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Examples can be Emblematic

live in the age of diversity. I operate a medical office
and recently placed an ad in the local newspaper for a medical assistant.
I asked the young lady in the classified-ad department to specify
that a woman was needed; I am not particularly prejudiced against
men, but when examining females it is an ethical practice for a
male physician to have a woman present. Therefore, common sense
dictates that the prospective worker should be of the female gender.
"You can't do that." The rules for placing advertisements
in the newspapers do not allow gender discrimination. We live in
the age of diversity.

are changes in America; gay liberation; the age of feminism; the
word black has been removed from the dictionary in order not to
offend a certain nameless race. I wonder how long the term non-white
will be allowed? As George Orwell pointed out in his apocryphal
novel 1984, the language is changing. With a change in the
language our thought processes are changing, and it is regarding
these changes in thought processes that I wish to write this article.


are told in the Ten Commandments not to lie. Why is this? The believer
will tell you that it is God's will. Why is it God's will? I should
like to propose that the essence of the bourgeois relationship between
people and between entities interacting in society, both nationally
and internationally, is honesty. The traditions of the great traders;
the Greeks, the Phoenicians, Carthaginians and, ultimately, the
republican law of the Roman Empire, defined contracts and promises.
Ultimately, a trader's word is his bond, and the little example
I started this article with, the possible relationship will need
to be honest. Having the Department of Labor determine what I can
or cannot know about my prospective employee and coworker introduces
a conflict, even before any relationship is mooted, let alone cemented.
Of course, the laws of the Department of Labor, or whichever government
bureaucracy it is — I know not and care not — were undoubtedly introduced
to protect somebody, something, or some principle; but they are

were they introduced? How is it that the legislators and rule-makers
were so stupid? Or were they? Perhaps they have another agenda?
The agenda is conflict. The ultimate purpose is control. The medium
is entitlements, and the dialectic tool is diversity.

me elaborate on these statements. First, let us look at acknowledged
dialectic plans achieving control through conflict. These are not
well publicized. It goes without saying that dissimulation involves
secrecy of method. Nonetheless, over the eons of history, some of
these plots have come out; not all plots are successful. Plots,
in order to be successful, need to be fairly large, long lasting,
and have circles of control. Only corrupt politicians can be controlled,
and, therefore, all politicians have to be corrupt. How might
we, the hoi polloi, judge whether our politicians are controlled?
Simple. If they are corrupt, they have a controller. We may not
always be aware of the corruption, but as the control increases,
the confidence of the plotters escalates; they hide their control
and the corruption of their employee politicians less. The Clinton
administration is a striking example. His personal popularity is
also a test of the decadence amongst the voters. A belief in principle,
in veracity, honor and fortitude, are jaded. This occurred to Rome
when it slipped from republic to empire. A small group
of politicians addicted to power found a way to subvert the then
stable world for their own aggrandizement. It was not long before
Rome was sacked. Our own demise is in the offing, not far in the
wings. The contemporary reader will, of course, recognize that there
may be similarities in the broad-brush trends of history between
the Roman and the American empires. There are also great differences.
The differences are: 1) Technological, 2) Psychological. By psychological,
I do not mean necessarily that the frame of mind of the masses,
the hoi polloi, is very different. I do mean that the technology
for altering peoples' states of mind has advanced, and is more sophisticated.
You see, in Roman times, most of the population was illiterate,
and means of mass-communication did not exist. In our times, the
opposite pertains.

problem in this regard is the Renaissance. During the Renaissance,
there was, as the name states, an awakening of man's mind, a resurrection
of the Greek traditions and Aristotelian scientific empiricism,
in particular. People learned to trust their observations, to develop
hypotheses, conduct experiments, and learn from reality. Learn from
what is. This liberation of the previously enslaved human
mind; enslaved to various superstitions often labeled religion
has gone on since the decay of the Roman Empire, first the Eastern
Empire under Constantine, and, of course, with the Muslim conquest,
the situation was aggravated. These religions bind the human mind
and preclude independent thinking. The Jewish religion might have
had seeds of independent thinking and responsibility (as reflected
in commandments two through ten), but after the first Diaspora in
Babylon and the scholastic introspection of the Talmudic era, that
tradition of innovation of the human mind ceased, as well.

