A Paleo Guide for March Holidays

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of March:
When Julius Caesar was warned of these ides he ignored
it to his peril. For Paleo's the ides to worry about are next months:
the ideas of April, to wit, April 15. Taxes in this, "land
of the free and home of the brave" exceed what feudal serfs
used to pay. So
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Patrick's Day:
A day that celebrates a Catholic saint, makes
a point of ethnic exclusivity, urges you to drink beer, celebrates
wearing green without being a Green: Does it get any better than

the corned beef and cabbage [Who taught the Irish to cook? the English?]
and go for Irish soda bread or an Irish omelette.

on the fact that it took conquering the Irish to force England into
forming a formal Army. Remember when you hear of the liberalism
[in the good sense] of England, how well Ireland was treated.

the inscription on Dean Swift's headstone [translated from Latin]:
has gone where indignation can no longer lacerate his heart. He
served Liberty…"

On this day Jesus of Nazareth was executed by Roman
imperial authorities to appease a rabble. Neither the governed nor
the governor looked good on that score. One of His chosen denied
him three times. Even His own fell short. At the moment He gave
up the ghost, the sky blackened, lighting and thunder crossed the
sky. The ground itself shook and in the holy of holies in the temple
the curtain was torn. Let us pray.

Those who denied Him, those who stood by Him, those who were His
enemies, and all the rest, are Redeemed. Lamb of God, Who takes
away the sins of the world, grant us Peace. Let us Rejoice.

4, 2002

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