Where Are the WMD?

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Charles Krauthammer was one of the many war-party conservatives
who pounded the drums for war against Iraq because Saddam Hussein
had weapons of mass destruction.

for weeks now, he and his friends have been reminded of a little
problem. No one can find the weapons.

worry, Krauthammer insists. The real issue isn't the weapons, but
those who keep asking for the Bush Administration to produce them.
It's all just "hype," says he, to hide their shame.

Krauthammer and war-party hyped the weapons, and now, they have
some explaining to do.

For War

say Krauthammer and his ilk favored the war is rather an understatement.
They were infatuated with it, and weapons of mass destruction were
a principal obsession.

has been democratized" he wrote in February. "There is
no avoiding the danger any longer."

are in a race against time," his alarum continued. "The
civilized part of humanity," he averred, must "disarm
the barbarians."

he says, critics of the war are "hyping" our inability
to find the weapons of mass destruction that justified the war.

"hype," he wrote last week, is "a way for opponents
of the war – deeply embarrassed by the mass graves, torture chambers
and grotesque palaces discovered after the war – to change the
subject and relieve themselves of the shame of having opposed the
liberation of 25 million people."

And UFOs

that? Those of us who opposed the war are neither embarrassed nor
ashamed. We do not agree that the "the liberation of 25 million
people" is the proper job of the American republic.

it is, then we must depose the corrupt and murderous African suzerainties.
Grotesque palaces and mass graves abound; starving millions await
liberation. North Korea with its torture chambers and mass graves,
would be next, and after that, China. There, billions await liberation.

we ask about weapons of mass destruction because they were a principal
reason this nation went to war. Armageddon, the war party's propagandists
said, was at hand.

now the war party says we must cease the questions about the "doomsday"
weapons for which American boys have died.

idea that our inability to thus far find the weapons proves that
the threat was phony and hyped is simply false," Krauthammer
protested. Wrote war monger Robert Kagan a few weeks ago: "Today,
of course, they and many other known weapons are still unaccounted
for. Does it follow, therefore, that they never existed?"

this writer quipped on the Lew Rockwell Weblog, the logic sounds
about like the proof for UFOs: "The Roswell saucer and many
other known UFOs are still unaccounted for," the UFOlogists
say. "Does it follow, therefore, that they never existed?”

Should Be Ashamed

who opposed the war, or at least the anti-war conservatives, opposed
the war on principle, as anathema to our founders' vision of this
Republic's role in the world.

an empire is hoist upon its own bloody petard. The Romans found
that out. So did the British. In time, so shall we.

did not believe Iraq was a serious threat to the United States.
And we were correct.

now, Iraq's weapons of mass destruction are as real as flying saucers.
But American fighting men died over them. And still do.

anyone should be embarrassed and ashamed, it is Krauthammer and
the war party. Indeed, they should beg forgiveness.

18, 2003

columnist R. Cort Kirkwood [send
him mail
] is managing editor of the Daily News-Record
in Harrisonburg, Va.

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