War Without End, Amen

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bad enough that war, deemed by those who have experienced it as
an unmitigated horror, is much harder to turn off than to start;
and always involves unexpected consequences. We are frankly, in
what Southerners call a "fix" and all the chest-thumping
jingoism in the world won't change that.

question today is simple — isn't one war at a time enough? Hitler
and Napoleon learned the hard way that the only answer to that question
is a resounding "Yes!" Let's discuss our current war,
the pending war, and where we are headed as a country.

this, war is the result of foolishness, hubris, and sin. Very rarely
have we actually faced a threat to our national borders. Not until
very recently, in fact. It took all the elements of mismanagement,
venality, and spiritual sloth to get us in this mess — the war becomes
obvious when you consider its genesis.

about War Number One? In the wake of the recent killings outside
Washington, DC, Americans have a right to ask "Who or what
will protect us from terrorism?" Apparently, our only defense
is the stupidity of the terrorists. Consider that our "protectors"
were quite unable to conceive that we might be under attack by a
Muslim. Given that we are in the middle of a ongoing war against
Islamic fanatics, one can only gasp in astonishment that our folks
were unable to figure that out.

September 11, Americans have been reminded that the safety of many
depends on the courage and skill of a few,” Mr. Bush said recently.
He should be ashamed for making such an outrageous comment to Americans
who still, perhaps mistakenly, consider themselves a free people.
Unfortunately however, the War Leader is trying to turn his lie
into truth and the facts are there — many if not most Americans
are either disarmed or forbidden to carry weapons and are thus unable
(and in some cases, unwilling) to defend themselves. We must depend
upon such worthies as the FBI and the ATF to defend us. We've seen
how well they did against the Beltway sniper.

are however, quite good at covering up terrorist acts — but I wonder
if we should consider that a virtue? Flight 800, anyone? What about
that airliner that "just fell apart" over New York right
after 9/11? Everyone in the country except the FBI knew that
was terrorism! They started covering up the LAX shootings even before
the dead bodies had cooled.

is more than just silly — it is dangerous. Their concerns for political
correctness cost several lives at least, and delayed capture of
the Beltway sniper rather than admit that the culprit might be someone
other than a white "gun nut." Jorge Bush reminds me of
the government flunkies in some fifties sci-fi movie who refuses
to warn the public that a giant lizard is about to devour their
city because "it may cause panic." On the other hand,
it sometimes pays to panic — God gave us a "fight or flight"
reaction for a very good reason. Personally, I'd prefer to panic
any day than be devoured by Godzilla or shot by a crazed Muslim

here we are, unable to intelligently deal with the war we have,
and contemplating yet another war, against an adversary who has
not attacked us. Iraq has the bad luck to sit upon a great deal
of oil and to not have nuclear weapons. As all those little "rogue"
states have ascertained, nuclear weapons are the only thing that
will keep Sam off their back. What a great message we are sending
— soon the world will be one big nuclear shooting gallery.

the government were telling the truth about an al-Qaeda connection
to Iraq, which seems ludicrous given their mutual hostility; where
is the evidence? For just this once, suspend disbelief and say,
"maybe it's true…why would they lie?" A better question
is why should we believe them? Based on what track record? They
owe us the evidence, if there is any, because of their long
history of mendacity and venality. My late father taught me to never
trust a liar. Will the Lord bless our efforts if we are waging aggressive
war? I wonder.

the Lord, Who denounces witchcraft in His Holy Bible, bless the
arms of a military saddled by its political "leaders"
with Wiccan "chaplains"? Dare we shout "God bless
America," while violating His commandment that we shall have
no other gods before Him? As a nation, we are quite literally playing
with fire.

paraphrase the old saying, "War is far too serious to trust
to these idiots!" Without the blessing of God on our arms it
will hardly matter how much firepower we have — preemptive war violates
even the civilian laws on self defense. How can it then be in accordance
with the principal of the "just war"? Deadly force in
self-defense must be based upon an "imminent" threat of
attack, which is hardly the case with Iraq, a country whose military
has been reduced to a husk and whose threat to the United States
is minimal. Without any irony it can be said that there is far more
justification for attacking Mexico than there is for attacking Iraq.

