Numbing and Dumbing: Educating Locally Towards Collectivism

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America is being educated, in mass, towards an acceptance of collectivist
philosophies and goals; and away from American traditions, republicanism,
local cohesiveness, and the Constitution. Children are being educated
within the schools; both adults and children are being educated
through the media. This is not some new fad that the educational
establishment has decided to follow, but rather a purposeful plan
that is directed via unseen strings, such as those that puppet
masters might use.

Actually, the ‘puppet master’ concept is a very apt analogy, and
you may want to read G.
Edward Griffin
, who explains the involvement
of the socialists/collectivists in the behind-the-scenes planning
for Americans and their educations. These things are not happening
far from your home; they are happening in your consolidated, ‘neighborhood’

The Republican Party may claim to be so conservative;
so supportive of improved academic, knowledge-based, standards,
but notice that the Party then proceeds to think, act and vote
in lockstep with the Democrats. These two ‘opposing parties’
are constantly devising ways to legislate global education; are
becoming more successful at numbing the morals, patriotism and
analytical skills of the citizenry; and are continually dumbing
down curriculum, children, and teachers.

Ignore the “Republican vs. Democrat” slight-of-hand,
and ask yourself, “Does this politician vote in ways that would
lead the country back to the era of Individualists; or does this
person vote in ways that will lead us deeper into group collectivism?” There
truly is a two-party system, but it is “Individualists vs. Collectivists” rather
than “Elephants vs. Asses.”

The real agenda of the puppeteers is being put
into place everywhere and the goals are being achieved: child-by-child;
classroom-by-classroom; school-by-school; in every consolidated-for-just-this-purpose
school district. The goals are being implemented and most of
this is going unnoticed and unheeded by the majority of the American

(Book suggestions: The Underground History of
American Education by John Taylor Gatto; The Deliberate
Dumbing Down of America
by Charlotte Iserbyt; The Creature
from Jekyll Island
by G. Edward Griffin; The Giver by
Lois Lowry; This Perfect Day by Ira Levin.)

Parents who enroll their children in public schools
must be knowledgeable about these goals, because the lessons
and the shaping are conducted in subtle ways. In all likelihood,
most teachers are not even aware that they have been duped, brainwashed,
into training children for living and believing in collectivist
(i.e. communist/socialist) worldviews. Only by understanding
the processes used to achieve these goals, will you be able to
recognize them, and hope to combat them. In the end you may see
that even the strongest attempts fail, and you may opt, as we
finally did, to remove your children from public education.

The actions toward reshaping children, and modifying
their loyalties towards family and culture, begin early; actually
upon the child’s enrollment in school. Parents cannot learn too
much about the ‘numbing and dumbing’ process, and must be prepared
to be ever vigilant; watchful for any process used to ‘reinvent’
your children.

the district where our son attended, the ‘puppeteers’ showed
their hand at
the first parent/teacher conference of kindergarten,
when we were informed, “David refuses to share with the other
children; he is very selfish.” That seemed odd, since our child
was normally generous to a fault, dropping every coin he received
into the Humane Society doghouse collection units, and offering
to give his toys to any child who admired them. I stated, “We
teach him NOT to share, for fear that he will willingly hand
over excessive tax payments to an already too-large, too-intrusive

later explained that he had been the only child interested in
with blocks, and, being the creative
engineer that he is, he had nearly completed a large, intricate
bridge. It was then that the other children decided that they,
too, wanted to play with blocks and be creative. David objected
to having his project destroyed, but the ‘group wishes’ prevailed
and the teacher forced David to “share the blocks equally with
the other children.” David asked, “Mom, what could I build with
four blocks?” His analysis was insightful, and parents should
note that such collectivist “learn to share” lessons destroy
incentive and spread resources — both in the schools and
in the real world — too thin to be of productive use to

About this same time, in the building where I was
teaching, the young principal decided that every child
should receive an award at the honor assembly so that “all the
children would feel well about themselves.” The assembly drug
on for hours as each child was presented with a certificate for …something.
Following that, additional time was spent presenting the genuine
academic, music, and citizenship awards. As we left the gym,
I asked the principal if he thought that many of the children
would feel badly in light of the fact that they only received
one (1) certificate while other children received 2, 3, even
more. My question went unanswered, but the look of shocked insight
on the principal’s face was priceless.

award given freely, rather than upon merit, is meaningless, and
parents should question the motives of any
school activity that appears to be a phony ‘build self-esteem’
show. Children know when they cannot read, or do math, or achieve.
A fake certificate, or a meaningless high school diploma, does
not change the reality. It does not fool anyone, especially the
unskilled and uneducated recipient. Children recognize a lie,
and their self-esteems suffer for being forced to play a part
in such public deceptions.

