Hardly Bob Dylan: More like for The Byrds

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Mr. Alan Greenspan play along with me,
I'm not greedy, but there ain't no place to retire to.
Hey Mr. Alan Greenspan, play along with me,
An' my IRA will soar with boneheads followin' you.

me to the room where you guys all decide the rates,
With no public debates, you cast away our fates,
Waitin' only for the networks to come fawnin,
The business cycle threatens me, you try to push and pull,
You feed us loads of bull, you really are just full.
Of it and most of us investors sit here yawnin’.


me for a trip while you exuberantly quip,
My net worth has been stripped, my holdings are a blip,
There on the screen where I keep my portfolio,
Your pompous oratory gags me, just one thing is clear,
I've had it up to here, your whole corrupt career, makes politicians
You let'em off the hook, for taxes that they took, you oughtta throw
the book.
At' em for linin' all their pockets with the dough we owe.


take Ms. Martha Stewart off in handcuffs for her crime,
You'll make us feel sublime, while our dollar's worth a dime,
Let Jesse Jackson coin a rhyme, while Martha serves her time,
And while you whine about her greed, we'll know you're fakin' it,
We bust our asses, workin’ hard just tryin' to compete, it's hard
to make ends meet,
Sometimes we're on the street, but victory is sweet, if our products
really sell,
You're the politicians' pal, and they tax us all to hell,
It's our hard-earned money, and you crooks are takin' it.

(Chorus, over and out)

19, 2002

Manion [send him mail] grew
up at Notre Dame, where his father, a law professor for thirty years,
headed the athletic commission when Knute Rockne was coach. As an
undergraduate, he was the founding captain of Notre Dame's rowing
team and won the Theodore Hesburgh Prize. He received his Ph.D.
from Notre Dame in Political Theory, studying under Gerhart Niemeyer
and Eric Voegelin. He lives in Front Royal, Virginia.

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