Dark Ages were just that: dark. Accordingly, and from the
point of view of those who would control humanity, it was necessary,
nay, imperative, to stop the renaissance mind; to stymie innovation
and development. It is quite clear that an open, straightforward
approach would not work. For this, a long course of dissimulation,
conspiracy, penetration and agents of influence were needed, all
under a strategy. What is this strategy? It is the psychological
plan, which began with the illuminati of Adam Weishaupt.1
This man, probably provisioned by the conspiratorial bankers whose
letters of credit, whose international banking cooperatives, and
whose lending and money exchange, facilitated the trade which was
essential for the Renaissance, in their ambition to increase their
influence and control the movement. Other plans for this kind of
control have been revealed in other times. Sun Tsu2
discussed and taught what is necessary for ruling in ancient Chinese
times. Niccol Machiavelli3, who wrote
a treatise for the Medici's on control of the population by a prince
through deceit. The Report From Iron Mountain4
was the closest plan that anticipated the unfolding of events in
America in the second half of the 20th centaury. Seen
from the present time the details of history that have unfolded
verify the prescience of the originators of this interesting and
foul document. More recently, a book written by a Soviet defector,
identifying the camouflage and conquest plan of the KGB Disinformation
Department of the then Soviet Union, circa 19615

of these sources in its own way, and with interesting variations,
has outlined a plot to divert the stable order of the civilized
world to power holders and power grabbers. None of these contains
an entire blueprint. I am quite certain that the outlines in many
of these nefarious documents are wish lists. Almost certainly, true
plots and plans for conspiratorial control are secret and
have never been revealed. There are two means by which we can try
and judge what the plotters are up to. 1) Seeking information from
u2018deep throats,' i.e., reports of people who have supposedly been
part of the scheme and have defected and 2) by working out what
such a plan would need to do; and then set out to observe
whether historical events are, indeed, following on such lines.

of these methods are fraught with difficulties. The first is: How
do we know which reports and belated revelations are genuine? How
do we know that the reporters truly had access to first-class information?
And, how do we separate disinformation from legitimate evidence?
In James Jesus Angleton's6 term, this
is a wilderness of mirrors. It is also quite clear that any
documents or plots which have been released into the public domain
are not pleasing to conspirators, and, therefore, a distinct sign
of their validity might be that they are: 1) Suppressed, 2) vilified,
3) ignored, 4) groups or individuals who are interested in them
will be persecuted, probably through the ad-hominem mechanism.

this armamentarium, let us take a look at the subject of this essay,
at diversity. On second thought, I need to lay a little more
groundwork. We learn from New Lies For Old, that circa 1960,
a strategy was created at the Kremlin to destroy glavny vrag
(the ultimate enemy — us). The strategy was (and is):

  1. To
    infiltrate drugs into the United States to emasculate the youth.
  2. Distract
    the US strategy and military with a multitude of irrelevant
    wars in remote places, and dissipate military preparedness and
  3. Conquer
    strategic shipping routs in the world; the Cape of Good Hope
    and Middle Eastern oil.
  4. Infiltrate
    the relevant government departments in the US through spying
    and the placement of agents of influence, to pervert and control
    American foreign policy and subsequently domestic policy away
    from national goals.
  5. In
    this context, influence the concept of national goals using
    Sun Tsu's philosophy, the important aspect of which is to make
    the enemy wish to surrender.

do you change the enemy's mind?

  1. By
    infiltrating their educational institutions and sources of information.

  2. By
    perverting their national goals, morals, and religion.
  3. They
    need to be dumbed down. This will make everything less difficult.

grand strategy, when brought to completion, will constitute
the greatest military victory in the whole of history, and might,
I am afraid, also represent the last such victory, because
when finally defeated, the human spirit may never fight another

Role of Christianity

is a religion, which has birthed Protestantism, particularly Calvinist
Protestant ethics. These have been an essential component for the
engine of freeing the human mind, the Renaissance. It goes without
saying that a grand strategy, as I am outlining, will have to see
as its task, the need to destroy Christianity. It will also need
to replace independent thinking with obedience, dogmatism, and a
confused mind, which cannot think. The process is a generational
one. It will take time. Grand strategies, by definition, take time.
Now, with this armamentarium, let us try and look at what is happening
in America, and I shall focus particularly on the phenomenon of

Dialectical Process

lose confidence in themselves, in their thought processes, in their
inventiveness and enterprise, when they have suffered from a phenomenon
called cognitive dissonance. This is a phenomenon in the
mind where there is a contradiction between information, which is
"known" on the one hand, and empirical observations that
contradict that "knowledge," on the other. Recently, there
has been a lot of discussion on Islam. In the Koran, one
understands there are passages about mercy and kindness, but the
essence of Mohammedanism is conquest and death to infidels by the
sword. This is an example of the contradiction that might bring
upon its holder cognitive dissonance. These people lose the ability
to think for themselves and are more likely to follow the diktats
of the mullahs. They cannot work out for themselves what, really,
they should do.

