Bush and the Orwellian Tongue

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notice that my email inbox has filled up lately with messages from
organizations outraged by the Ninth Circuit Court decision (as if
it were a surprise!) that "under God" in the Pledge of
Allegiance" is unconstitutional. The same messages usually
ask for money to do battle against the wicked forces in America
who are arranging for such horrid outcomes in our courts and culture.

President Bush has leaped on the bandwagon. CNS News reports that,
"Speaking to a veterans group [at Ripley, West Virginia on
July 4] Bush said, u2018no authority in America' could prevent people
from u2018pledging allegiance to one nation under God.'"

course the fix was already in, and Bush is just coat-tailing on
this hot-button issue. The judge who wrote the opinion had already
ordered a stay of its implementation, and I'll bet we'll hear rather
little about enforcement from now on. Bush & Co. are at least
as realistic as Stalin, who made some peace with the Orthodox Church
when he was faced with making war against an exterior enemy. So
Bush will certainly pour on the rhetoric to placate his "right-wing
Christian" support. It costs nothing, and it calms the folks
out in the boonies. And, of course, on this one he is in fact on
the side of the angels; the court's decision was just another instance
of the continuing, concerted, and loony effort to tear down traditional
American society.

that effort is winning in the large, even if now and then some small
aspect of it, like this one about "under God," has to
be withdrawn as a result of a great public uproar.

is, however, no sign of overall withdrawal of the campaign mandated
and financed by our controlling elites to demoralize and marginalize
all religious groups, so that there will be no real countervailing
force to oppose the monolithic statism that is our future.

noticed the extraordinary elegiac tone Joseph Sobran achieved in
his July 4th post on LRC, "How America Has Changed."
He writes a virtual obituary for the Republic and the free society
the American Founders designed and gave us, and which we have permitted
to be betrayed.

4th of July remarks to America were the usual boilerplate
about "preserving our precious freedoms." Bush talks in
basic Orwellian; such that you can translate without a dictionary
– just reverse meanings: "Enduring freedom" means
"Increasing bondage," etc.

are odd little leaks in high places that put you on notice as to
the realities. Lynn Cheney popped off the other day about "the
little engine that could" of American life and politics. What
is it? Why, it's the "separation of Church and State"
There's another one that needs a quick Orwellian translation (still
using just the basic vocabulary): "Separation of Church and
State" means the State tells the Church what it can and cannot
do. Neat and simple, you have to admit. Basic.

had to go out this morning to get some bananas at the local supermarket.
We have lately moved house in the same town, and I am still assessing
my new neighborhood. After September 11, flags sprouted all over
the place in the old location. A real estate broker had gone through
the area planting little flags in front lawns. Nearly everybody
left them in place for months until they were ruined by the weather.
But this morning, July 4, I noticed there were no flags at all flying
along the five or six long residential blocks between us and the

appears the whole super-patriotic shtick has gotten a little tired.
What to do to whomp it up again? I notice in the back of my mind
as I write this that I am wondering if the warnings about terrorism
on the 4th will issue in anything. I hope to God not.
It would only encourage the present regime.

are rumblings about a possible return of the draft. Get young men
off the (depressed) job market and improve the services' pool of
talent. On this I think the regime will confront a buzz saw. Radical
Islam seems to be able to recruit a lot of suicide bombers. I think
placid America will balk at furnishing only sons or daughters to
the military for assorted overseas adventurings in search of universal
peace through perpetual war.

5, 2002

White [send him mail] writes
from Odessa, Texas.

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