Charged With Racism

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politicians and indeed, most people in America would rather be charged
with pedophilia than racism. The former we are told, is merely a
life style choice and at worst, should be dealt with by a stern
chat with a counselor. A charge of racism can produce a life long
stigma and must be addressed early on with abject apologies to the
offended race while deploring the cruel fate of having been born

have myself been accused of racism for fighting against black African
Communist insurgents. I've been described as a racist because of
my objections to having my country overrun by out of control migrants,
and for of my support for all things Confederate. As most Americans
have conveniently forgotten, the Confederacy became a target of
the cultural Marxists sometime back in the nineties, just after
the First Gulf War — the last war where American troops marched
under the St. Andrews cross. I decided not to change my beliefs
simply because others thought I should — since it's obvious that
Robert E. Lee was twice the man that Martin Luther King was I consider
my choice a wise one.

history is a specialty of government and the bottom feeders of the
civil rights movements. We shouldn't be too hard on them — second
raters have to eat too, and the number of available causes is limited.
So they create the cause d'jour and if it happens to be you in their
sights, oh well.

why I enjoy being a thumb sticking down the throats of these gas
bags. There are some of us who can deal with being vilified and
laugh at our tormenters. We answer only to God and believe our rights
come from Him — just as those "dead white males" did —
you know the ones — they are being expunged from our public schools
now in the name of political correctness. Good Southern men like
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were bad guys according to
the new socialist doctrine and we must forget that the freedom we
have to make such ignorant statements was vouchsafed to us by these
men who put their very lives on the line. Being a racist doesn't
seem so bad somehow when you find yourself in such good company.

today's political climate, being charged with racism is the equivalent
of being accused of having personal integrity!

you are free inside; free enough to truly not care what the masters
of the media and government would have you think, a whole new world
opens up. It is a world full of opportunity for learning and for
choosing role models who are ladies and gentlemen rather than crass,
vulgar hogs like the ones who parade across the TV screens shouting
for "justice" when what they really mean is "submission."
"Two and two make five, if we say it does." Not in my
house sonny.

I'm called racist in a general sort of way — after all I'm white
man living in the South — the top minds in politics and academe
will tell you that such a one is inherently racist and sorely in
need of repentance. Funny how repentance and reparations go hand
in hand — let me get this right – I must love people who abuse me,
and to be truly forgiven for the sins I have not actually committed,
I must give them money. How very convenient.

such person recently attacked me personally, using a finely honed
intellect to cut through my protestations of innocence and put me
on the spot — declaring that I was essentially a phony and must
confront the truth about my alleged racism. Racial reconciliation
he noted was just around the corner if I could only come to grips
with my own prejudice! I had no idea I was that important!

initial reaction was rather like that of Bruce Willis in the hilarious
"Last Man Standing," a take off on the Clint Eastwood
spaghetti westerns set in the gangster era of the thirties. A man
runs up to him with a dire warning, noting that both of the criminal
gangs that are fighting to control the town are out to get him.
Willis is not concerned but comments dryly, "I thought everybody
liked me…"

did I but I was wrong. Unlike Willis I decided to handle it with
pen rather than sword.

is a condensation of the charges against me, and my responses. I
refused to don a hair shirt simple because I'd offended a black
person — which after all is perhaps the only act that can still
be called "immoral" in this world where immorality is
the fashion. As always, I reply to one as I would to all.

I don't buy that you can be a Confederate and yet not be a racist.

I don't care if you do or if you don't. I'm a free man and a busy
one — I can't spend too much time justifying myself to others or
I'll never get any work done. But I'll tell you that I haven't spent
one second of my life caring if black people like me — or anyone
else for that matter! It makes me wonder why you care so much that
I like you! And why you insist that that I like not just you personally,
but all of your ethnicity. Who is dumb enough, other than perhaps
Bill Clinton, to claim to like an entire race of people most of
whom he hasn't met? And does it really matter? To some apparently,
it matters enough to throw our system of constitutional law in the
toilet. Are black people better off as a result? I'd bet the seventy
percent of inner city kids born out of wedlock since black Americans
embraced government as god might think otherwise. But then, thinking
is not a big deal for them — the government schools have seen to

To me it is not about race, it's about being a man. I can get along
with other men whoever they may be, but I can't stomach whiners
and I don't feel any obligation to raise someone else's children.
All I offer any man, black or white, is peace and good manners.
I will not harm you but I will not tolerate any effort on your part
to harm me.

