History is Full of Surprises for Those Who Ignore It

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was with a sense of wonder that I read English writer Daniel Johnson's
piece "Red
Army troops raped even Russian women as they freed them from camps

really knocked me out of my chair was this statement, "The
Red Army’s orgy of rape in the dying days of Nazi Germany was conducted
on a much greater scale than previously suspected." I can only
ask, "than previously suspected by whom"? The answer must
be that public school graduates are as ill informed in the UK as
they are here in never never land (as in Never Read, Never Think).
That, coupled with the fact the in both countries the State-sponsored
media conform to a leftist world view that eschews truth as anathema,
has been enough to teach several generations of post modernist "deep
thinkers" that all evil that exists in this world is a result
somehow of either Christians with their annoying morality or political
right wingers, real and alleged. Is not "Nazi" the worst
insult that light weights like Madeleine Albright can pull out of
their linguistic bag of tricks? Heard any commentator mention the
crimes of the left lately?

as it seems, there are in this world many who remain convinced that
the Soviet communists were really no worse than say, the Republicans.
It should be obvious that there is no comparison between the two
— the communists for all their sins were at least effective. No
one can accuse the Republicans of that. How long has stopping the
abortion holocaust been part of their alleged "platform"?

Communist Party on the other hand dealt with the perceived problems
of Russia with methods right out of Genghis Khan's handbook. That
millions died is not debatable — the numbers tossed around are between
thirty and sixty million. That's not counting the millions that
died enjoying the dubious distinction of being "liberated"
by the Red Army. Complaining about the Soviet Army's predilection
for rape seems almost silly in a way — like complaining about the
Allied planes causing noise pollution flying over Hamburg or Dresden.
Not knowing about the Soviet Army's bad habits is on the
other hand, downright dangerous.

our media of today is staffed by writers and announcers who are
essentially clueless is mortifying — one almost longs for the government
controlled media of the many conspiracy theories — at least then
there would be an excuse other than sheer ignorance.

admission of ignorance comes in his review of a book on the Battle
of Stalingrad by one Anthony Beevor. Beevor apparently is either
as ill-educated as Johnson or simply a shill for the radical feminists.
Consider this quote, "I had to come to the conclusion that
if there is a lack of army discipline, most men with a weapon, dehumanized
by living through two or three years of war, do become potential
rapists…" Is that so? Most men?

might reasonably ask why other armies don't turn into mobs
of licentious brutes, which is not to say that some don't but which
is to say that most don't. What is scary here, and particularly
for writers of the politically correct genre, is the fact that armies
take on the characteristics of the nations they are raised to defend.
The Russian Army was known as a pack of rapists since long before
the Napoleonic wars. The Prussians on the other hand are known for
rather an indifferent almost casual brutality. The French Army has
always been known for pillaging and plundering, the Polish for suicidal
courage, and the British Army (perish the thought!) has come down
through history with one of the worst of all reputations for drunkenness
and rapine. "The scum of the earth, enlisted for drink"
is how the Duke of Wellington put it.

of course let's not forget the Americans. Our boys, with some exceptions,
like Sherman's brigands, have been well known for their essential
decency. Unless of course, you happen to be on the wrong map square
when some politician starts worrying about his legacy and sends
out the bombers and cruise missiles. Still, if you must be invaded,
US troops are the ones you want. Nobody has any sayings about them
like there are in Europe such as "May God deliver us from the
Cossacks!" Those guys aren't handing out chewing gum folks…

might behoove us to consider history for a moment. Let's focus on
the Russian Army and strip away all the banal nonsense about "men
as rapists" and consider Russian men as rapists because
generalities are for the intellectually vapid — let's look at specifics
and see how facts intrude upon silly theories of the mythical "everyman".

