The Tax Reform Game, Again

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Republicans in charge of Congress, we are once again titillated
by the promises and prospects for tax relief. Will Congress make
the Bush Tax Cuts permanent? Will new tax cuts be approved, or others
accelerated? What tax reforms could be passed to help jumpstart
the economy and create jobs? Might the IRS and the Income Tax be
abolished altogether in favor of an efficient, low cost, and pro-growth
consumption tax?

count on it. This is tax reform season in Washington DC where politicians
go hunting for contributions to their reelection war chests. Even
the specter of changing the tax code gets the army of DC lobbyists
into action dumping millions into Congressional coffers. All this
talk of tax reform is nothing more than the old game of political
influence peddling; a game in which the average American taxpayer
always loses.

16, 2002

Mark Thornton [send him mail],
author of The
Economics of Prohibition
is a senior fellow with the Ludwig
von Mises Institute
in Auburn, Alabama.

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