During first grade, a woman came on a weekly basis
to teach the children living skills. We resented the loss of
academic instruction time, but at first these special sessions
seemed fairly harmless — to recognize and avoid poisonous products;
to only take medicines given by a parent. Soon, though, the topics
became inappropriate: sexuality and homosexuality; Deputy Dog
taught the evil of guns and instructed the children to report
any gun to the police; instruction in how to phone the police
if their parents tried to spank them. We complained to the principal
but achieved nothing. I was not working that year, so I began
spending part of every day in David’s building — volunteering
in the computer lab, tutoring students, and reading aloud each
library day. I carefully observed everything, and since David
did have a very fine first grade teacher, we made it through
the remainder of that year.

The library was a sore spot, however, for the
first graders were not allowed to browse through the shelves
in search of a book that would appeal to the individual interests
of each child. The librarian had simple, low-level books spread
on a table and the students had to choose only from those. I
complained to the principal, explaining that the available books
were ones most likely to be found in homes; that we should use
our libraries to EXPAND a child’s world and knowledge base, not
to keep it static. The librarian did then put a few more simple,
low-level books onto three shelves next to the table of simple,
low-level books. The children were allowed to browse — but only
on those three shelves. In anger, I browsed the shelves myself
every week and checked out interesting and worthwhile books in my name,
for use by my son. The other children checked out the
prescribed books and carried home the official ‘lessons.’ Parents
should evaluate the library policies in light of the role they
may play in developing a new, collective group of children with
increasingly dumbed-down and homogenized interests, thoughts,

Second grade arrived, and we hoped for more focus
on academics and knowledge; on development of creative thinking
skills; on educating for competency as citizens. We again had
misjudged, and underestimated, the powers of the puppet masters.
David came home with lots of arts projects and few instructional
papers. Math was limited to a review of first grade concepts.
Reading instruction was kept at the level of the lowest child.
The entire class was leveled down, rather than leveled up.

Meetings with the principal reconvened and he agreed
that David was being held back by using a first grade basal reader,
since he tested at an eleventh (11th) grade reading
level. However, the principal would not force the librarian to
allow David to check out ‘chapter books’ from the library since
the policy was that children had to be in third grade
to check out more difficult books. It would not be fair for David
to begin reading chapter books before the other children were
able to do so. In anger, I browsed the library myself and I checked
out chapter books in my name for use by my son.

The principal advised David to be patient, for
in third grade he could join the Odyssey of the Mind club where
his creativity and intelligence would be put to good use. We
bit our lips and waited for the year to end.

Third grade
arrived, and David was assigned to a wonderful traditional teacher
with about three decades of experience.
Classes were boring for him, though, since the teacher had to
teach the neglected second grade concepts before she could begin
teaching third grade concepts. But…tryouts for Odyssey of the
Mind were coming up, and David eagerly anticipated the long-awaited
opportunity to use his inventive powers.

But…David did not earn a place on the OM team.
He was not chosen because “David is not a team player.” David
explained the audition: each group was given several pieces of
paper and told to build the tallest tower possible. The ‘in-the-box’
thinkers in David’s group placed the flat pieces on top of each
other, ending up with a tower approaching one millimeter in height.
They realized that their tower was not very high, but became
angry when David began folding pieces of paper into three-dimensional
structures that could support weight and be set atop one another
to make a tall tower. The flat-sheet thinkers were awarded slots
on the competitive team. David was hurt to see academically and
intellectually weaker children earn places on this ‘prestigious’
team, especially after his patient wait — of more than two years — to
use his skills and creative energies. We removed David from public
schooling during Christmas vacation that year, but he refused
to even again try out for OM. He never has forgotten the demeaning
trick that had been pulled on him in a public school.

There is little room for intelligent, independent
thinkers in today’s public educational system. The toll taken
by Collectivist agendas on these Individualist types of children
and adults is simply too profound; too damaging. Public education
has lost sight of the goal of education. Educators rave on about
how the STATE needs to make sure that children have their basic
needs met before they can be expected to learn; all the while
forgetting that historically children arrived, often underfed
and poorly clothed, at drafty one-roomed schoolhouses where uncertified
teachers educated individuals who would create and build one
of the truly great civilizations on Earth. Now it is questionable
whether most graduates are capable of understanding that which
they have been bequeathed, let alone have the competencies and
knowledge to restore and maintain America.

Once parents understand the dangers of, and the
agenda and history behind, state schooling, many will refigure
their budgets, reassess their priorities, and remove their children
from a system where puppet masters with invisible strings pull
all people and all policies towards Collectivism. The only hope
is that the remaining Individualists will fight all attempts
by the collective to ensnare their children and attempt to teach
them to: share; hold back; fail with the group, underachieve;
then willingly work to clothe and feed the lazy and the elite
few at the top.

There is a huge difference between a Republic,
and a Democracy. The Collectivists understand that well, and
will even lie to children in hopes that young people will grow
up to mistakenly believe that America was meant to be a democracy.
The puppet masters go about the business of ‘numbing and dumbing’
the population, in hopes that we all will let every collective
policy pass, unnoticed and unchallenged.

25, 2003

Schrock Taylor [send
her mail
] lives in northern-lower
Michigan, where she is a special education teacher (in Room 18),
a free-lance writer, and the owner of “The Learning Clinic,” where
real reading, and real math, are taught effectively and efficiently.


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