this with the Renaissance man; let us take the example of Galileo
Galilei, who, when commanded by Cardinal Balamino, as head of the
Roman Catholic Inquisition in 1633, to reverse his position on the
revolution of the planets around the sun, did so verbally, but did
not accept the view the church commanded. Hence, the emblematic
claim that under his breath he muttered, "But the earth still
goes round the sun." It is this phrase that is emblematic of
our civilization. We recognize and accept the observations of senses
and our logic. We do not follow the diktats of the Inquisition,
the Homeland Security Office, the Department of Education, or the
schoolteacher, when it does not correspond to our observations.

it is also evident that it will be the strategy of the deceivers
to introduce all new policies in the name of something good. It
would not work if they were introduced in the name of something
bad, now would it? So, do not be impressed by the dissimulation.
You should expect dissimulation.

1985, President Reagan signed a contract with Mikhail Gorbachev
introducing Soviet techniques of education into the American system,
via the Department of Education. There have been many instances
of cooperation and subservience to this trend. These go back to
the introduction of the educational systems in America through centralized
government, at first instigated by the Carnegie Foundation at the
beginning of the 20th Century. The greatest landmark,
however, is this signature. The details are presented in Charlotte
Thomson Iserbyt's book7. We see, therefore,
that as the correlation of forces shifted from the USA and
NATO, to the USSR. Circa 1980, there has been a striking escalation
in the transformation of America. One part of the puzzle in the
transformation — in the dumbing-down of what would have been the
intellectual class of the next generation — is the introduction
of wholesale cognitive dissonance.

is quite plain that various victim groups and minority groups do
not have peculiar merits. At best, they deserve equal treatment
under the law. Protection and equal rights under the law were placed
in the constitution of this republic. In the few instances where
it was not totally applied, e.g., the right of black people, correction
of the inequality was achieved during the 20th Century
by honorable means. However, the customary current creation of special
status and special rights to a host of small categories of people,
in the instance I gave at the introduction of this article of the
right not to have her gender asked when seeking employment, is an
example of this destructive process which in itself is trivial but
emblematic of the process of mind control and cumulatively it is

as a Tool in the Dialectic

my article on the dialectic8, I have
dealt with the issue of enhancing control of communities by creating
strife within them; blacks against whites, gays against straights.
The most disgusting of these dialectics is man against woman. The
nucleus of our civilization is the family. I, for one, have nothing
but love and respect for my wife. It is true that this devotion
is reciprocated. If it were not our marriage could not last, but
I shudder to think of the spouses the younger generations will encounter
if the normal variation in mentality between man and woman is multiplied
by the State, officially, with the notion of exploitation. To so
pervert the minds of women that they decline gestures of chivalry
because it is demeaning for them to be admired; they are not "equal"
is an example of the dialectic in operation. How ridiculous! The
inequality of the sexes is self-evident. Anyone who is foolish enough
to parade around stating their equality is a victim of this phenomenon
of brainwashing through the process of the dialectic and cognitive
dissonance. If you, dear reader, cannot see the difference between
a man and a woman, you have lost control of your senses. It is an
example of believing is seeing when a critical mass of Americans
are subject to this syndrome of believing is seeing. Under the new
"educational" system, that is the day that will mark the
time when we have lost our civilization.

Victims and their Hierarchy

holocaust is a major disaster. The Holocaust has arrived in American
consciousness, artificially. The Nazi regime in the Third Reich
was, by any standard, one of mankind's worst experiences. Their
racial ideas were bizarre and cruel; they perpetrated horrors. Nonetheless,
the holocaust industry has arrogated to itself a special status
as victims.9

ordinarily one might assume that being victimized is something a
person is ashamed of. That, indeed, is the natural human reaction.
But, why do so many Jews of America make a virtue of their
victimhood status? After all, the American civilian population was
only marginally involved in the horrors of the Second World War,
and only a small fraction of the American population is Jewish.
However, once they were established as an official victim party,
we have had a cascade of other minority categories and victims.
In fact, everyone is a victim except for adult white males. This
is the grist of creating a Hobbsian war of all against all; the
pathetic and disgusting scene in America. Are people attempting
to identify themselves with groups rather than standing as individuals,
and competing in the hierarchy of victimhood? This is positively
contemptible. It marks the decay from the typical Americanist pride
in individuality and personal achievement, to that of groupthink
and having a handout as a beggar. The victimhood business is a measure
of the decay of our society.


