50 More Things More Interesting Than the u2018War'

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LRC’s Joe Stromberg just published a most amusing piece, 50 Things More Interesting Than the War. Since he appeared to challenge others to draw up a similar scheme, I was inspired to crank one out. So here is 51-100:

  1. Boots Randolph’s version of O Come all ye Faithful

  2. Sturgis, South Dakota’s Roadkill Café

  3. Duct tape

  4. Ted Koppel’s hair

  5. The Clapper

  6. Multiple regression analysis for accounting

  7. Flemish feather bowling

  8. Summa Theologica

  9. Jay Leno’s Detroit Lions jokes

  10. The Fairie Queene

  11. Nixon-Mao ping pong set

  12. Sheriff Arpaio’s Maricopa County tent prison

  13. Rhetoric

  14. Bastogne Historical Center

  15. Rothbard on Georgism

  16. Funnel cake

  17. Urban gentrification

  18. Google toolbar

  19. The Declaration of Arbroath

  20. Anti-spammer software

  21. The National Enquirer

  22. Aloisio Galvani’s experiments on muscular contraction of dead frogs

  23. Robert Nozick’s dialectical abilities

  24. Heterogeneity

  25. Offshore investing and asset protection

  26. Candy cigarettes

  27. Greenspan’s irrational exuberance

  28. Kid Rock and Pam Anderson

  29. Political incorrectness

  30. High-speed broadband

  31. Waiting for Diet Vanilla Coke

  32. SEC hearings

  33. Billboard Hot 100 Chart

  34. Secession

  35. Objective ethics

  36. Crop circles

  37. Delaware’s virtually non-existent incorporation fees

  38. eBay

  39. Mephisto sandals

  40. Web logs

  41. The Physiocrats’ anti-mercantilism

  42. Whey protein drinks

  43. The Free State project

  44. Liechtenstein’s low tax rates

  45. Magnetic random-access memory (MRAM) technology

  46. Statement of marginal utility theory

  47. WWII propaganda posters

  48. Rockford Files reunion episodes

  49. Micro-breweries

  50. Anti-war protests

Karen De Coster, CPA, [send her mail] is a paleolibertarian freelance writer, graduate student in Austrian Economics, and a business professional from Michigan. Her first book is currently in the works. See her Mises Institute archive for more online articles, and check out her website, along with her blog.

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