Please Add Me to Your Blacklist

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Canadian government recently published a report that recommends
monitoring and prosecution of gender equity advocates under federal
hate crime laws.

Success by Gender: A Catalyst for the Masculist Discourse
the report takes on the growing awareness of the problems of boys
in schools. Indeed, the report shows that boys are lagging behind
girls on the full gamut of educational indicators:

  • Boys are
    more likely to be held back a year in elementary grades.
  • The high
    school drop-out rate is 50% higher among boys than girls.
  • While
    71% of Canadian girls matriculate in college, only 55% of boys
    move on to higher education.

nowhere does the report sound a clarion call for teachers to pay
more attention to the educational needs of boys. No, the disparities
that affect males should not concern us.

the report makes the argument that the real problem lies with the
gender equality advocates who aim to "challenge the gains made
by women and discredit feminism." The report, issued by Status
of Women Canada, cost Canadian taxpayers an easy $75,000.

report notes that Canadian men are almost five times more likely
to commit suicide than women. The essay shrugs off this statistic
with the comment, "Socially, should attempting or committing
suicide create some hierarchy of concern?"

if women were knocking themselves off four times as often as men,
I'm willing to bet that Status of Women Canada would be singing
a different tune.

report admits that men die five years earlier than women, and notes
that female life expectancy has risen by 2.3 years from 1981 to
1997. Then the report reaches the illogical conclusion, "The
real question we should be asking is what has caused women's life
expectancy to stop rising over the past two decades."

rising? Since when does living 2.3 years longer equal no progress?

report's coup de grace is found in its chilling proposal that "consideration
be given to whether legal action can be taken under section 319
of the Criminal Code" against gender equality advocates and
organizations. Section 319 is Canada's hate crime law.

II of the report fingers the prime suspects – over 90 gender equity
groups like Fathers for Justice and the Canadian Committee for Fairness
in Family Law.

with subversive-sounding names like Children for Justice and Kids
Need Both Parents also made the list. Apparently Status of Women
Canada worries that a growing cadre of children are becoming anti-feminist,

disturbing is that the message of gender fairness has spilled across
the border into the United States, as well. The Mankind Project,
Dads Against Discrimination, and 31 others – the Canadian government
needs to keep tabs on them, as well.

the American conspirators is Christina Hoff Sommers, author of the
highly-acclaimed exposé, The War on Boys.

I am upset that the report does not blacklist me. I believe in equal
rights and responsibilities of the sexes. I advocate that men and
women should equally enjoy the benefits of medical care. I believe
in equal pay for equal work. And I think that boys should have the
same educational opportunities as girls.

I haven't exactly kept my beliefs a secret. A variety of newspapers
and Internet sites have run my articles over recent years.

I want to ask Status of Women Canada a question: Why are you discriminating
against gender equity advocates like me? Please put me on your blacklist.

16, 2003

Roberts [send him mail]
is a researcher and consultant who tracks gender bias in the mainstream


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