1805 England seized upon the execution by Napoleon of the duc d'Enghien
as a Bourbon terrorist to launch yet another war against the French.
Chary as always of risking their own blood, the British deemed it
best to wage war with money and let others pay the butcher's bill.
They enticed the Austrians and Russians into forming what came to
be known as the Third Coalition. Once again, the armies would march
to stamp out the hated Corsican usurper.

usurper was quicker. His Grande Armee marched from the camps
in Boulougne facing England all the way to Austria almost before
the Austrians realized they were at war. "He makes war in a
new way –with our feet not our blood." Napoleon's army of 1805
was arguably the best, or one of the best in the history of war.
He and his Marshals soon trounced the "unfortunate General
Mack" at Ulm and chased the Austrians right out of their capital
city of Vienna!

much overrated General Katusov force marched his Russian Army to
a juncture with that of the remaining Austrians. This force consisted
of thousands of serfs impressed into uniform and commanded by the
spoiled nobility of Czarist Russia. The "Little Father"
of the Russians, Czar Alexander, and his ally the Austrian Emperor
Francis had rather a chilly meeting. Francis was glad of the reinforcement
but quietly horrified and greatly angered by the stories coming
in from the countryside. It seems his allies, the Russians, had
been looting, raping and plundering their way across his kingdom
with a barbarity that shocked even the Austrian generals who had
themselves seen some horrors in the endless wars against the Turk
on the military frontier. What was worse, the Austrian citizenry
were so terrified by the Russians that they were welcoming the French
invaders as liberators!

was unimpressed by the news that his serfs in arms had been committing
depredations. After all, they comported themselves in exactly the
same way back in the Rodina, Holy Mother Russia herself. It was
a long Russian tradition and harkened back to the Tatars and Mongols
who had themselves subjected Russia to a string of brutal invasions.
To this day the discerning eye can sense the cruelty of the east
in the Russian apparatus of war — look carefully at one of their
tanks and the spirit of the Mongol Horde can be discerned in the

matter you see, and must be defended to the death. Countries who
fail to do that will end up invaded and brutalized. Are you listening

even after repelling or assimilating the last of the invaders, Russia
remained always a land under the shadow of the brutal horseman who
had rampaged across the steppes. The plight of the Russian peasant
was always worse than that of their cousins in western Europe and
remained so under the Czars.

Russian serf could be sold along with an estate. Their situation
was essentially slavery with no hope of manumission. Russian soldiers
were "requisitioned" from the nobility who not surprisingly,
often sent the dregs off to war, keeping the best to work the estates.
Men who should perhaps, have graced a gallows or a drunk tank, found
themselves marching through rich lands where they encountered women
unlike any they had ever seen back home; places where even the peasants
seemed to them to live like the nobility in rich homes boasting
delicacies unheard of in the east. Ivan helped himself to whatever
he wanted, and he wanted whatever he saw.

saw off the Russians and Austrians at the Battle of Austerlitz,
a classic example of a modern army destroying a peasant levy commanded
by men whose only claim to command was blood. Blood was indeed the
price of such folly and the Russians who survived the massacre on
the ice marched sullenly back to their eastern lair, to the vast
relief of all who'd had the misfortune to be in their line of march.

forward to 1945. Meet the Red Army of kindly old US ally "Uncle
Joe," beloved of Roosevelt, the Western intellectuals and the
spiritual fathers of those liberals who today can be found in the
teacher's unions and the Democratic Party. The lot of the Russian
peasant who served in the ranks had not improved appreciably since
the days of the Czars. Conditions were if anything worse. The relentless
German invaders had turned much of Russia into a zone of desolation.
Behind the lines, in both directions, brutal secret political
police tortured and murdered at will.

recent movie called "Enemy at the Gates" gave us a fairly
accurate and chilling glimpse of the beastly conditions of war on
the Eastern front. A war so horrific, that Germany was in fact defeated
beyond any hope of recovery before the first Western Allied soldiers
set foot on the shores of Europe. Six million German soldiers had
become casualties fighting in this most desperate of all wars and
now the Red Army was poised to strike at Berlin. Their tanks sported
catchy slogans such as "Forward to the lair of the fascist
beast." Thousands of tanks and Stalin Organs (multiple rocket
launcher trucks) were waiting to blast the husk of the Wehrmacht
to pieces and end it.

soldiers crouched behind the turrets of the huge T-34 tanks clutching
their submachine guns and trenching tools had cold eyes and lived
for revenge. For many of them, there was no home to go to; their
homes had been destroyed by the Germans or simply obliterated during
the huge battles of the early years of the war. They lived for the
moment and knew that life was short at the front. Even the commissars
had learned to walk softly around the steely eyed men of the Guards

like Ilya Ehrenberg stirred up their blood lust with chilling exhortations
to revenge.

