Sue Massachusetts!

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a wealth of indignities have been heaped upon the Cardinal Archbishop
of Boston, his bureaucracy, and his bad management practices (or
his criminality, depending on whom you read). The Boston media proudly
led this parade of sanctimony (or outrage; take your choice), and
now plaintiff lawyers who hate the Church are cashing in (or demanding
justice: again, you have to choose). The reason? A coverup of priestly
sexual abuse so shocking that it has been called the worst crisis
in the history of the Catholic Church in America.

thing is clear: the people of Massachusetts are outraged, and want
change. These fine, progressive people want nothing to do with muckety-mucks
who would abuse the helpless, and then cover it up with private
payoffs, covering up evidence, and making deals with prosecutors.
“Throw the bums out,” they demand. “Enough of the arrogance. Enough
of the hypocrisy! Enough of the excuses. The powerful should be
just as subject to the law as the rest of us. Even the Vatican should
be held responsible.”

a minute.

these the same people who have elected, again and again, the benighted
driver of Chappaquiddick, who: killed an innocent girl half his
age, covered up the evidence, microwaved his drivers license, secretly
paid off the girl's family to give “closure” to their grief, and
… was re-elected?

and again?

like the child-abusers who were re-appointed to public ministries,
this senatorial malefactor was repeatedly re-appointed to his public
office by his superiors (for the electorate of Massachusetts has
long considered itself to be superior, believe me). For thirty years
they have known this dirty little secret, and have nonetheless foisted
him on the nation masquerading as a leader, a Catholic, and a model.

the national Democrat Party, the closest thing to an American Vatican
of the Left, has reaffirmed this decision voiced by the Massachusetts
electorate, all the while knowing exactly what the facts were in
the case.

the Boston media, having built their socialist cocoon around the
myth of Camelot, could not afford to reject the cornerstone of the
edifice in which they had invested so much.

of the arrogance! Enough of the hypocrisy! Enough of the excuses!
The powerful should be just as subject to the law as the rest of
us. Even the DNC should be held responsible!

the Boston Globe.

Massachusetts. Sue their media! Sue the Senate. Sue'em all.

wasn't child rapist Garry Studds from … Massachusetts?

24, 2002

Manion [send him mail] grew
up at Notre Dame, where his father, a law professor for thirty years,
headed the athletic commission when Knute Rockne was coach. As an
undergraduate, he was the founding captain of Notre Dame's rowing
team and won the Theodore Hesburgh Prize. He received his Ph.D.
from Notre Dame in Political Theory, studying under Gerhart Niemeyer
and Eric Voegelin. He lives in Front Royal, Virginia.
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