has been a lot of discussion as to whether the gradual decline of
the Renaissance tradition is a result of a natural progression of
events, a natural sequence which occurs to civilizations, or whether
it is a result of a plot, and I am afraid that I have to admit that
I was uncertain on this matter for a long time. I would sometimes
make statements that it was probably something of both, but I have
recently come to understand what I will call the acid test.
The comparison is between the sequence in the devolution and destruction
of the Roman Empire, and that of the American one. The decline of
the Roman Empire came from greed, stupidity and treason; it gradually
fell apart over 500 years. Our empire is at the point of catastrophic
destruction because all the elements I have listed earlier are coming
into play together. Such synchrony cannot be that of random fate.
Such a coincidence defies the rational mind.

am grateful to John F. McManus, who recently published William F.
Buckley, Jr.'s Pied Piper for the Establishment10,
in which there is a lengthy discussion on James Burnham's books,
which had seduced me personally in years gone by, to the belief
in the inevitable gradualism. Regrettably, I had never taken the
trouble to research the person of James Burnham and his political
connections. Now that John McManus has brought these to my attention
(and you should read his book to embellish your understanding, dear
reader), I not only understand the sequence better, I am also relieved
of my own cognitive dissonance on this issue.

is a Conspiracy

is a conspiracy against the rational mind of the civilized man in
western civilization, and it has many dimensions. One of the most
pernicious is the concept of diversity. Diversity is exactly what
it is not. For myself, I believe in diversity, by which I mean respect
for each individual, often the love of each human as a person; that
each of us should attain the highest level of intellectual growth
and personal well-being possible.

that, I believe in free association, and in society, in what should
be a republican state, freedom and equality under the law, and laws
have to be fixed and fair. In summary, the structure created in
1785 with the establishment of the American republic after the war
of independence. We have, unfortunately, strayed a long way from
those principles, from the greatest political embodiment of the
principles of the Renaissance, and the bourgeois ethics of the middle

should not mean the promotion of strife between man and women, between
the races, and between people with different sexual proclivities.
Above all, it must not mean the promotion of barbaric concepts which
had been embodied in primitive civilizations which dumb down humanity
over most of the globe, over most of human history. How can there
possibly be equality between an analphabet, tribal barbarism, and
western civilization?

read, for instance, about zero tolerance, for expression
of disapproval of various marginal groups imposed on people in universities,
from principals to freshmen. The reason we are seeing, both in the
universities and in the workplaces of large corporations and government,
a compulsion, to support, nay, to promote, minority groups
in the name of something good, essentially in the name of respect
and tolerance under the title diversity, is in order to destroy
the ethics, the pride, the independence and the free mind in the
majority, and those who are most likely to be innovative and productive
in our society. After all, the success of our society depends on
intelligent minds able to function in a fearless environment and
attain their maximum potential achievement.

these have been the minds of men, mostly white men. Let us continue
to harvest the wisdom from future generations of white men's brains;
that does not mean we should not harvest the best possible from
the brains of everyone else. Suppression of freedom in the name
of freedom, monotonous dogmatism under the name of diversity, fear
called freedom, oppression called equal opportunity, equal opportunity
called quotas; these are the tools of suppression, suppression of
the free mind. This is a psychological tool. This tool did not exist
in the time of the Roman Empire. This tool is the product of malicious
minds, including those of Macchiavelli, Weishaupt, Gramsci12,
John Rawlings Rees13 headed England's
famous Tavistock Clinic, an outgrowth of the Tavistock Institute
of Medical Psychology founded in 1920. B.F. Skinner14.
Many additional details regarding the degradation of education in
America can be found in Iserbyt's book, as well as in previous issues
of this newsletter.15


summary, this article has looked at the phenomenon of diversity,
which is exploding in America in the context of the saga that is
the destruction of our civilization. We should do everything in
our power to support, nurture, and help ourselves, our families,
and fellow men. We should do it out of self-interest. We should
protect ourselves and our fellowmen from the small category of personalities
which seemingly grow up in our society from time to time. These
are people who are addicted to power, and when power comes to them
they are destructive not only to the rest of us, for whom they do
not care, but, ultimately destructive of themselves. Every addiction
has this quality of eventually harming the person so afflicted.
In a wonderful recent novel these have been described as the Alpha16.
This novel is enheartening; restoring faith. It is also so well
written that it cannot be put down. Though the construction, the
internal structure and connectedness of the concept does not match
Ayn Rand's achievement in Atlas
, it exceeds her vision by a deeper understanding
of renaissance civilization and men's ethics.


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1, 2003

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