A Prayer for A New World

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got every finger and toe on my body crossed, and my eyes too, in
the hope that the jubilation of the Iraqis at the U.S. conquest
of central Baghdad yesterday (April 9) will prove to be continuing,
the war will be over forthwith, and the world can return to efforts
at diplomacy, at least for while.

God receive with kindness and mercy the soldiers from all services
we have lost, and the civilians of all and any nations and religions
who have been killed. May all the wounded recover soon. May humanitarian
aid reach all those who need it forthwith.

confess to a heady lightening of mood even before we can be sure
of things. I have been almost savagely pessimistic about our situation
lately. But it is certainly looking as if the huge gamble of sending
few and fast troops and, of course, massive air support, into the
Iraq engagement is proving the military and civilian scoffers wrong.
Rumsfeld may have assured himself a place in the history books at
that. Leave it to history to determine what that place will be.

those of us who have argued that this move against Islam is the
Pandora's box to end all Pandora's boxes will soon look utterly
foolish or utterly wise, frankly doesn't matter a damn if at least
the guns will be stilled.

diplomacy continues, there is always hope people will snap out of
the trance and see that war is always destructive and never produces
anything but more problems on top of the ones the war was supposed
to relieve.

await developments; but let them come, so long as the guns are silent.
Since the only growth industry the U.S. presently has is the munitions
business, the "niche" that we so emphatically dominate,
we are at grave risk of continuing to pursue profits down this alley
with who knows what new threats to peace.

let all that be as it will be. I may be premature, but let me be
among the first to hang out flags, say thanks to our generals, who
have clearly mastered blitzkrieg, and to their marvelously effective
troops – my neighbors sons and daughters and yours – and pray, above
all, that reason will return to the world at least for a while.

say this in the name of the Prince of Peace; in whose honor I wish
to close with a Bible quotation, one Handel set to glorious music
in The Messiah:

unto us a Child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government
shall be upon his shoulder; and his names shall be called Wonderful,
Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, the Prince
of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6)

10, 2003

White [send him mail] writes
from Odessa, Texas.

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