I'm a black man, and I have read the Constitution of the Confederate
States front
to back. Ninety percent of it is plagiarism from the U.S. Constitution,
with the several
exceptions that legalize and perpetuate slavery outright.

Plagiarism? How so? Southerners wrote much of the original. Did
they steal from themselves? And note that pretending the War Between
the States was about slavery is disingenuous and has been refuted
so often that I'll not dwell on it here.

has been with humankind almost since the beginning. In the Confederacy
men like Jeff Davis and Bobby Lee had to deal with the likes of
Bob Toombs who swore he'd call the roll of his slaves from the steps
of the US capital. Davis and Lee, like myself, put the cause of
their own family's freedom ahead of that of your family. And unless
you are some kind of saint – you'd do exactly the same thing. I'll
add that Bob Toombs was no worse of a troublemaker and villain than
the "black" Republicans up North who felt that the South
should be put to the ravages of fire and sword. At least Toombs
wasn't in violation of the law.

was a time when I withheld my tithe from a church I was attending
because I was struggling to get my stepdaughter into college and
I found out they were giving of my tithe to the United Negro College
Fund. I found that outrageous. I still do. I'd be a damn hypocrite
to pretend otherwise. Before you condemn me for that perhaps you
could tell me how much money you've contributed to helping poor
white college students?

the Christian religion is true, and I believe it is – then any black
person who finds himself in what used to be Christian America should
be praising God rather than complaining. The opportunities for spiritual
(and economic) well being exceed anything found in Africa then or
now. Better a slave enjoying eternal life than a couple years headhunting
in the jungle and then eternal death. That is a cold thing to say
but it is time that someone spoke the truth.

has been called the "white man's religion." Without it,
black men would still be slaves. I'm not talking about the Yankee
aggressors with their violent fit of madness that they unleashed
against the Southern states. No, I'm talking about the mindset of
men like John Wesley and Stonewall Jackson who each in his own way
were part of a philosophical revolution that has pretty much buried
slavery — except in Africa and the Middle East.

my Celtic ancestors be better off if they were still painting themselves
blue and fighting savagely, tribe to tribe? I doubt it – but again,
Christianity intervened and I'm glad it happened. Sometimes it requires
a little tough love on God's part to squeeze the hardheads into
the kingdom.

religion aside — I don't see any black people packing up and moving
to Africa — must be something about this culture that keeps them
from leaving eh? I'll give you a hint — the black ruled countries
in Africa are collapsing in violence and anarchy — yet despite the
best efforts of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other race pimps,
that has not happened here so far — so you are safe at least for
the time being.

Read that [Confederate] Constitution at your convenience, and you
will realize that most blacks are not as ignorant as you believe.
Your waving that confederate flag says that you stand for what the
Confederate Constitution promotes, just like people and institutions
that wave the American flag stand for the U.S. Constitution.

I have read the Confederate Constitution and prefer it because it
prohibits the importation of slaves. It also makes an attempt to
tie down government a little better than the original — since secession
would not have been necessary if the US Constitution had been enforced
or indeed, enforceable. The Soviet Union had a fine constitution
based somewhat on ours. How free were the people there? A piece
of paper won't save you. Freedom after all comes from within and
requires a daily commitment. I need no constitution to be free and
it's just as well because neither of the constitutions you mention
is in effect under these small men who purport to serve us now.
We live under the heel of despotic usurpers, and you and your socialist
buddies have been cheering them on — so why would I believe that
the US Constitution means anything to you.

you think I say what I please, own a firearm or worship my God in
my way because some document says I can? Self-defense, freedom of
speech, and all the rest, were correctly defined as "inalienable
rights." These rights cannot be "given" to me by
any government although most governments eventually get around to
trying to suppress them.

frankly disgusted by that black and green flag I see black people
sporting but I never say an unkind word to them about it because
it is not my business. I leave you alone and I expect you to leave
me alone. The Stars and Bars mean a lot to me and I'm sorry if it
offends you, but I'm not living my life for you – nor do I expect
you to live yours for me. So live with my Confederate flag and I'll
live with yours — but don't expect me to roll over because my flag
offends you.

