Darwin or Mendel?

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Valentine’s Day was the proper time to note that Canadian
researchers had observed a so-called evolutionary arms race between
the sexes
. Those little bugs called pond skaters, in just 15
generations, have developed different physical characteristics,
in this case the males longer legs with grasping hooks to hold their
mate during mating, and the females spines to thwart the males.

was humorous enough to ponder the battle of the sexes. But just
to be clear, these evolutionary changes are exactly what Gregor
Mendel observed in the 1800s in his work with peas and then mice.
Certain traits were handed down over the generations, some being
dominant and others recessive.

National Geographic published a photo story of all the varieties
of dogs, from spaniels, dalmatians, and toy poodles, and how they
all evolved, again more Mendelian evolution. But there is still
no hard evidence for Darwin’s theory that one species evolves into

certainly is variation, adaptation, and observable traits can be
seen from one generation to the next. But still, no evidence of
Darwin’s “man evolved from apes” theory. In fact, Darwin’s theory
has been abandoned by some of the most ardent evolutionists in favor
of another neo-Darwinian theory – punctuated equilibrium – new
species just pop up with no intermediates.

the Darwinists display a whale fossil with what they believe is
a leg, which they say is evidence of the evolution from sea animals
with fins to land-based animals with legs (the “walking whale”),
but out of millions of fossils, this is the only example of intermediacy
they have found. The missing links are still missing though Darwinian
evolution is still the dominant theory taught in biology today.

16, 2002

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