Adolf Hussein?

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don't know about you, but I am mighty tired of the warmongers making
constant comparisons between Germany 1939 and Iraq 2003. This is
not only disingenuous, it is dishonest.

in 1939 had built a military arsenal second to none. Germany was
mass-producing aircraft superior to any of the allied nations. Germany
was mass-producing armored divisions that far outranked any of its
neighbors. Its infantry was the best-equipped in Europe.

of 2003 doesn't have the infrastructure to build one tank, let alone
divisions of them. Iraq lacks the infrastructure to build a jet
engine, let alone the airframe to put it in. The Iraqi air force,
according to Jane's Defense Weekly, is only 30% operational due
to constant cannibalizing of the fleet, to say nothing of their
aircraft being 1980s and earlier vintage.

Germany of 1939 was able to mass-produce its war materials, Iraq
has to buy everything. Iraq can't even manufacture aluminum tubes!

the first Gulf War, the United States and Great Britain unilaterally
imposed a "no fly zone" on 40% of Iraq, and within which
the U.S. and Britain bomb with impunity. Any Iraqi aircraft that
enters the no-fly zone is subject to being shot down. The no-fly
zone is neither authorized nor sanctioned by any UN resolution.

Germany 1939 no outside force dictated the allocations of the German
budget. The "oil for food" program for Iraq is estimated
to generate 80% of Iraq's budget. This program is run totally by
the UN. Iraq's oil exports have diminished steadily over the last
12 years as the UN has withheld oil drilling and maintenance equipment
from the Iraqis. Thus, by design, the UN has slowly decreased Iraq's
ability to feed and maintain itself.

1939 Germany was clearly on the path of empire. While those thoughts
are also attributed to Hussein, Iraq barely has the wherewithal
to maintain itself. Illusions of empire building are the prerogative
of the strong.

harbor no illusions about Saddam Hussein; he is very likely a murderous
dictator, just as was Hitler. And, just as was our WWII ally Joseph
Stalin, or as President Roosevelt preferred, "Uncle Joe."

on the lookout for sympathy, the warmongers have added a twist to
their emotional appeals. Their original demands were to destroy
Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, then they demanded a regime
change. They have now added that the allies (the best allies money
can buy) are there to liberate the Iraqi people. I have no doubt
the Iraqi people will be liberated alright, they'll be liberated
of 20 billion barrels of oil.

the US and Britain are liberating the Iraqi people, I am hard pressed
to understand why the Army chief of staff, General Eric Shinseki,
estimates that "Something on the order of several hundred thousand
soldiers…" will be needed in post-liberated Iraq.

I've got to run now. I'm off to the store to get some Maurice's
BBQ sauce and a bottle of French wine.

27, 2003

R. Sebrell [send him mail],
a Member of the Mises Institute,
was an airline pilot for 28 years.


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