As for your dislike for public school, please realize that 90% of
the "private" schools in the south popped up after integration.
They were built for no other reason than to keep away from blacks,
period. So your disdain for public education is simply a disdain
for blacks.

Actually, you are quite right in one respect. In America, where
there are a lot of blacks, there is a lot of violence. Many whites
are fooled since the blacks they know are quite intelligent and
decent, they therefore assume that all blacks are that way. I on
the other hand have worked the ghettos in Los Angeles and know what
I've seen. I was, years ago, a security manager for a truck line
and regularly studied crime stats from the FBI and other agencies.
I know what I read. You my friend can walk through my neighborhood
without fear. Can I do the same in a black neighborhood? Would I
send my kid to school there? Hell no. And neither would you, or
I miss my guess.

to private schools arising after integration that is rather a moot
point isn't it? First, blacks are segregating themselves as fast
as they can so integration is a dead concept. Second, before the
War of Northern Aggression there were almost no public schools at
all in the South – and the ones that existed were very much of the
local variety. Home schooling and tutoring was what produced the
fine and literate leaders who almost lead the South to freedom.
It's the parent's duty to see to a child's education – get government
into it and you wind up with the despicable farce we see here in
America today.

schools no longer teach the ways of the founders, the ways of Christ
Jesus or even the truth. Black men with wings who built the pyramids?
Hmmmm…. I have to laugh bitterly at blacks who support public
schools where abortion and evolution are taught. Guess which race
profits the least from those two devilish philosophies! Margaret
Sanger and Charles Darwin were very much in favor of getting rid
of blacks altogether. The private church school were my wife teaches
would not dream of propagating that filth. And surprise – there
are several black children in her classes along with various other
"minorities" and we manage to get by without any of that
foolishness that goes on in public schools. With the bonus that
these kids can actually read!

I could go on and on, but if you and your ilk would just admit to
some of these things, then racial reconciliation is just around
the corner. Why is it that repentance and confession are good in
a religious context, but people like you just refuse to face reality
and admit to your deeply-held prejudices?

My "ilk?" So without knowing me you assume that I am part
of a group you don't like and assume to be bad. That sounds like
prejudice to me. I myself have no prejudice against blacks because
prejudice is dislike for no logical reason. I dislike many blacks
because they want my money, act like idiots and commit most of the
violent crime. The black people I like are those who carry their
weight, treat me with respect and keep their hands out of my wallet.
I do no harm to anyone but I do not tolerate being pushed around
or treated like a fool or weakling. Perhaps you should look into
the qualifications required to be a senior NCO in an African Rifle
Company, which I was. You might ask how was I able to get along
with my Black African counterparts when they knew darn well I was
a Rebel – that was my nickname so there was no attempt at subtlety
on my part. I even turned those guys on to Leonard Skynard (and
won their undying gratitude)! They also knew that I would fight
to the death before I left one of them to die because we were comrades.

reconciliation? Who needs it? I can't reconcile myself to a race – men can only reconcile themselves to individuals.

no liberal clichés for me, sir. I face reality every day
as I earn a living solving real world problems. I have addressed
the issue at some length in my writing and tried to explain it but
I have also noted that I'm an unapologetic Rebel and proud of it.
Since you seem literate, and not too buried in NAACP (tan klan)
propaganda, the possibility exists that we'd get along. But if not,
I don't care — I can barely please my wife for whom I do care!

short, I'm prepared to live in harmony with anyone who will meet
me half way. But when I hear that mouth full of "gimmee"
start up, I feel nothing but contempt. Is that racism? I don't think
so but neither do I care if someone else does think so because the
cultural mores (or what passes for them) in this country have become
contemptible and I pay them no mind.

is an alternative to following the mass. Try freedom. It's a lot
of work but worth it and freedom carries the additional bonus that
you will never waste another moment of your life worrying about
I think about you. You concentrate, as I do, on trying to do your
best and enjoying yourself when you can. Then every mirror you pass
is your friend, because it reflects the real you — not the person
someone else expects you to be.

19, 2002

Mr. Peirce [send
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] fought with the Rhodesian freedom fighters (the Ian
Smith side, of course).

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