Once the Freest People On Earth, We Are Now a Nation of Useful Idiots

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mass of the American people has become what V. I. Lenin, cofounder
of the Soviet Union, would have referred to as "useful idiots."
Whenever the United States suffers government-caused calamities
such as war, the bulk of people in this country fall in line behind
the Great Evil in Washington, D.C., pledge their loyalty, and sometimes
their blood, to defend the status quo of big government, a planned
economy, and interests completely unrelated to their personal and
material well-being.

Americans of the founding generation, who held the legal recognition
of the individual citizen to be the most important measure of a
civilized and free society, the modern American has been conditioned
since infancy to accept conformity to the demands of the group,
the greatness of the presidency, and unquestioning loyalty and service
to the state, as the highest order of citizenship.

have been trained to think that whenever "our boys" (and
now, girls) are sent into battle somewhere in the world, our freedoms
and way of life are being defended from some evil that wishes to
destroy them. American flags twist in the wind from homes and flutter
from the windows of cars until they are shredded. Americans feel
comforted and proud knowing that they are part of some great movement,
even though many of them have no clue as to its true meaning. They
are simply acting out the part they have been trained to play since
childhood – to go with the crowd, especially regarding matters
of "patriotism."

spontaneous movements of "patriotism" are always co-opted
by scheming politicians in both parties. The patriotic fervor of
the masses is quickly turned into fuel to advance the power of the
state, both domestically and internationally. Since 9-11 the Bush
administration has cracked down on the domestic freedoms of Americans;
its war on Iraq is the opening round of U.S.-imposed tyranny across
the Middle East. Americans, true to their character, stand at attention,
enthusiastically wave their flags, and cheer President Bush and
his "defenders of freedom" here and abroad.

mass of the American people will always fall prey to the deceit
of politicians so long as they wrap their patriotism in symbols
like the flag and emotional clichésabout freedom and democracy.
The twentieth-century has demonstrated that such symbols and clichésare easily manipulated by a government eager to concentrate the
people's energy to serve its ends. Government propaganda and lies
have enhanced the utility of "useful idiots" as a tool
of domestic and foreign policy.

members of the U. S. military have become "useful idiots"
in this new American policy of world conquest and domination. They
parallel the mass of Americans who go through life, serving the
state, never questioning whether what the state orders them to do
is right or wrong. As Charley
Hardman said in a recent article on LewRockwell.com
, many of
the men and women who will rain down the president's destruction
on Iraq "are there because they signed up with the employer
of last resort, the federal government. In their minds, what happens
during their hitch is not up to them. They signed a contract. They
are perpetually absolved."

Most Americans and military personnel believe that men and women
in the military serve their country. This is false; they actually
serve their government. The "useful idiots" among us see
no difference between country and government. Hence, their "patriotism"
is inextricably linked to the success and survival of the state.
After all, it is the state which pays their salaries, provides them
with benefits, and secures their entitlements with the confiscated
property of all Americans.

"useful idiots" in American society will continue to believe
that this war is being fought to defend freedom, extend democracy,
and ensure that good triumphs over evil. In reality, this war is
meant to distract Americans from pressing economic problems at home,
secure the world's oil reserves under United States control, and
placate the Zionists and evangelical Christians that form the core
of Bush's political support. The men and women who believe they
signed on to serve their country have actually signed on as Crusaders
to satisfy the apocalyptic fantasies of bible-thumping crackpots.

al-Chalabi, an Iraqi exile living in London, said that the Iraqis
"will fight and die, not to save President Saddam Hussein,
but to protect their home, land, dignity and self-respect from a
new world order alien to their way of life." At a more enlightened
period in our history, Americans would have lauded such noble behavior.
Indoctrinated and intoxicated with service to the state, our nation
of "useful idiots" condemns and crushes the same spirit
that once made us the freest nation on earth.

31, 2003

Goslin [send him
] teaches strict construction of the Constitution and the
superiority of unregulated markets at a public high school in Northeastern


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