is that other factor we keep ignoring as well. Our military is comparatively
very small — Gulf War I required most of the real hitting power
available to us, and much of that hitting power, in the form of
our heavy divisions (tanks, self-propelled guns, and mechanized
infantry), was stood down upon conclusion.

the talk is of "asymmetrical" warfare — small groups of
elite troops calling in computerized frightfulness. Unfortunately
for our defense profile — these Special Forces troops we rely upon
are very thin on the ground these days and it takes years to produce
such men. Our much increased firepower depends upon weapons that
exist in rather small quantities as was demonstrated when Billy
Jeff Clinton pretty much cleaned the shelves murdering Christians
in Serbia to support his al-Qaeda buddies. (The drug trade makes
for strange bedfellows — as the CIA could [but won't] tell you.)

Now our few remaining factories are working overtime trying to restock
the gadgetry we need to make the President's dream a reality. Our
tank guns are German, our pistols Italian, and our light machine
guns Belgian — the list goes on. Don't even ask where we get our
all-important technical components. Can we really depend upon China,
Taiwan, and other "allies" to supply us with strategic
materials such as computer chips and manufactured items in time
of war? It seems that we are.

there is North Korea. Personally, I don't care if they have atom
bombs or not — that is a problem for South Korea, Japan, and China.
But to the "strategic thinkers" in Washington this was
a very nasty awakening from a Clinton/Carter induced opium dream
— that giving nuclear power plants to a communist dictatorship would
somehow cause them to stop wanting atomic weapons. Whew, I can barely
write that line without gasping in disbelief.

we should refer to Clinton and Carter as the "axis of stupidity"!

and Pakistan, both "allies" of the United States, are
staring at each other over their primitive radar screens with their
not so primitive nuclear weapons armed and ready to go. Africa is
sinking back into the abyss in which we originally found it. The
Middle East — pick a spot — is about to blow. Russia and China have
formed an alliance due to the threat of the American hegemony, and
the Islamic storm that is brewing within their borders.

we then assume that it is safe to focus all or most of our available
military force on paying off the Bush family's grudge accounts?
Remember, just to confront al-Qaeda we had to call up reserves!
Apparently a rather significant majority of Americans think that
is just fine. Most of the opposition comes from collectivists who
merely object because they prefer to use our money to finish binding
upon us the chains they have been forging for the last 70 years.
Either way, we lose.

I'm suggesting that before we send our children off to fight Iraq
we splash some cold water on our faces and ask ourselves, "Who
benefits?" Hint — it ain't you, buddy.

Iraq was really a threat to us with their oft-lamented Weapons of
Mass Destruction – you know, the ones our government gave them
— we could have and would have simply wiped them off the map. This
is about something different, about a long-term culture of war and
madness and I urge you to reject it before it gets out of hand.

this, even if the immorality of waging aggressive war doesn't bother
you, even if you believe that Iraq is somehow a threat; overextending
our military is inherently dangerous. So dangerous that I'm willing
to predict that despite all his rhetoric, President Bush has no
better than a fifty percent change of pulling off this Iraqi war
before some new crisis, terrorist attack, or bad news from the "axis
of evil" occurs to distract him.

may not be the tip of the iceberg, but it certainly pays to assume
the worst — engineers do that, unlike "diplomats" who
tend to believe their own press releases. Of course, engineers build
things that either work or they are held accountable. Diplomats
simply shrug their shoulders and move from one blunder to the next.

you are about to take the easy way out and trust Sam, just think
again about how he handled the recent sniper business. In the middle
of a terror war against Islamic Jihadists, Sam was looking at you,
Mr. White American Christian, and totaling ignoring the obvious.
Look at who gets hassled at the airport. Look at who gets mocked
by the mainstream (i.e., pro government) media, look at who is described
as the enemy in your public schools, and look who the FBI considers
most dangerous. Again — it's you.

just suspend disbelief, turn off common sense and jump on the war
wagon. It feels good in a primitive, simian sort of way, to just
shout "Sieg Heil" when everyone else is doing it. Besides,
much like the Jews in pre-war Germany, American Christians prefer
to believe what they want to believe and simply ignore the evidence
that they are in the cross hairs of the government's gun sights.

November 1,

Mr. Peirce [send
him mail
] fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian
Smith side, of course).

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