were fronted by penal troops — men grabbed by the NKVD or police
for crimes as trivial as laughing or talking during political education
and some for crimes as dreadful as murder. Many of them had simply
had the misfortune to be captured by the Germans early in the war
and had been arrested as "class traitors" upon being "freed"
from the German POW camps. Together with the Mongolian troops whom
Marshal Zhukov considered highly expendable, these men would fight
their way through the mine fields under the fire of the crazed German
defenders whose wives and families were often trekking westward
just behind the thin screen of desperate fighters, in long columns
of refugees. These columns were routinely strafed by the Red Air
Force and on occasion, simply rolled over by the long lines of Stalin
tanks. It got really ugly when the Russian foot soldiers caught
up with these refugee columns.

if you will, how such men will treat the civilians of the countries
upon whom their dark shadow falls. Then remember their rich heritage
of rapine and plunder and ponder this: even these men considered
the rear area troops to be the truly dangerous fellows and often
warned their own victims to beware the second wave!

Zhukov actually told Eisenhower that yes, his men did indeed rape
grandmothers, in his words, "to their surprise and delight,"
and that this was an old Russian practice and was considered good
luck. Really? I'm unaware of any other nation where this charming
bit of mythology holds sway! I wonder if those who maintain that
all cultures are morally equal would care to incorporate this practice
into our less exotic western mores?

is a paradox — kind to children and possessed of almost a child
like docility, he can turn into a monster with no warning. He treated
the "liberated" countries of Eastern Europe just as he
treated the Germans with whom he had at least a real grievance.
He was brave beyond belief and fought in a war that offered him
nothing more than a chance for survival under a brutal regime and
an occasional issue of cheap army vodka. See the writings of General
von Mellenthin and Colonel von Luck, both German panzer commanders
who fought against the Red Army, for a surprisingly sympathetic
view of these men.

the end though, it is difficult to maintain a sympathetic view of
them. It is interesting however, to note how the national characteristics
shine through, even when cloaked with a dark blanket of ideology.
The Prussians were their usual brutal selves in World War Two, the
Russians raped everyone in sight. The British got everybody into
the war that they could including the USA and supplied arms to anyone
who would fight. Napoleon would have been surprised only by the
scope of the conflict but not by the conduct of the warring nations.

conclusions can we draw from all this? Let's try a few and see what
we find.

  • Nations
    exist because groups of people with similar characteristics
    tend to stay together, and it is dangerous to draw conclusions
    about all men based on the actions of some men!
    After years of domination by the anti-nationalist communists,
    the Russians remain after all, just Russians.
  • History
    is of scant interest to those who educate and to those who shape
    the opinions of the masses. Everything is new to them, every
  • Communism
    is a brutal and murderous doctrine that has been largely ignored
    and even elevated since the end of the Cold War to the status
    of a mere political party by those in the media and academe.
    We should be very worried about that because those who cover
    up mass murder while pontificating routinely about "tolerance"
    and "hurtful conduct" obviously have an agenda that
    bodes ill for you and me.
  • It is
    a real bad thing to be invaded by Russia, regardless of who
    is in charge!

one question that keeps coming back to me about this British writer
is in reference to yet another of those pesky historical incidents
that are considered best forgotten by post modern man. Will he be
just as surprised when he hears about this? Perhaps he will be even
more surprised, coming as he does from a country where all is pristine
socialist perfection and men live to glorify a happy, classless

is about a city that was literally torn to pieces in a three day
orgy of rape and violence during the Napoleonic Wars. There wasn't
a Russian for hundreds of miles in any direction yet the atrocities
were indeed committed by another supposedly friendly power against
an ally. The city was called Badejoz and the victims were Spanish.
The violence finally burned itself out only after the Duke of Wellington
had a gallows erected in the center of town as a warning to his
troops to desist.

it was done by British troops and they utterly trashed that
Spanish town while terrified French and Hessian prisoners looked
on in horror and British officers watched helplessly. Perhaps Misters
Johnson and Beevor owe the Russians an apology?

28, 2002

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