Don’t Cooperate in Your Own Enslavement

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Thanks for another great article.

Seeing your name on Lew’s site again reminded me of something I wanted to pass on. About a year ago I read your open letter to IT professionals. At the time I was doing some contract software development work for an agency of a state government. From the beginning I was concerned about the nature of the project, since it enabled information sharing between government agencies nationwide. My conscience pricked me a great deal about being involved in something that was clearly forging more shackles around all our necks.

In the beginning I rationalized my involvement. I was just helping a friend with some tough programming challenges, I thought. The contract opportunity had come up during one of those infamous "famine" parts of the "feast or famine" routine. It would be good to know people in that particular state agency if I ever found myself in a bind and needed to drop a name. You know the drill.

But the content of your letter would not leave my mind. I have always considered myself a true lover of liberty. I devour Mises, Rothbard and most everything on What the #$%!@#% was I doing? So I finally bowed out of this little contract gig and decided I’d had enough of fraternizing with the enemy. I don’t want to answer to my children, or worse to my God come judgment day, for aiding the regime that’ll one day make Hitler look like a nice guy.

I just wanted to let you know.

Robert Klassen [send him mail] is a medical technician and writer. Here’s his web site.

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