sodomy. (How eagerly
    everyone waited for the indication of what's OK from the Nine
    Buzzards in Black. I always think of the Nazguls when I read
    about SCOTUS).

  • Ubiquitous
    pornography and the related plagues of unlimited abortion and
    wrecked marriages. Recall, please, that Aldous Huxley wrote
    in the preface to a new edition of his Brave
    New World
    that in our brave new world increasing
    and officially approved sexual license goes along with disappearing
    political freedoms.

  • Horrible
    "music" everywhere that nobody "listens"
    to. It's just unpleasant shrieking and hollering in restaurants,
    doctors' offices, gyms, on "hold" on telephone lines,

  • I could
    go on, but you know the rest of the litany, including huge prison
    roll calls and even here and there knocks on the door at midnight
    by various Gestapo stand-ins; budget madness at all levels of
    government; gun control campaigns; corporations awash in criminality,
    real or imagined by government; towering amounts of debt, public
    and private; jobs vanishing into the ether and overseas; the
    dollar fading. . . . The miracle is, it isn't worse than it

ask for whom the bell tolls, baby, it's got our name on it. It's
playing our tune.

of this, the will and tactic is to emerge to impeach Bush? I doubt
it. We know that all governments study to manage their peoples.
We know in particular that the governments of the "developed"
nations have, since World War II, invested heavily in techniques
of psychological warfare – against their own subjects. We know
that the media and the Bushies are in close league. We know that
the big oil and munitions corporations are standing by with buckets
to catch the cash as it flows their way from any and all wars. We
know the taxpayers are subjected to a laser stream of hypnotic messages
about things they can buy to achieve physical and psychological
fulfillment, and told not to fret themselves over things they can't
possibly understand, such as the need to permanently occupy Iraq,
send billions to Israel, and stash our troops all over the world.
This despite the fact that the world increasingly would like them
all to go the hell home. And so on. I weary as I try to recite this

of this of course is the result of a conspiracy. OK, then let me
just say that it looks planned. I see no way all this awful
stuff could be going on if it were not being sedulously pushed,
financed, and to some extent, at least, coordinated.

now know the recent war was a put-up job, just as so many of us
suspected before it happened. What makes you think the sodomy decision,
that further power grab by the Malignant Nine, is not just another
item in a deliberate destabilization campaign that meets with huzzahs
of approval in the highest places? It was an accident? It
just came out that way, the way you toss a coin? The court was going
to turn down a chance to void a state law and insert itself as Ultimate
Ruler? If you think that, then I have a bridge to sell you. Ditto
for the Michigan race preference case. All of it wretched bad law
that serves some agendas but not yours and mine, not if you are
reading this.

course if we could succeed in impeaching Bush, another World Conquering
Hero would emerge to take his place and probably prove him or herself
worse, on the principal that you have flown from the devil you know
to the devil you know not of. Hillary anyone? Jefferson was right;
we have gone way too long without another Declaration, another Tea
Party, another brave stand by the Minutemen.

we're not up to it anymore, but I refuse to think that. I have great
faith still in my countrymen, bamboozled and bedazzled as I hold
them now to be. At some point they will get their backs up – I think
that will finally happen when they at last realize that the present
manipulators mean them and their families dire harm, no kidding,
right here at home, in their workplaces and playplaces and schools
and domiciles. Then I think the stand will be made.

if there is any voting to be done (and I am very nearly at the point
of abstaining on moral grounds from all voting) I'll cast one vote:
impeach Bush, and if there is any chance of getting a two-fer, throw
in Cheney. Then those two can settle the question of who knew what,
when, at their leisure.

17, 2003

White [send him mail]
writes from Odessa, Texas.

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