Get Paid to Molest Citizens! Fully Legal!! Sign Up Now!!!

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your mailbox and inbox are full of offers that promise the world
and deliver nothing. Are you out of work? Perhaps tired of your
old, mundane job where you have all responsibility and no authority?
Do you want to reverse that? We can help. We have your perfect,
extremely erotic job, full of perks that will give you power beyond
belief and you'll have absolutely no responsibility even if you
yell at – or better – molest any customer you want to

it! You long to achieve near omnipotence on this earth. Do
you really enjoy looking at and pilfering through other people's
valuable personal and intimate belongings? In the past you've had
to do that undercover but no more! We celebrate such invasions!
Sign up with us and you'll hit a jackpot better than any Vegas has
ever seen.

looking for a few good men and women who want to experience joys
others would be arrested for. We're the Transportation Security

a Country!

you too can have a cushy job, a "tushy" job, in air-conditioned,
government-paid, never-be-fired work at the security (wink-wink)
checkpoints at America's airports!!!

the TSA, which we insiders quietly but lovingly refer to proudly
as the Terrorist Sex Advocates.

here and we'll give you power and hands-on (wink-wink) authority
to terrorize customers. Here's our funny inside joke: You can terrorize
our customers and say (but only if you keep a straight face) that
you're terrorizing them "in the name of stopping terrorism!"
We always laugh at that one at the end of the shift. One old geezer's
pace maker started acting up when we pulled him aside after he took
too long to remove his shoes – oh, you should have seen him
try to hobble to his departing flight after we gave him our special
third-degree delay (we call these TDDs and they infuriate
customers who must run to their plane after we feel them up for
a few delaying minutes!).


you say in your most stern voice as you approach the blooming 15-year
old traveler. If she backs away immediately yell at her for not
letting you invade her personal space. Yelling is half the fun of
this job and the other half is getting to feel whomever looks good
to you. The customers know that if they show the slightest assertiveness
at your rudeness, you will ensure that they miss all flights for
the rest of the day.

imagine that little 15-year-old little smarty pants in a private
holding room you've got reserved just for people like her who hesitate
to let you virtually strip her at the checkpoint. It's your duty
so make plainly clear that you're the master and she's the slave.
Keep your badge shined because in just the right light it can blind
and disorient weary travelers. YES, you get a shiny badge! It's
all part of the fun here at the TSA. You don't even have to buy
clothes because… get this… those customers whom you get to molest
and invade and yell at buy your uniforms through the taxes they
pay! Can it get any better?


must be careful to let you know that we do not condone the harassment,
disrespect, or delay of any 17-to-40 year-old male Arab nationals.
If you plan to give those guys any of this treatment, we'll show
you the door, buddy. We at the TSA go out of our way not to profile.
So as long as your customers (we call them "tricks" in
the lunch room – we're such cut-ups) are white, African-American,
Hispanic, or Asian, you can have all the fun you want. Just don't
profile young foreign Arab males; we go out of our way to show we
are completely fair and impartial.

Shall Not Steal – Unless Employed Here

airport customers are so lame! And I'm not talking about
just the ones who have trouble walking! (As an aside, on April 23rd
our Australian brethren forced a 16-year old Australia high school
student to remove her artificial leg in front of the other passengers
in the security line… what a riot! We don't yet have that much privilege
but we're working hard to reach that goal. If we want to humiliate
customers, we have many ways to do it and we'd rather have high
school girls strip behind a screen anyway because it's better to
get a private showing.)

you've seen shows like "60 Minutes" almost annually air
hidden camera busts about airport luggage handlers stealing from
passenger luggage. It has been going on for years! Now, thanks to
the help of TSA's officials and the Patriot Act, airplane passengers
can no longer lock their luggage! It is so much easier to
pilfer now. Even better, when some passenger insists on locking
his bag we get to break it open using any means we have available
and we don't have to replace or repair the lock or luggage! Isn't
this wonderful employment? Those passengers get so irate when they
pick up their broken suitcase baggage but hey, it's not our fault
that they didn't read the fine print when they checked their bags.

better is knowing how husbands feel when they realize we've snooped
through their wives' intimate apparel… It's just a day in the life
of stopping terrorism.

really love the added perks of finding items you used to have to
buy before going to work for us. When some stupid, idiotic passenger
tries to board with something like nail clippers we get to take
them! Here's a real funny one: Did you know that people actually
return to the airport after a trip and think their going to get
this stuff back that we took? Really they think it's still
theirs! We'll never understand the human race!

last year, I was able to confiscate a pair of knitting needles from
a 79-year old bag who looked horror-struck that I removed them from
her purse. To punish her for giving me such a look, I made sure
to question her long enough for her to miss her flight and she was
stranded overnight. She kept asking why I took her knitting supplies
and I told her that after 9/11, I was afraid she was going to knit
an Afghan! (Get it? She didn't, what stupid passengers we have!)

Job is Safe!

let all you've heard about "airline failures" worry you.
The airlines actually blame their low passenger rates since 9/11
on 9/11 itself. They have absolutely no clue that people don't want
to be treated as though they are criminals instead of customers!
It's a riot. No matter how boldly and pompously you do your job
(don't laugh, yea, we actually call this "work" in public),
the airlines obviously haven't one clue that it is Airport
Security who is to blame for massively-reduced passenger numbers.
The airlines look the other way when we fondle their customers!
In many ways they are accomplices when they look the other way.
Our motto at the TSA is "Spread the blame and we'll remain

airlines try all sorts of incentives that fail to get their loyal
customers back. American Airlines and United would never dream of
using their powerful leverage to knock us down to size so that we
have to treat American passengers like customers again instead of
like criminals (especially the cute ones).

the airlines are such wimps they mostly agree that pilots shouldn't
carry guns! What fools – but their foolishness is our gain.
The day they give pilots guns and allow proved and current law enforcement
officials to carry firearms on board, our job is over. No more gravy
train for us. So we'll continue to fight those actions called "common
sense measures" by many of our customers. By the way, when
you work for us you receive bonus money if you happen to get the
names of any customers who do want those kinds of real security
measures put into place. We must protect our own. We're the TSA
and we've got some fondling to tend to. Ah, so many customers and
so few hours in each day to "get to" all of them.

your job is safe and it's funny how the airline industry is going
broke while we get more new hires every day. Business is good at
the TSA and we say YEA to the TSA!


the guy at the Las Vegas Gate D TSA "security" checkpoint
who showed your authority as well as all your thinly-veiled desires
this week when I passed through your patdown – I dedicate this
article to you.

3, 2003

Perry [send him mail]
has written more books on computers than anyone else in the world.
He also will now drive anywhere he has to go if the alternative
is buying an airline ticket.


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