12 Suggested Ways for Antiwar Folks to Pass the Time Instead of Watching Ted Koppel in a Camouflage Helmet

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  • Send an email to David Frum telling him that he wrote a brilliant, insightful, objective book on the greatness of Shrub and the Beltway Right.
  • Shop for WWII propaganda posters on eBay. Look for the ones about "loose lips sinking ships." Check your lips for conformity.
  • Apply various layers of plastic wrap and duct tape to your windows to give your neighbors the impression that you’re "one of them" (one of the "real Americans," that is). Use the colored Handi-Wrap for added contrast.
  • Get creative and write a paper on why the war on Afghanistan was "just" and the war in Iraq isn’t "just." Check it to see if it makes any sense. Say "aha!" Shrug it off. No one will notice.
  • Buy a John Ashcroft: A Day At the Office coloring book. Color within the lines or you’ll be killed.
  • Watch the video replay of the embarrassing Michael Moore antiwar "speech" at the Oscars. Shudder, and then run and hide based on the fact that he’s "on your side" in this war thing.
  • Get out your Microsoft Excel and lay out various figures pertaining to the cost of reconstructing and occupying Iraq. Do an:

    Eenie, Meanie, Minie, Moe
    Catch a taxpayer by the toe.
    If he hollers, don’t let him go.
    Eenie, Meanie, Minie, Moe
    My President told me to
    Pluck the very best ones
    And unfortunately I am it!

  • Imagine Perle, Wolfowitz, or any of the National Review or Weekly Standard staff in a Marine uniform, trucking through the hot desert, sand in their mouth and eyes, taking catnaps propped up against a Jeep tire. Oops, wake up, because the alarm clock went off and it’s time to get ready for work.
  • Figure out ways to get into the underground economy, hide some of the money you make, and pay less in taxes. Or become a tax protestor if you’d like.
  • Get out your excel spreadsheet (again) and log the details of the bidding wars for reconstruction of Iraq — just for fun. Keep a column open for corporate political donation amounts — from those doing the bidding — to both political parties from 1999—2002 (about $2.8 million). If you’re the typical Republican, you’ll blow this off as mere coincidence.
  • Support out troops. Meaning, help their families here at home, and protest them being killed and maimed for Neocon Empire. Then protest our stolen $$$$ going to pay for it all.
  • Look at the photos of the 20-year-old, peach-fuzzed, sweet-faced kids who are part of the war’s death toll, and imagine hundreds or thousands more of those faces before this is all over.

Karen De Coster, CPA, [send her mail] is a paleolibertarian freelance writer, graduate student in Austrian Economics, and a business professional from Michigan. Her first book is currently in the works. See her Mises Institute archive for more online articles, and check out her website, along with her blog.

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